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Launch Party Wicked Beat

It's finally here! The last book of the Sinners on Tour series is now available. I'm super excited about Wicked Beat's release and yet, a little sad that the series is over. I will miss the boys in the band. Oh I'm sure we'll see them again in the future, but just in bits and pieces, not in all their full-throttle, naughty, bad boy glory.

I feel the need to take a walk down memory lane with the boys in my Sinners on Tour series. Forgive my self-indulgent transgressions with fictional personas. These guys are more real to me than most of the living people on the planet. I spent a lot of time with them. A LOT of time. And it was so worth my efforts.

Oh Brian Sinclair (*audible sigh*), with your romantic heart and not-so-romantic heat, you were my first foray into rock star erotic romance and I couldn't have picked a better man to begin this journey with me. Remember that time in Backstage Pass when you picked up Myrna from the airport and she let you know she'd taken her panties off on the plane and wasn't wearing anything under her skirt? Uh yeah. I'm really sorry that the public restroom didn't work out so well for your amorous intentions. And I'm also sorry about your lucky hat. I know it meant a lot to you. I'm sure you realize Myrna was only trying to help. Eric still has that hat, by the way. It was a pleasure making you the happiest man in the world by giving you what you always wanted out of life. *smooch* Love you lots! And your guitar solos? *swoon* Keep those fingers limber, baby.

Sed, Sed, Sed. You know I don't know what to do with you sometimes? It's no wonder that Jessica gets so worked up around you--both in and out of the bedroom. You're as bull-headed as you are sexy. I knew it would take a woman with a backbone to make you happy. You're the kind of man who enjoys a real challenge. It makes you feel like a rock star when you win. Whoops, I guess you're already a rock star and that persona fits you like a glove. I'm sure you and Jessica will have many more wild times in the future--like you did on the observation deck of the Paris Eiffel Tower replica in Vegas in the book Rock Hard. That was hot! In the future, I do hope you learn to be a bit more discrete for Jessica's sake. You're kind of gorgeous and people are bound to notice you. So just try to keep a lid on your front-man star-power when you're not onstage. *wink* And keep a handle on that woman of yours, Mr. Lionheart. She can be a handful. Make that two handfuls. You're welcome.

Jace Seymour. Honey, you absolutely broke my heart when I wrote your story. Thank the stars, Aggie is made of strong stuff and released you from your shell of pain. There aren't many women who could have brought you to your knees, freed your heart for the claiming, and then lifted you up to where you belong at her side. Watching you open up to her was amazing. She really loves you, you know. Treat her right. There were plenty of fun times to be had in Hot Ticket too. Remember when Eric got you drunk and picked out a wicked awesome tattoo for you (yeah, right) and then Aggie got you naked in her kitchen trying to locate your new tattoo and uh, well, I guess you probably didn't like how that evening ended, but it was funny for the rest of us! Take care of yourself, sugar. I'm rather attached to you. I'm sure Aggie will continue to remind you how amazing you are for the rest of your life. Listen to her. She's a smart woman.

Which brings me to Eric Sticks. I can't even type your name without chuckling. I can't help it. You always make me laugh. Of all the guys, you were always the comic relief. If things started to get too serious and grim, in walks Eric with a lame joke and an easy smile. Of all my heroes, you surprised me the most. I knew you wanted to fall in love, but I didn't realize how much until a tough, little fire-cracker named Rebekah Blake entered your life. She brings out the best in you, as good women are known to do. I love how you complete each other. Two halves of a whole. She even thinks you're funny when you crack jokes at the most inappropriate times. I'm glad you finally removed your head from your butt and realized you deserve to be loved. And those naughty times between you and Rebekah in Wicked Beat are both hot as hell and fun. Because what could possibly be more fun than having sex with Eric Sticks? Bungee-cord jumping ain't got nothing on you, babe.

Last, but not least, Trey Mills. Naughty, naughty Trey Mills. With his enormous black book and even bigger heart. With his trademark cherry sucker and a sexual appetite that knows no bounds. I know you struggled through the entire series with your feelings for someone from your past, but I also knew you'd be quite a catch for some lucky woman if you could just open your heart to the possibility of loving someone beyond your obsession. And how could you not fall for Reagan? She rocks! Literally. As for Ethan? Bonus! Double Time isn't just a musical term. Thanks for breaking all the rules. It was a pleasure to break them with you. You've got the best of both worlds there. Keep 'em rockin'.

And thanks to the Sinners for giving me so many hours of passion and angst, love and loss, ups and downs, and ups and downs and ups and downs and ups and downs. I'm glad you chose me to be your author and to write your story. It's a comfort to know when I start to miss you all I have to do is return to the pages of a book and I can get to know you all over again. Or I could write some more books about your futures and your pasts. You know, if I felt like it.

I hope you find something to love in the Sinners on Tour series. Or five somethings to love: Brian, Sed, Jace, Eric and Trey. Cheers!


  1. That sounds like quite an impressive series. Thanks for allowing us to 'meet' all of those sexy heroes, they sound delightful. Good luck on the new release!

  2. I read the excerpt on Heroes and Heartbreakers. Hot! Congrats on the release.

  3. Rock on, sister...rock on! Shared on FB and Twitter.

  4. Congratulations on the next release...they really should put a bubble package of those little white "hot flash" pills on the back of all your books!

  5. Congratulations on the new release and a fabulous series!

  6. Congratulations on your new release! These look like some real hot rockers!

  7. Thanks, ladies! I spent my release day selling my house at a huge loss. I need cake!


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