Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why I hate my writer Ashlyn Chase...sometimes

Hi there. I’m Nick Wolfensen, a character in Ashlyn Chase’s books. She’ll tell you she loves me. Yeah, riiight. If she’s so fond of me, why does she torture me?

Yes, I’m talking torture! She had me tied to a pole in a basement, and then made me shift into my wolf form to get free. Do you know how hard it is to pop and grind into a whole new animal without making any noise? Oh, did I forget to mention she also had an armed guard in the room? If he hadn’t fallen asleep, I’d still be tied to that pole.

And you know what else? She put my girlfriend in the same danger! I’d have taken on all three of those thugs (oh, yeah…it was three against one,) but they had their weapons trained on Brandee. If I’d made one wrong move, they’d have killed her.

Oh, and do you know what else Ashlyn did? She made me wait a hundred years to find my Brandee—my mate. I won’t tell you how hard my heart was lodged in my throat, because I almost lost her as soon as I’d found her. And not just because of bad guys. Ashlyn made me piss off a powerful Goddess who threatened to drop me into an active volcano or send me to a deserted island the size of a postage stamp. All because of one little slip of the tongue.

I can’t be totally upset with Ashlyn though. She gave me a bit of fun too. Great friends. An identical twin. And a job I love. I used to be a cop, but now I’m a paranormal private detective—the only one in Boston, I think. I got some interesting cases and only got shot in the ass once.

But the best thing she did for me was put a sassy little redhead in my life. You know what they say about redheads being passionate…well, it’s true in more ways than one. Whew! We had some hot, smoking...I’d finish that sentence, but she also made me a gentleman.

All in all, I’ve learned one thing about Ashlyn. When she decides to tell a story, she makes us jump through some pretty thorny hoops. Not only that, but she sometimes leave us in the worst predicaments for hours while she does errands, watches TV, or reads. It must be nice to be a writer and imagine new and unusual cruelty for us characters.

At least she wraps up our stories with a satisfying happily ever after ending. Because of that, I might be able to forgive her…eventually.  



  1. I can so relate! Sometimes Shana Galen is such a task master. Have fun already!

  2. Hey, nobody ever said getting to the HEA was going to be easy! Great post!

  3. That's cute, Ash. My characters say the same thing. They think if I leave them alone, they'll find their way on their own. But how boring would that be?

  4. I feel for you Nick. These authors just enjoy putting you all through the mill. I'd not have it any other way. You need to earn your chops. I loved the post.

  5. Nice post, typical male doesnt know when hes well off. Be careful she might write you another 1 where youll find more trouble he he. i wish you all the best with the book its definitely going on my TBR pile now

  6. As usual, Ashlyn is deserting me for her own pleasure. She's having a tea party for her daughter's birthday. Did I get anything for my birthday? No...And it was a big one. I was born 12/12/12. That's 1912. I told you I was 100 years old.

    I hope you spill hot tea on yourself, Ash.

  7. Awww, poor Nick. Authors can be so mean!

  8. Too cute for words, Ash! My characters must be related to yours, only they scream and yell at me...sometimes at night when I'm trying to sleep and if I don't listen they pop in and out of my dreams! Are they giving you any ideas, Nick?

  9. Well, Carolyn, I'd haunt her dreams, but she sleeps like the dead.

    I'll have to think of some other way to get revenge...the hot tea didn't work. Maybe I can say something really funny and get her to snort Pepsi out her nose.