Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Message From Editor Deb Werksman

‘Tis the season to say “Thank you” and “I love you” to my authors! Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season and a magnificent 2014 and beyond!

Amanda Forester—your stories are as much fun and as full of life as you are. Lucky me to be your editor!

Ashlyn Chase: your sense of humor is amazing, your world building is astonishing, and every book is packed with surprises! 

Brooklyn Ann—I love the world of your imagination—you are brilliant!

C.H. Admirand—from our very first caffeine moment, I’ve been a huge fan! So excited to see you spread your wings and try out new directions. You are intrepid and unstoppable!

Carolyn Brown—you make the batter, I make the icing, and the cupcakes go on the credenza, for Mr. B to photograph. You’re the queen, Miz C! Not to mention a bestseller in every category you turn your hand to.

Catherine Mann—I’m your lifelong, devoted fan. Working with you has been a highlight of my life.

Cheryl Brooks—I’m so excited to be doing more books together, and to launching what’s next!

Dawn Ryder—You’re the avowed mistress of billionaires and bustiers! Bring ‘em on!

Elaine Coffman—love your voice, Elaine, and loved exploring it with you!

Elisabeth Staab—one of the hottest, most fascinating worlds I’ve ever read! A word to the wise: when you start a book by Elisabeth you will not get anything else done until it’s finished.

Emily Greenwood—a serving of mischief all around! Your Regency romps take all my cares away!

Grace Burrowes—you’re a treasure, and it’s a joy to work with you! Your writing is sublime, and your stories demand to be savored.

Gwyn Cready—so excited to be working with you. I can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring!

Hilary Scharper—thank you for bringing the world all the different kinds of love! Your writing is gorgeous and enthralling!

Holly Denham—incomparable fun from all the way across the pond!
Email me!

Jade Lee—what an adventure we’re having. So blessed to be working with you!

Jane Ashford—beautiful writing, beautiful lady, a real joy to be your editor!

Jeanette Baker—I love your voice and will always be a fan!

Jeanette Murray—your stories are so heartfelt and wonderful. I can’t wait to see what you’re up to next!

Jennifer Blake—I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with you. You are a shining example to us all!

Jill Mansell—I love working with the three J’s—Jane, Jill, Jen! Here’s to many more transatlantic phone calls!

Joanne Kennedy—every book is a gem, and every next book gets even better. I don’t know how you do it!

Judi Fennell—you deserve every single award and then some!

Judith James—yours is some of the most beautiful writing. What a joy!

Julia London—delightful, delicious stories and we’ve only just begun!

Julie Ann Walker—hot hot hot, Jules, and the best is yet to come!

Karen Kelley—wicked imagination and delightful stories make the best combination!

Kate Allure—looking forward to a bright and brilliant future!

Kathryne Kennedy—you are a magickal lady, for real! Thank you for being you!

Katie MacAlister—thank you for making sure that it’s ok to laugh out loud in public while reading, no matter how many odd looks one gets from passersby!

Laura Kinsale—the one and only, very special lady. You’re an icon, you know. Your work is amazing!

Laurie Brown—we go all the way back, dear lady, and we’ll always be grateful! Can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Leigh Michaels—I just love your Regency world. I wish I could stay there!

Libby Malin—can’t wait to see your name on the big screen! I just know it’s gonna happen!

Lillian Marek—so excited about your work and getting to work with you!

Linda Wisdom—witches and bunnies and fun, oh my! I’m a lifelong fan, you know!

Lisa Renee Jones—some of the hottest heroes ever to grace the page!

Loucinda McGary—some of my all time favorite stories! Nobody does heroes the way you do!

Lydia Dare—I’ll always love your wolves! I think of them at every full moon!

M. L. Buchman—your star is rising! I love watching the trajectory! Unput-downable, every book should carry a sleep deprivation warning!

Marie Force—such a brilliant writer, brilliant marketer, and lovely person. Lifelong fan here!

Mary Ellen Dennis—here’s to spontaneous coffee and your wonderful storytelling!

Mary Margret Daughtridge—your writing is unforgettable—you really know how to write a hero!

Mary Wine—your dedication outshines everything and your stories just get better and better and better!

Megan Mulry—your writing is a dream. I can’t wait to see where you take your royals next.

Mia Marlowe—very excited to be your editor! Can’t wait to take the Regency world by storm!

Michele Ann Young—it’s a joy to see your smiling face at every conference!

Michele Summers—the only thing better than yarn is books, don’t you think? Such exciting stories—your characters are amazing!

Olivia Cunning—nobody does rock ‘n’ roll the way you do, Olivia! Can’t wait to read everything and anything! Once a fan, always a fangirl!

Patricia Rice—thank you forever for the opportunity—it’s a joy to work with you!

Rebecca York—it’s such a treat to sit down with you and N at every opportunity to eat, talk, and plan books!

Robin Kaye—award winner for a very good reason, girlfriend! Here’s to more and more success!

Sally Orr—so excited to be your editor! We’re going to have such a great time!

Samantha Grace—funny, poignant writing and absolutely terrific stories are  your hallmark! Great to work with you!

Sara Humphreys—you, my lady are truly special and your imagination knows no bounds. So excited for your new contemporary series!

Shana Galen—2014 is  your year, my dear! Nobody does swashbuckling the way you do!

Sherri Browning—I’m so happy to be your editor, it’s such a joy to work with you. You’re so committed to the book it’s a delight!

Stephanie Julian—you’re a goddess, and it’s been awesome being your editor!

Stephanie Rowe—your books are like a fast train—once I get onto the first page, I can’t get off the ride—gotta hold onto my seat until the very last sentence!

Susanna Ives—you take a wonderful world, add a little wickedness and it’s a winning formula! Can’t put your stories down!

Susanna Kearsley—working with you is a gift. Your writing, your process, your thoughtfulness, research, and your openness are truly remarkable. Thank you for being you!

Tamara Hogan—your imagination is brilliant, and dark, and complex and compelling. Keep up the great work!

Tammy Falkner—you are such a joy to be with and such a beautiful writer and person. I am blessed to be your editor!

Tawna Fenske—your stories make me laugh at levels no one else does. It may be undignified for an editor to snort her iced tea out of her nose while reading, but there you have it.

Terry Spear—your stories are so rich, so wonderful, so hot, and so much fun! I am so lucky to be your editor!

Theresa Romain—rich beautiful writing, deep characters, a complex and wonderful world. Thank you for so much reading pleasure!

Tracey Devlyn: a lady with a penchant for darkness in her writing, but with a smile that lights up the room! Keep rockin’ it Tracey!
Victoria Vane—you have a way with hot stories that’s unparalleled! You’re brilliant and subtle at the same time!

If anyone is inadvertently left off this list, someone let me know right away! I am the luckiest editor in the whole world to get to work with all of you. Sometimes I have to pinch myself just to make sure I’m not dreaming! Thank you all for a remarkable year in 2013, and the future is bright! Be happy, make merry, and I’ll see you all in 2014!


  1. I'm the lucky one...what's a cupcake without icing and your recipes are the best in the whole world! Happy, happy holidays to you my awesome editor!

  2. Thank you, Deb--and a very happy holiday season to you, too!

  3. Thanks so much Deb! I'm so happy to have you as my editor!!!

  4. What wonderful comments to your authors and I want to catch up on the ones that I've not had a chance to read yet. But on the ones I have read, I couldn't agree with you more!!

  5. Thank you Deb! It was a pleasure working with you, as well. Hope your new year is a wonderful one.

  6. I'll always be grateful for that serendipitous "OMG I need a cup of tea" moment;) It is a pleasure to work with you Deb. I'm excited to see where this direction will take us ;) Happy Holidays!!!

  7. Wow! That's a lot of authors! Happy Holidays to all!

  8. Thank you, Deb! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  9. Thank you for the kind words. It's been wonderful working with you on the Wicked series. I hope you and your family have a great holiday.

  10. I'm lucky and grateful to have you in my corner.

  11. I am so happy and blessed to be associated with such a wonderful editor and group of authors.
    My warmest wishes to all of you.

  12. What a long list of authors! Deb, I'm in awe of your talent and your work load. And very happy to be counted in this lucky group. Looking forward to a great collaboration with you.

  13. Thanks so much for your kind words, Deb. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.693224254889

  14. Woops. That last comment was from me! Not unknown.
    Ashlyn Chase