Thursday, September 12, 2013

Is it Really Thursday? + a Georgette Heyer Giveaway!

By Danielle L. Jackson 

Well, I’ve done it—forgot to post on my scheduled blog day on the Casa blog! It happens right?

Actually, no, it’s not!

You see, as trivial as it seems, I was scheduled to be on the blog on this day, and we all make a pretty good point to post our blogs up early in the morning so all time zones are accommodated. I also made a commitment to the blog to post once a month—how hard can that be?

But, Danielle, you have a million things going on… multiple work meetings every day this week, two book clubs, WEDDING PLANNING, a dog to walk, a fiancé to make dinner for, a dinner party to make dessert for, parents to visit, future-in-laws to keep in the loop, a brother across the country threatening to bring a complete stranger to the wedding as his date… missing the blog is ok, ok?

No, still not ok. My public image as a trustworthy, hardworking, multitasking senior publicist is on the line. Even on one blog post, or showing up to a local RWA chapter meeting a few minutes late, or not responding to every email within a day or two of receiving it… letting all of these “little things” slide adds up to not representing myself well, and looking pretty lazy.

I know I can be a stickler for things being early—my father has instilled in me that being on time is actually late—with blogs posts, or excerpts, or answers to small questions about random things… but I promise I do it all for a very professional and appearance-based reason!

I also hate it when I’m late or I overlook something myself. I’m super annoyed this morning, and I’m the only one to blame!

I also know that I probably need to calm down :)

Nonetheless, the moral of this story is to think about how you want to be perceived in your online life. It’s ok to be lax and have fun with some things, but make sure you are “on time” with the things that do count.

And I’m sorry for being late with my post!
When was the last time you were late and you knew it wouldn’t go over well? How did you fix it? Two commenters will be chosen, and I’ll send you a list of Georgette Heyer titles we currently have in house—you can each choose 4! Authors, this is open to you, too.

Giveaway is open to US and Canada only; please leave an email address in your comment so I can contact you easily; winners will be chosen TOMORROW (9/13) MORNING! I'll announce the winners in the comments and also email them directly. Good luck!


  1. That old adage, better late than never, comes to mind. It's okay...breathe, darlin', breathe. We still love've got more on your platter than you can get around with a fork in each hand. We still appreciate all that you your brother really doing that? And I for one LOVE your post today...rather you be an hour late with a post than an hour late to a dinner with the in-laws (heaven forbid, gasping with my hand over my heart)!

  2. I can't remember a time when I was late that it didn't go over very well. Usually, the people are pretty understanding - you can't help it if you got lost, after all.

  3. Forgot my email:


  4. I have driven a school bus for 16 years and had never been late. Well I was bragging and guess what! Yep I took a afternoon nap and over slept! Luckily the last kid wasn't on the bus(takes 20 min to get to his house) so I got caught up before the 2 load! We forgive you fit being late. It's ok! I'm a fanatic about being on time!

  5. Danielle, you're a hero! Any one of those things can easily take over, and you seem (from an author's standpoint) to be juggling everything beautifully.

    As for the last time I was late? It was this past Sunday, when I dropped my daughter off for a playdate. I got lost in her friend's neighborhood and must have driven down a half-dozen wrong streets. Sometimes the best and only thing to do is apologize. Most people are pretty understanding. (And I made sure to pick her up right on time!)

  6. No worries, Danielle. At least you made it. I was late for the first day on my new job some 20+ years ago. Ugh. That did not bode well.

  7. One time I was running late from something that I needed to be home cause my hubs needed to leave. Boy was he mad.

  8. can't think of any because like to be early

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  9. Our fathers were alike lol. He never told the right time, it was always earlier. I do the same thing and can remember being the first person at a lot of events lol. Unfortunately, I know more people that are the opposite. Frankly, I think it's rude to be late. Yes, things happen sometimes but when it is all the time it tells me that you think your time is more valuable than everyone elses. The only time I was ever late was the occasional traffic problems. Usually our commute was at least an hour and I purposely got to work earlier than everyone else, but a major accident stops everyone. I would still get a knot in my stomach even though I knew it couldn't be helped lol.

  10. oops I forgot my email (just in case lol).

  11. Hi Everyone! Thank you very much for commenting today!

    Carolyn-Baby Brother is threatening to do this... we'll see if I let him! I have dinner with the in-laws on Sunday-you bet I'll be on time!

    Margay-this is wisdom I should keep in mind.

    Kim-I bet you are on a strict schedule! Glad to all worked out.

    Theresa-Thanks! And yes, apologizing is always good :)

    Victoria-I bet you had a good reason! Now, my manager gets worried when I walk in at 8:15... and our work day starts at 8:30! I'm usually in by 8.

    Melody-hope he wasn't too mad!

    bn100-thanks for stopping by.

    catslady-I agree, there are so many people who seem to know they are going to be late and are ok with that. Guess we'll just have to stick to being early!

  12. I was late to pick up my husband from work for an event...I think it helps to give a warning via text or a phone call.

  13. I missed the graveside service at my mother's funeral. Needless to say, I got interrogated about not making the walk across the street from the chapel. Any number of times, I had to repeat that I was keeping a promise to Mom. She had a dear and very elderly friend who was legally blind, very hard of hearing, and not very mobile. They yelled at each other over the phone and considered themselves honorary sisters. Mom said that if her friend could make it to the funeral, I was to keep an eye on her and make sure she was okay. So, I did. This dear lady passed away a couple of years later, at the age of 101.

    vlettel at cox dot net

  14. I was late to my wedding rehearsal dinner. I kept a room full of people (like 100 at least) waiting for me for 45 MINUTES!!! In my defense, no one told me I was running late. They figured the bride could do what she wanted, I guess. I had NO clue, and was mortified when I found out later.

    This was in 1995, and somehow I survived it, and no one berates me about it at all. I hate being late, but we and those waiting for us(in most cases) will survive just fine. Don't beat yourself up too much!

    Laura Hartness

    CalicoCritic at gmail dot com

  15. Thanks again to everyone who commented on this post! Our winner are


    I'll be emailing you both shortly with a list of books to choose 4 titles from.

    Have a great weekend,

  16. Yay! Thanks so much! Friday the 13th has just become a lucky day.

  17. It's been quite a while since I was late for anything besides a yoga class or HOA meeting. Those folks are all pretty understanding, so no worries. I usually get to work early, and if I'm late leaving, I know I'll still be there earlier than I really have to be there. That's my time to read for a while, it makes starting the day so much nicer. I've been wanting to reread Georgette Heyer's books, it's been so long since I read them, I don't remember the stories, just that I loved them.