Friday, April 12, 2013

New Series Nerves

I always get new release nerves. I thought they’d fade, but they haven’t. With a new series starting in July I think they are worse. This series has to be better and different and yet still keeping those things that made people love my goblins.

Of course every reader has something different that they liked, so I could spend all day chasing my tail working that one out.

What I’ve written is a story with gorgeous fairy heroes who have their own powers and problems. There’s also the beautiful fairy world of Annwyn—but be careful because fairies like nothing more than to trick unwary humans out of their souls.  These aren’t cute little fairies with wings and flower petal dresses. These fairies are the fairies of old, the ones that were once feared and treated like gods who hold the power of life and death.

Caspian is the hero of The Outcast Prince and he is a changeling.. A fairy born in the mortal which on its own would be problem enough but his fairy blood has made him psychometric. Here’s a little snippet of Caspian trying to explain his gift to Lydia without using the f-word (that would be fairy).


She turned to face him and asked the obvious. “Why don’t you sleep well in strange beds?”

She expected a response like too soft or too hard, or fear of bedbugs or something else innocuous. He looked at his laced fingers as if thinking hard. Too hard for the question. A chill brushed over her skin and drew the fine hairs on her arm up in gooseflesh. Around her the house was silent. It was then she realized that was what had woken her. She’d gone to sleep listening to the noise of the storm and the creaking and rattling of the house.

Now it was deathly still. As if the ghost was waiting for something.

Caspian drew in a breath. “Do you believe in psychics?”

That wasn’t what she was expecting. “Like fortune tellers?”

“No, like real psychic powers. People who can do things others can’t.” He glanced over. “Like psychometry.”

She wasn’t even sure what the word meant. “What is it?”

Again he paused and swallowed. “If someone is psychometric they get impressions off objects. I don’t sleep well because I know what has gone on in the strange beds.”


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  1. I'm with ya on the new series nerves, but this sounds like a great read. Can't wait!

  2. Oh, yes, ma'am, but with a cover and premise like that, you don't have a thing to worry about.
    However, I share your jitters. I have a new series starting in June and always worry if my readers will love my new cowboys as well as the last ones.

  3. I was worried about that with the new jaguar series too. I wasn't sure if I'd have a lot of wolf readers crossing over to read about big cats or not. :) Some love cats and some love dogs, but not both. But so far, both series have seen lots of love.

    Yours will too!!!

  4. Wow! That's an intriguing excerpt. Sounds like a great new series, Shona.

  5. Great excerpt! Can't wait to read it. Off to share in cyberspace.

  6. That is one hot-looking cover! Sounds like the series will be a huge success!

  7. OOh, new series are so exciting! I can't wait to check these out after I'm done having my way with your Goblins. :)