Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Darius! by Grace Burrowes

There I was, minding my own business, writing a book about blond, handsome Nicholas Haddonfield, a Regency viscount who kisses his horse, adores his old granny, and builds whimsical birdhouses for relaxation, when onto to the pages prowled a secondary character who was as dark and quiet as Nick was blond and genial.

Darius Lindsey was going to be T-R-O-U-B-L-E, but I couldn't get the fellow to tell me what kind of trouble, so I tried to ignore him.

Ha. As I wrote a lovely story for Lord Valentine Windham, Darius elbowed his way onto the pages again, looking even more peaked and wan, more sullen and despairing, for all he was a loyal friend to Lord Valentine, and a protective siblings to his brother and sister. Same thing happened when I wrote a story for Darius' brother, Trenton Lindsey.
Hmm. What's an author to do?

Rejoice, that's what. Darius was stubborn, only giving me his story in little flashes and what-ifs, parting with his truths grudgingly. It finally dawned on me that Darius was ashamed, not sullen. Exhausted, not quiet.
Oh. OH.

I wrote this story with a sense of one hand slapped over my eyes, the other typing as fast I could. Darius is a different hero, one who has made Bad Choices that he can't seem to undo. His father has stolen his funds, his siblings cannot help him, and the only way Darius can support his dependents is by providing intimate favors for bored, wealthy ladies of Polite Society. So far, Darius has avoided the ultimate compromise, but it's a very near thing, and his self-disgust is about to choke him.

Enter Lady Vivian, a genteel, soft-spoken woman who's also looking to Darius to solve her problems...  And boy, does he ever. Funny thing is, though it appears she and Darius have no future, she solves his problems too, spectacularly ever after.

If you'd like to read the first three chapters, they're available here (with ordering links at the bottom).  And as long as you're browsing, Nick has two chapters up here.

What I'd like to know is....
Who has been a white knight for you? Who has come up with solutions when all you saw were problems? Who listened and sorted through your muddles with you until your calm and confidence were restored, and your questions had answers?

To two commenters, I will send signed copies of "Darius." 


  1. I'm so homesick where I now live and my dear sweet husband is trying to make it better for me until we move back home. He is extremely patient & kind & I am very fortunate he is my only friend here.

  2. All I could think while reading your blog was WOW, Grace! Darius was certainly stringing you along feeding tidbits of his story to you. Don't you love it when characters do that? Congrats, sounds like a FAB read!

  3. Maria, if you're struggling along with only one friend, then your husband is a marvelous choice. I hope the time passes swiftly, and am thinking some good books might help make that happen...

    CH--This dude was determined to walk a different arc. That hadn't happened to me before. Maybe it's because he doesn't have a title and all my other swains do. And yet, I love where his story went. love it.

  4. That would be my husband, the only white knight I've ever had.
    Congrats on the new release!

  5. Love your books, Grace!!! Darius needs a home. Mine. :)

    My dad was my white knight. :) And my mom. And my kids. I've had a lot of wonderful support over the years. :)

  6. Cheryl, then you chose well!

    Terry, Darius definitely needs a loving, comfy home where nobody skimps on heat in the winter time... Yours would do nicely.

  7. I love it that you wrote Darius with one hand over your eyes while you typed as fast as your could. It's another one of those best sellers I'm sure.
    White knight...Mr. B for the past 46+ years!

  8. Intimate favors? Oh, I'm hooked now (as if the cover hadn't reeled me in already). Don't you love and hate characters like that? I love them because they are so fully formed, and I hate them because I can't remember what I've written about them from book to book. Off to read the chapters!

  9. I just won Darious from Grace so don't enter me but just wanted to say what a great series this is and, in fact, I'm rereading The Heir and plan on getting the books that I'm missing :)

  10. Who wouldn't love a guy who builds birdhouses? Wishing you tons of success!

  11. Mmm... Darius sounds like my kind of hero!

  12. My Husband,the reformed rake, hands down. He moved from NJ to LA, no complaints, then let my Mom move in with us. (Ok, a few comments there..but..he tolerates her well!)> he did this because he wanted more time with his family, and the best way to do that was get out of the crazy NJ commute.

    Darius likes nice weather? We got that here, along with Southern hospitality. Send him my way!

  13. My hubby is my white knight. Thank goodness for him!

  14. Fortunately, my hubby is my white knight...having rescued me from a plethora of problems! Good luck on the new releases, they sound like great reads!

  15. My husband is my white knight. My mom, and brother follow close behind. Can't wait to read the book.

  16. my mom

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  17. Ahhh! Now I'm super excited to read these books! :-)
    Almost everyone in my family has been a white knight for me at some point in my life. I consider my myself so very lucky.


  18. I have a person who fits that description - he's a former boyfriend who has always been my best friend, even when we weren't together. Now we live across the country from each other, but he's always there to give me advice, a compassionate ear, and a stern talking to when I need it.

  19. I see we have another best-seller coming out soon. ;-) Congrats, Ms. Burrowes. I was going to wish you good luck, but I don't think you'll need it with a cover like that.

    I love white knights, reformed rakes, redeemable Bad Boys (pun intended.)

    Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! RT or bust!

  20. Carolyn, OK, a cowboy wearing a white hat will do, and I'm sure you've ridden to his rescue a time or two as well.

    Shana, the frustrating thing about this guy is that he'll play naughty puppy, etc., but it's hard to describe his misdeeds without making him sound like he'll do ANYTHING for coin--which he won't. Don't think I've have another hero quite like this one...

    Catslady, thanks for the vote of confidence, and let me know what you think of Darius.

    Amelia, he looks so cute wearing his jeweler's glasses, confiding in his horse, and lecturing his friends about their love lives... But don't cross Wee Nick, and don't threaten the lady he loves. Ever.

    Brooklyn, guess you'll have to read the book to find out of he's your kinda guy or not... At this point, I have to say I consider him a bit high maintenance, but talk to me when the blog tour's done.

    Justicia, Darius likes Lady Vivian, and would crawl through snow drifts uphill six miles with a headwind to spend time with her. If I allowed him to...

    MK there's a trend here. Maybe ladies who read romance develop discernment when it comes to finding the Keepers.

    Elf--you too!? Doesn't anybody rely on their gal pals? Their sisters? An older bro?

    Nise, my siblings are all special to me, but I'm particularly close to a couple of them. And in a way other parents might understand, my daughter also rescued me from some pretty bleak choices.

    bn--wonderful to see a vote for Mom.

    Chelsea, I just finished my last polish of a book for David, Viscount Fairly, and at one point, Valentine Windham is having to explain to David what family is. I resorted to a paraphrase of Robert Frost, who said, "Home is where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in." What he said.

    Barbara, among my friends is a guy I met through horses. He has the knack of calling right when I'm at the end of my rope and ready to snap, time and again. Don't know what I did to deserve such a friend, but I value him greatly.

    Victoria, I am looking forward to RT more than words can convey. It has been long, hard winter, even though we didn't get much snow.

  21. My mother and sister have long been voices of reason whenever I face muddles in my life. It doesn't matter what the subject is, those two are always there for me, to lend support/advice.

    Congrats on Darius. I'm looking forward to reading his story.