Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Wedding in Springtime Launch Party and Giveaway!!

by Amanda Forester

I am super excited about my the release (May 7) of A Wedding in Springtime, my first Regency romance.  This represents the first in a new Marriage Mart series which features some of the hazards of making matches and hunting down spies in Regency London.

Since this is my release party please allow me to share with you some of the lovely reviews I have received.   I was thrilled with this Starred Review from Publisher's Weekly:

Highlander romance author Forester (True Highland Spirit) populates her witty first Regency romance with scene-stealingly smart characters. Debutante Eugenia Talbot has ruined her life by laughing during her presentation to Queen Charlotte. Since the rake William Grant winked at Genie and caused her unseemly merriment, he feels obliged to save her from becoming a pariah by assisting with her acceptance into society. Genie’s vibrant sense of humor and kindness are so infectious that soon William is doing unexpectedly generous things like taking a street urchin into his home. William is on the verge of proposing marriage to Genie when an unexpected twist tangles the duo in a game of espionage, and they’ll need their combined wit and humor to survive. Engaging subplots involving unforgettable supporting characters make this one a must-read. ~ Publisher's Weekly, Starred Review

A Wedding in Springtime also received a Starred Review from Booklist, the "trusted experts" at the American Library Association.  Yes, (mother, are you paying attention here?) A Wedding in Springtime is even endorsed by the library association!

Fans of Regency-era romances will be delighted with Forester’s first novel set in that milieu. This clever combination of wit, romance, and suspense strikes all the right notes as Genie, fresh from the county for her debut, fails to stifle her laughter when she is being presented to the queen just as Lord Chamberlain “chooses that moment to blow a little foul wind.” A man winks and smiles at her, reducing her to further laughter and ruining any possibility of her having a successful season. The man in question, Mr. Grant, a notorious rake, is a close friend of the Duke of Marchford, who is engaged to Genie’s cousin, so it is inevitable that they will meet again. Forester throws in an amazing array of Regency-romance tropes: a dowager duchess with plans up her sleeve, a spinster who becomes her companion and business partner, a lovable street rat, a Fagin-like villain, a secret marriage, a spy in the service of Napoléon, secret codes, clandestine romance. And she more than does justice to them all. This entertaining novel is a diamond of the first order. ~ Booklist, Starred Review

Ok, I know I am tooting my own horn.  And speaking of tooting, Publisher's Weekly has this to say when it named A Wedding in Springtime one of the Best Books for Summer 2013!

Not many authors can get away with starting a Regency romance with a fart joke, but Forester makes it work in this delightful tale of a mischievous miss and the rake who’s won over by her sense of humor. The sunny theme and lighthearted story are perfect for summer’s lazy days.

Yes, those are fabulous reviews, but my favorite description of my heroine came from Long and Short Reviews, who wrote Genie was a "cross between Mary Poppins and Dirty Harry."  Awesome!

Now for the best part - you get a chance to win your very own copy of A Wedding in Springtime!  Since our heroine's debut is ruined by a fit of inopportune laughter, share an embarrassing moment for a chance to win!


  1. Amanda, you're giving HIM away, right? Not just the book??? I want to be her... *sigh*

  2. Great reviews, Amanda! Congrats on the new release! My embarrassing moment? I'd rather not say...

  3. Oh I don't know if I want to share this embarrassing piece of gem. Plus, it's the only one that comes to mind. I really like to forget about, granted it did happen about twelve years ago in my 6 grade class. I think I rather laugh in an inopportune time.

  4. Well, you're certainly coming out of the chute with a bang, Miz Amanda. Huge congrat's on the reviews and I absolutely love the cover and the premise! We'll discuss my embarrassing moment (s) next time they let us sit together at RWA!

  5. Terry - if only the book came with a man! Maybe in your dreams!!

    Cheryl - understandable! There are some embarrassing moments I can laugh about now. Others not so much!

  6. Melody - I think anything that happened in junior high should be forever stricken from the record. Juvenile records are sealed - right??

    Carolyn - save me a seat - I'm looking forward to your stories. Although you should come with a warning label when trying to take a drink - you are just too funny!!

  7. I'm so excited for you Amanda and I can't wait to read your book! I will have to share my embarrassing moment the next time I see you in person. LOL

  8. A well deserved bow!
    Congratulations and wishing you mountains of success!

  9. can't really think of any

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  10. Congrats! My latest embarrassing moment was giving a card and signing a check for one of my niece's kid's Holy Communion. In my defense, she has 7 kids and the last 3 are boys very close in age lol.

  11. That is SO AWESOME! Congrats!

  12. One of my memorable moments was fainting in church when I was the maid of honor in a large summer wedding.

    Congrats on the book release.

  13. The most embarrassing moment I can think of is one time when I was at work I hit my knee on a desk drawer and started feeling faint. I missed the chair and ended up on the floor. My boss walked in the room and saw my legs sticking out from behind the desk and said with concern, "Are you alright?" I sat up and told him I was fine. I was especially glad that I had worn pants that day and not a skirt. :D

  14. Angela - I look forward to hearing about it!

    Amelia - thank you!!

    Bn100 - I wish I couldn't think of any either. Unfortunately, I'm much to much if a goof.

  15. Catslady - whoa, that's a lot of kids. Good defense I'd say.

    Brooklyn - thank you!!

  16. LSUReader - good one! One of the main things I remember about my wedding was telling myself o keep my knees slightly bent so I wouldn't pass out. If all the videos of fainting people in weddings is correct you are not alone!

    Barbara - haha you made me laugh just reading it! Good one! Of course if it was me I would have been wearing a skirt - that's my kind of luck!

  17. The first time I wore high heels, I slid and tripped and fell on my butt right beside a wet floor sign in the middle of Wal-Mart. My sister laughed so hard she fell right beside me, so that helped a little bit *grin*