Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You are cordially invited to...

a launch party
the debut cowboy romance
in the
Cowboys & Brides Series

 "Carolyn Brown delivers yet another steamy cowboy romance... witty dialogue and hilarious banter. " - Night Owl Reviews

"A real page-turner... a compelling cast of characters, the perfect country setting and a smoking-hot romance that progresses at just the right pace, this is one story where readers won't be able to help getting swept right along for the ride. 4 Stars" - RT Book Reviews"

I enjoy a rich hero. I really enjoy a hot cowboy hero. Combined together, you can't go wrong." - Dirty Girls' Good Books

"Sweet and endearing... " - Tome Tender

"This book packs a wallop! Let me start by saying I love the work of Carolyn Brown. Her cowboys simmer and the way she writes them, I can see them. Yes, she’s that descriptive."
- Long & Short Reviews

"A wonderful beginning to this series and I can't wait to read more about these Cowboys and their Brides." -  Bodice Rippers

"Boy and girl forced together by a plot and love is born, yep we have all seen this every which way to Sunday, but Brown added her own touch and I enjoyed the ride."
-Caffienated Book Reviews

Several months ago four cowboys arrived in my virtual world, hats in hands and jeans creased to ask me to write their books. I told them no! I don't know anything about how rich folks live and these cowboys were some of the wealthiest men in north Texas. One was even a billionaire, for goodness sakes.

But I looked down at their boots and saw that they were scarred and scuffed. These were real cowboys, not wannabes who get dressed up on Saturday night to go to the local honky tonk in hopes of getting lucky. And they weren't the kind of cowboys who ride around in spotless pick up trucks all day while someone manages their ranches. No sir, these guys were ranchers and they knew what hard work was all about. These guys had stories to tell. I just couldn't say no to that kind of cowboy. And then I met their ladies and their boots were just as scarred ... there were stories to tell for sure.

Colton's story, book one of the Cowboys & Brides series, is on the book shelves today and it's time to celebrate!

So grab a beer and a snow cone and celebrate with me as we launch the brand new series! I know beers and snow cones don't really go together but snow cones are one of Colton's favorite foods...he might be a billion dollar cowboy but he's just a good old country boy at heart.

While you are deciding if you want a rainbow snow cone or just one flavor, maybe you'd like to read an excerpt:

It was just supper, for God’s sake; it wasn’t an inquisition. They weren’t going to take her out in the yard and stone her to death if she ate with the wrong fork. Andy had said they were just like family, and since she was his assistant she should meet them, but she didn’t want to get all friendly with the “family.” She just wanted to work off her debt and get out of Ambrose, Texas. She’d managed to avoid most of them for a whole week and thought she could do so for months, but oh, no, Andy decided it was time for her to break bread with them that very evening.
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Thanks for joining me for the celebration today!

To celebrate the launch of Billion Dollar Cowboy, I will be giving away a signed paperback copy to one lucky person who leaves a comment. Drawing from the famous red boot will take place tonight so tell me ... what's your favorite snow cone flavor and would you like to share one with Colton? (Check front cover one more time! Kinda hot, ain't he? Snowcone might cool you off some)


  1. OMGoodness, Carolyn! Fanning myself after looking at the cover :) I love the description of the cowboys--with creases in their jeans--BUT scuffed boots. Cowboy-lovin' readers will know right away that these men worked for every penny they got!

    Can't wait to read it!

  2. Colleen, thank you! That is one of my favorite covers. And as a fellow cowboy author, you KNOW that scuffed boots never lie!

  3. OMG I would love to share a Snow Cone with your sexy cowboy. I love any flavour but lemonaide is awesome on a supper hot day!

  4. Venus: Colton likes to go to the school play ground and sit in the swings when he's eating snowcones...will that work for you?

  5. Carolyn, congrats on the new release! Colton is very swoon-worthy.

  6. Good luck with the new release, not that you will need it.

    I would share anything with Colton and my fav snow cone flavor would be lemon.

  7. Congrats Carolyn! I'm so ready for another book by Carolyn brown! I love cowboys and your covers blow me away! Looking forward to another amazing book to read! Carolyn is my favorite author and her books never disappoint me! I would love to win a copy to give to my BF because she doesn't do the Internet thing! She introduces me to Carolyn and I am forever grateful!

  8. Congrats on the new release, Carolyn! Looks like another winner!

  9. This will be another hit I just know it, and since Colton is HOT as the Texas Sun I'll take a Cherry SNOW CONE ,red as the Texas sun.

  10. Congrats on the release! I haven't had a snow cone in so long.

  11. Well, Cherry is my favorite Sno Cone flavor and around Southern Illinois, we have what is called Tropical Snow - a fancy Sno Cone in a cup. And back in the day when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were popular, there was one name after each of them - each of them two flavored - and even though I don't remember which turtle it was, mine was the red and green flavored one. And, heck yeah, I's share one with him! Can't wait to get started on this series. Guess I'll get my momma hooked, too. ;)

  12. Love, love, love snowballs...I'm from Louisiana, and that's what we call them. My favorite flavor is chocolate cream. Mmmmm.

    Congrats on your newest.

  13. Victoria: Colton is blushing but he's loving the compliments.

    Pat L: Colton likes rainbow flavored snowcones but he'd be glad to buy you a lemon.

    Zippy: Darlin', you just gave me a week long ego trip!

    Cheryl: From your lips to the buyer's little hands!

    Kathy: Now that is definitely appropriate and he is pretty damn hot!

    Shana: I always look forward to the first day that the snow cone stand opens up. My sister and I get one, take it to the park and put our feet in the creek while we eat it!

    Kelli Jo: THANK YOU so much for getting others hooked on my books. I've always said that word of mouth is the best promotion in the world.

    LSUReader: Oh, man! I've never heard of that flavor. Now I'll have to keep a look-out for it!

  14. I would love to share a watermelon or raspberry sno cone with Colton.

    Natalie's Mama

  15. Happy release! strawberry, maybe

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  16. Happy Release Day. Not much on sno cones, but would be happy to share an ice cream cone with Colton - chocolate.

    Happy Release Day.

  17. Carolyn,
    Sitting on the swings with a sexy cowboy sounds perfect!

  18. I'm always happy to hear of another of your wonderful cowboy books coming out Carolyn! My favorite flavor is cherry, and yes, I'd love to share one with Colton.

  19. Grape or Banana is my favorite flavors!! Thanks for the chance.

    mlawson17 at Hotmail dot com

  20. Lime is my absolute favorite and then bubblegum.
    Love cowboys. Would love to win.
    christinebails at yahoo dot com

  21. Oops would totally share with Colton. And even let him lick my cones.

  22. Thank you to everyone who joined the launch party today! Congratulations to Barbara E. Mr. Random chose your name from the boot so if you will send your snail mail address to ccbrown66@att.net I'll put a signed book in the mail for you!