Monday, July 15, 2013

Why My Next Series Features a World Tour...

by Olivia Cunning

Next month, the final book in the Sinners on Tour series will be released! While I'm super excited any time a book is released, I'm a little sad about this one. No more Sinners? No more books about the crazy, sexy antics of my quirky, big-hearted rock stars? Say it ain't so!

Coming in August...

I guess all good things must come to an end. But what a ride!

Sinners won't be completely gone from the fictional world of rock and roll. They're sure to make an appearance in the Exodus End series, which is next on my agenda. While Sinners toured the US and Canada, Exodus End is a more famous band and they're doing a world tour. ...which means... I need to do research. Lots and lots of research!

But first, I need to pick the tour schedule. I will admit that I cheat a little bit when I do tour schedules. I use real band tour schedules and have my fake bands travel in the real bands' tour bus tire tracks. Or in the case of Exodus End, follow on their private jet.

I'm going to try to visit the tour date locations in person--to get the feel for the locales, have a good excuse to travel the world, and accumulate a lot of lovely tax deductions.

So here are some places Exodus End might go on tour, because these are places that Metallica has toured in the past two years, and well, Exodus End is the fictional equivalent of Metallica. At least in fame and notoriety.

Potential Tour Date 1
Australia (Sydney)
I have always, always wanted to go to Australia. FINALLY, I have the perfect excuse.

Potential Tour Date 2
New Zealand (Auckland)
I don't know much about New Zealand (except that it's gorgeous), which is why I should definitely take a trip there. Right? Right.

Potential Tour Date 3
Japan (Tokyo)
Another place I've always wanted to visit. Thanks, Metallica for having such a diverse tour schedule.

Potential Tour Date 4
Germany (Nurnberg)
I actually visited Nurnberg as a child. I should revisit and see if it's as charming as I remember.

Potential Tour Date 5
Sweden (Gothenburg)
My favorite great grandmother was from Sweden. I need to go see the homeland! Oh and check out the concert venue.

Potential Tour Date 6
Italy (Milan)
Sigh... I think I need a month or two to explore Italy. I really want to get a feel for the concert venue there and Rome. Surely they have rock concerts in the coliseum.

Potential Tour Date 7
England (London)
Oh yes, must visit England. I don't believe Metallica was in London--they were in some other English city--but I think Exodus End would tour in London. Don't you?

Potential Tour Date 8
France (Paris)
So romantic. We all know I have a thing for the fake Eiffel Tower in Vegas (see Rock Hard for details). Imagine the love scenes the REAL Eiffel Tower will inspire!

Potential Tour Date 9
Portugal (Lisbon)
No tour of Europe is complete without a visit to Portugal.

Potential Tour Date 10
Spain (Madrid)

Potential Tour Date 11
Mexico (Mexico City)
Any guesses on how many shows Metallica did in Mexico City in 2012? Eight! And I believe all eight concerts sold out. Those people must know how to rock!

Potential Tour Date 12
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
I'm afraid if I visit Brazil, I might have to stay there as a permanent resident. I guess it's a risk I'll have to take.

So where would you like to see me travel for research? I mean, where would you like Exodus End to take their world tour? I'm open to suggestions!


  1. Please take them to Australia. That should be the first stop, such an interesting and fun country. Above all, the accents are so sexy. You gotta go there.

  2. You should totally bring them over here, to Argentina. You can add it after the Mexico and the Brazil dates, and the fans here are CRAZY. If you ever need any help, Love your books!

  3. OOOOOhhh! Sydney, Australia is the place to go. Everyone falls in love with this place--it's beyond beautiful (I am a bit biased )

  4. NEW ZEALAND!!! Im from NZ and i know there are alot of Olivia Cunning fans here :) :) :)

  5. Italy, definitely take them to Italy!! :D HOTNESS all around, and I would love to see Exodus End in my beautiful Mexico!! <3

  6. Olivia,
    Keep all the places you're thinking about and add:
    España - Barcelona - fans are CRAZIER than Madrid
    Ireland and/or Scotland

    Lovin' the Sweden connection. Perhaps you can be their travel correspondent? Or they can do some Norwegian Death Metal thing? (too dark? too much?)

    Former Soviet Bloc
    Poland has insane metal heads. I'm thinking "Iron Maiden: Behind the Iron Curtain" documentary, but I think that may have been before your time. Not sure.

    Russia or a former Russian republic

    South America
    Argentina - Metal heads galore
    Colombia - Iron Maiden was the first band to play there, and the fans were subjected to rather dehumanizing searches (ok, maybe not).
    Chile - Same as Argentina
    Brazil - If they're really big they'll sell out the Maracanã Stadium. (90,000+ screaming fans)

    Central America and Caribbean
    Panama or Costa Rica - Ozzy played Panama, and while it was a "smaller" venue (I'd be happy to help with research since I'm from Panama and grew up vacationing all over Central America) - LOTS of ex-pats there.

    Planes traveling from the Northern to the Southern hemisphere (US/Canada to South America), typically stop to refuel at Panama's Tocumen International Airport. Great place for an impromptu trip to go marlin fishing, swimming or other tropical activities.

    I'd love it if one of the guys got a little "Panama" action, like Van Halen's double entendre (Latina fever, ay mamacita). I've still got friends and family in international aviation in Panama, if you wish to explore it.

    And last, but not least, NO world tour is complete without the good 'ol USA.

    I cannot wait to meet Exodus End!
    mmmazuros at yahoo dot com

  7. My ideal would be Florence, Italy and Delphi, Greece. Bet the Sinners could get into all kinds of trouble in Greece.

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  9. As Nadia said: Pleaseee bring them to Argentina! there arent as loyal fans as Argentians...and we are lovers of heavy metal...Bands that are going to come this year (for example) Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Slayer,Ghost, Megadeth, AND Metallica is coming in November/December.
    Places where Exodus End would perform: River Plate Stadium

    and we have so many places you can visit Olivia! check it out:

  10. Gothenberg is a METAL mecca. Totally need a tour date there.

  11. Those all look like such fun places to visit! Thanks for all of the beautiful pictures.

  12. Definitely come to NZ. Apart from being beautiful we rarely get the big bands, so we definitely need the hunks from Exodus End.

  13. They absolutely must come to the UK and any band this big would be playing the Download Festival in Castle Donnington which takes place in June over three days. This is true Rock/Metal genre festival.They should be the headline act on the Saturday night of the Festival, arriving on site by helicopter! #DownloadFest is an authors dream.......anything goes and DOES! Dream on!!!

  14. You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the suggestions!