Tuesday, July 16, 2013

RWA Nationals in Atlanta!

Eastward ho!

I already had a Facebook fan email me to get together with her to autograph her books before or after the signing! That is a first for me. And so thrilling!

Last year, Sourcebooks generously gave away copies of A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing at Anaheim, and you should have seen me waving at readers who were sitting down in the hotel eateries with a book in hand, saying, "You want me to autograph your book for you?"

I'm an introvert, folks, so that's not the real me. Really. But hey, if someone had the book and wanted me to autograph it, all the better! 

A couple of weeks ago, I was at RomCon in Colorado Springs, my very first readers' conference, and SB generously sent Savage Hunger and A Highland Werewolf Wedding for the signing. Afterward, I had some left over and couldn't take them home with me, so went to the dinner that night, wheeling my suitcase. At first, I had the notion of putting them on readers' chairs, but then a ton of people who weren't interested in hot wolves or jaguar shifters could receive them, and so that wouldn't do. I want my books to go to homes where they'll be loved. :)

So I was in the foyer where everyone was waiting to go into the dinner and Rhonda Valverde (Reviewer for Vampire Romance Books) and Pamela Palmer (famous author), both the nicest ladies you ever want to meet, suggested I open my suitcase and give the books away right then and there.

Like a feeding frenzy, readers came and started grabbing books and leaving. Rhonda told them I was the author. And then a whole bunch of readers came back to get them autographed!

That was fun.

Since then, I've received several emails/FB messages from brand new fans who said they've bought all my books because they loved them. I had a blast meeting all kinds of readers, some who were just thrilled to meet me, who have been reading my books over the years--one all the way from Canada, and new readers, who were willing to take a chance on my books. The one-on-one was fabulous. 

The photographer had a hard time getting a picture of me at the signing as she said she tried twice and I was swamped. I loved that! Nothing worse than sitting there looking like an author wallflower--done that at book store signings, so know just how it feels. Another author bemoaned that she only had her first book out, not like some of us (waving hand here) who had fifty books sitting on their table. I brought two copies of every wolf book I owned, but I've run out of Destiny of the Wolf and need to order more. :) We all started there, though, with that one little book, proud, and wishful that the authors across the way who had millions of fans would share some of theirs with us.

I never thought I'd see the day when a sweet reader would stand before me, beaming, with well, well worn wolf books in hand, timidly asking me if I'd sign them.

"They look so well loved," I said, smiling brightly at her and she just grinned back and I was thrilled to meet her and sign her books.

I love being an author--of sharing my worlds with readers, of including them in my journey, and can't wait to meet everyone at Atlanta!!!

Jaguar Fever releases August 7. Is everyone ready to get "into" the hot steamy jungle for some more sexy kitty cat loving with HIM??? He dares you to take a chance!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality."


  1. I get sad hearing these stories because I've never been to any of these conventions. To get the chance to meet all you authors that I admire so much! I would so have been there getting your book and autograph had I been physically there :)

  2. It was so thrilling to meet you when you were in town, and who wouldn't want one of your sexy shifter books! Have a great time.

  3. Ah, Ada, thanks so much!!! I would have loved giving you a hug! It is truly an honor for me to meet fans face to face!

    One of my online writing students got to see the famous Cpt Kirk at a signing and she said he wouldn't say a word to her, no smiles, nothing. To me, that's sad. Fans gave him his place in the world.

    So thank you for loving my books!

    Elf, yes, and boy, you were like the Christmas Elf. :) Thanks so much for the thin mints. :) I had planned on waiting to partake of them when I got home. Couldn't wait. :) But you see, I was writing away at my story when I took a break at conference, and they're the best inspiration! Loved seeing you! Hope to again one of these years!

  4. Those moments with fans are exciting milestones for me too. I'm looking forward to rooming with you at RT in New Orleans next May and sharing some of our milestone moments!

    Have fun at RWA nationals! I won't be there, but I'm sure Sourcebooks will hook you up with some awesome opportunities.

  5. Hey, Ashlyn, I so agree! Can't wait to hook up with you at RT and you can show me the ropes--newbie attendee, here!!! :) We'll have fun!

  6. Look forward to it, Shana! I'm getting my word count for the week so the rest of the week I can just have FUN!!! :)