Friday, March 15, 2013

Things I Love About Spring!

I live in northern Idaho, so we get all four seasons. Summer is my favorite, while winter is the bane of my existence. So, though it's no summer, spring pleases me. Aside from the fact that I hate snow with the fire of a bazillion suns, the fact that the white abomination is gone and it's getting warmer is only one of the things I love about Spring.

First off: FISHING!!!

Ever since I was five and I felt the tug of the rod in my hands and experienced the exhilarating triumph of reeling in my catch, I've been an addict. This is a pic of my hand-crafted bamboo fishing rod. It casts like a dream. I'll fish for whatever's biting, but rainbow trout is my favorite. Mmmmm... pan-fried and coated in butter....


Okay, these have GOT to be some of the ugliest mushrooms ever. And I don't even usually like mushrooms. But when we found out that people pay big bucks for em, it seemed a good enough excuse to go up in the mountains. Then we ended up trying them. OMG, SOOOO GOOOOD! I put them in boeuf bourguignon, or make a soup that's like velvet on the tongue. Or we eat them pan-fried and coated in butter....

Hmmm, I'm sensing a theme here. Okay, I don't pan-fry the next thing on my list.


I'm normally indifferent to flowers. Sure, they look nice and all, but the concept of purchasing or receiving them as a gift seems a dreadful waste of money to me. Books are cheaper anyway. But lilacs are different, and not just 'cuz they're free. (They grow almost everywhere in town). Lilacs were my mom's and my special flower. We always picked a bouquet for each other and buried our faces in the fragrant blooms. Also, they're PURPLE! That's our favorite color. I put them on her grave every spring.

Two more things I have to look forward to this Spring are:


That's right, my debut novel, BITE ME, YOUR GRACE releases April 2nd...which is beyond perfect because that's Spring Break from college. If you're not in Coeur d'Alene then and can't make it to my signing, I'll be doing a virtual tour all that month with tons of giveaways!


I already have my Associate's in Automotive Technology, but since I can't use it anymore due to shoulder injuries, I went back for my English Degree, which I'll be getting this May!

So it'll be an exciting season for me. What's going on with you this Spring?


  1. Sorry that you have injured your shoulder but congrats on the new exciting! Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  2. There are lots of morel worshipers here in my neck of the woods. Unfortunately, it snowed again last night. Arrrgghhh!!! Come on SPRING!!!!

  3. I loved your post, your beutiful pictures, what a rod! And I adore that cover. Wow! And I think that is one of the cutest titles I've ever heard. Wishing you tons of success!

  4. Seasons...I haven't seen those in years! I cannot wait for your release, Brooklyn Ann!

  5. Waiting that last couple of weeks on a release is tough, isn't it? LOVE the title, the cover and it's sitting on my TBR table right now. Spring for me is finishing the WIP and then writing the 3rd WF. Life is good!

  6. Love the title! Congrats on the degree! :) Daffodils are in full bloom here! :) But then we'll have the heat next and I'll be waiting for Oct to get some relief! :)

  7. Aww, sorry about the snow Grace! Elf and Amelia, thanks for the kind words! Shana and Carolyn, I'm squirming with excitement!

    Terry, did you say heat? Can I come stay with you until June? ;)

  8. 70's-80's all week this week. Guest room is open! :)

  9. Waiting on the release of Bite me, Your Grace!! Looking forward to seeing all the flowers in bloom and warmer weather.