Monday, February 4, 2013

Lady Eve's Fortunate Fall by Grace Burrowes

“I’ll make it a Regency series,” I said. “What the heck, there are only eight Windham siblings….” And I knew the last story would be a Christmas book, which meant number seven would be a…a…
A big challenge. Eve Windham is the youngest and smallest of the Windham siblings, and I had not the first, least, glimmer of a clue what her book would be about. There would be a swain, probably Lord Deene because he’d last been seen looking handsome and restless as a secondary character in the fifth book, “Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal.”

But other than that…. yikes. Not having a story is like having nothing to wear, no 
boola in the bank, nothing in the freezer, and an empty gas tank.
Times one hundred.

THEN I realized Eve was dodging marriage proposals. What was up with that? She also never rode on horseback, though being the youngest, smallest member of the family, being on horseback would have equalized a lot of her self-perceived disadvantages.

And what about Lord Deene? Lucas is big, fit, handsome, and also broke. His prized possession is a race horse named King William, and his greatest goal in life is to get custody of his deceased sister’s little daughter.
Well, OK. Now we’re getting somewhere. At the age of sixteen, in the midst of a disastrous adolescent rebellion, Eve suffered a bad fall from her mare. Her physical recovery took years, and as for her emotional recovery? She has no desire to marry, and less desire to explain to her parents and siblings why that should be. She’s hiding, foiling prospective suitors, and letting the entire world think she’s cute, sweet, and worth overlooking.

This book got to me. I know what it is to come off a horse and land badly, but more significantly, I know what it is to have my adolescent tantrums take a disastrous turn. Those first falls are always the hardest, aren’t they?

Fortunately for Eve, Lord Deene is patient, kind, and a lovely fellow to land on. He doesn’t understand how a large loving family works, but he’s willing to learn, and he’s willing to risk everything for the love of his life.  
And there you have Book Seven of the Windham family series. “Lady Eve’s Indiscretion” hits the shelves this week, and it surely does qualify as a book of my heart.

How about you? Can you recall a moment when somebody helped restore your confidence? Your faith in life? Your faith in yourself?
To one commenter, I’ll send signed copies of both “Lady Eve’s Indiscretion,” and—because Lord Deene did pop up in Maggie’s book, too--one copy of “Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal.” 

To read an excerpt (or order a copy) of "Lady Eve's Indiscretion," click here.


  1. Great post...great premise...and the cover is delicious. Congratulations on another best seller.
    I've never fallen off a horse but then the only one I ever rode was an old sway back mare that took two hours to go around a two acre pasture. But I have fallen in other ways and I appreciate everyone--Husband, Editor, friends, great author friends (like Grace Burrowes) and family-- who've jerked me back up by my collar and helped me stand on my feet again.

  2. I became a single mother of two at the age of 32. I had never lived alone or been my own sole support. There was always a "man in charge". My mother had a chat with me and pointed out that I had done all of the things needed except to take the credit for it. That had always gone to my hubby. It only took her pointing it out to me for me to understand the truth of the statement and to go (successfully) forward with new confidence.

  3. I love how you came up with your characterization, Grace. I'll do that too, think, yikes, where do I start, and then the character evolves. I rode a horse that tried its darnedest to knock me off, brushing into trees, etc. Almost made it when he jumped. And I wasn't prepared. :)

    But yeah, I've had a tons of falls and picked myself back up to start over again. It makes us the characters--like in our books--that we are today.

  4. 20Horses and I do not have the best of relationships. I think they are quite lovely animals, but my only experiences in riding tending to be my legs flapping with the unfortunate result that the horse thought I wanted to go faster! As luck would have it, I did have great ability to stay put. :-) Just finished rereading Lady Maggie's story last night and really looking forward to more of Lord Deene!

  5. My husband has always been my champion. He has always told me he believes I can do anything and it has really helped my confidence over the years. There are so many things I would do now that I would never have even attempted back when we first met. I guess I never really had someone who believed in me before him, my parents loved me but were not good for confidence.

  6. Wow I loved this post! Definitely the perfect teaser, not that I needed one to grab this book the second it goes on the shelf! As for your question, my husband saved me from a future of comparing every man to my no good father. He was patient an kind and wasnt willing to give up on me even when I made it very easy for him to walk away! And this was all when I was just starting life on my own after graduating highschool an going to college. We've been together 16 years now and I couldn't be happier!

  7. Carolyn, we all do fall, don't we? And for me, whether it's from a horse, or from grace, I need to climb back a little bit at a time, with the help of people who care about me. None of this vaulting back into saddle for me.

    Betty, God bless your mama. You were a single mom, but you weren't alone. I was 28 when that honor befell me, and my Mom and sisters were The Best. Their behavior reminded me--and I HAD forgotten--that was I lovable.

    Terry, that was a rotten pony you were on, but if you'd gotten off, you would have told him his tricks worked. I'm glad you keep picking yourself up, because we have a ton of terrific Terry Spear books to show for it.

    Cathy, I've made the same mistake, only with a green horse, it was me clinging with my legs, and her thinking that meant not, "My rider is a chicken," but "My rider wants me to go faster." You can see where that ended up! Glad you enjoyed Maggie's story--I did too!

    Rhiannon, oh, you said a mouthful. "My parents loved me but were not good for my confidence." That you can see that, and say it easily, is a marvelous tribute to a wonderful marriage. Eve would know exactly what you meant.

    Brittany, hats off to your gallant swain, and to YOU, for having the courage to step up to what he was offering. I bet if I talked to him, he'd say you don't give up on him either. Nicely done, you two!

  8. I've never fallen off a horse, though I had some who were not too happy I was on their backs. I have definitely suffered a few figurative falls, though. My mom and my husband are always good at picking me up again.

  9. Back in 6th grade, I was ahead of everyone in spelling, so because I was shy and she needed to find something for me to do while everyone studied spelling, my wonderful teacher assigned me to present short pieces of our history lessons. I had to get up in front of the class and speak! I was scared to death but it brought me out of my shell, gave me confidence and taught me I was capable of anything! Thank you Mrs. Bush!!

  10. I've been fortunate to have several people who got me past the no-confidence stage in life: teachers, friends, and my sister, who's a lifelong friend, confidante, and collaborator. She's got my back, and I've got hers.

    Congratulations on your new release!

  11. Shana, I knew I had a keeper pony when Delray never TRIED to get rid of me, not once. He was tall, dark and handsome too (though he had a rather prominent nose).

    Kim, for me it was my junior high English teacher, Mr. Lampman. He got a dedication in my first book, and it felt wonderful to be able to say thank you so publicly.

    Pamela, I have wonderful siblings too, and so does Lady Eve. What a coincidence!

  12. Funny you mention teachers and dedications...I dedicated my first book to two high school English teachers whose words and deeds ensured I knew they thought I had talent worth nurturing.

    I've been waiting for this book for months, Grace. You've created something very special with this series, Grace. I'm so proud to put the Windhams on my keeper shelf.

  13. I loved this book! It reminded me of all the things I love best about historical romance and it reminded me that I have to go back and read the rest of the series. Kudos to you for such a wonderful read (0:

    Good luck with the release!

  14. Tamara, months!? Shucks, and thanks. Felt like I had to wait eternities for the story to come clear, but it was worth wait. Hope you feel the same way.

    Elf, thanks. I know you are connoisseur, so your thumbs up means a lot.

  15. Actually,no. I still have a confidence problem but I hang in there and never give up. I so enjoy your books and must admit I need to play catch up!


  16. I love this family you've created for our enjoyment. I had a third grade teacher that encouraged me in many ways, especially to read. I was one of the few with divorced parents in the 60s and it helped me get through being "that girl" with just a mom.

  17. Ah, horses. My husband grew up on a horse farm. He's been tossed flat on his arse a time or two.

    What a wonderful storyline. I would expect nothing less from you, Grace. Mega congrats on the new release! It's sure to be another winner.

  18. Catslady, so do I. I manage OK in the court room, but in just about any other setting, I'd rather hide. At this point, I don't that going to change, except maybe I'll figure out a way to dodge court.

    Nise, I was an unwed mother before it was popular, and I was grateful for every person who showed my kid a kindness. Still am, and your mama probably is too.

    Victoria, ask him if riding horses is good preparation for marriage, fatherhood, life...

  19. I've only been on a horse a couple of times and never fallen off, it went too slow.
    The person I most credit with helping with my self esteem is my late husband. My late parents had always made me feel unwanted and stupid but he showed me that I could be anything I wanted to be. If I could have just remembered that after being widowed I may have done more with my life.

  20. Congrats on your latest release, Grace! That cover is gorgeous and big congrats on the fab PW review! Sharing...

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  22. I really enjoyed the post. I think the moment that sticks in my mind of a recent time my confidence was restored was when I was hired for my present job after being out of work for six months. I was beginning to think I'd never find a job and starting to doubt my self when I received the call right before Christmas. It sure made my holiday much brighter and gave me a great boost in confidence.

  23. a teacher in school


  24. For me that would be an ex-boss of mine who retired. She was more like a grandmother to me and gave me tons of great advice for work and life in general. We still keep in touch from time to time.

  25. When I was in junior high school, I had a rough time and I'd come home crying often. My mother would always tell me, "Mr. Average comes out ahead in the end." To the youngest and smallest girl in her class, it wasn't something I wanted to hear then but, for the most part, I came out ahead of my tormentors in the end.

  26. Molly, what a blow, to have lost your first, best champion, and how you must miss him. I'll be thinking of you on Valentine's Day.

    Sara, thanks for those good wishes and that share. I do like this book...

    Barbara, I was laid off a couple times, and it frankly terrified me. After a few weeks (not months) of joblessness, I was ready to take nearly anything that came along. Glad you found something in time to enjoy your holidays. A job was probably the only thing you wanted.

    bn, Hello! Seems many of us got a boost from a teacher. It's a vocation, or it should be.

    yadkny, I still find myself quoting a boss I worked for thirty years ago. He was quiet guy who understood how to survive corporate politics, and made it possible for me to leave in time for school most evenings.

    Trudy, you'll probably like Eve's book--she's the youngest and smallest too, and in some ways, the bravest, even when she's not on a horse.

  27. Looks terrific, Grace! Hope to read it soon!

  28. I guess the thing that sticks out to me was going back to school after years out of it. My entire family was very supportive.

    However, I am even more proud of my sister. A little over 2 years ago, she became the single parent of 3 children. She had never been on her own but realized that she and her children would be much better on their own. Now her children are 12, 18, and the oldest will be 19 tomorrow. They are doing great!
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  29. I definitely have to thank Dr. Burns, a small animal veterinarian and my mentor, for so much helpful guidance. I am studying to be a veterinarian right now and I started working in Dr. Burns's clinic last summer. I can't tell you how many times I have been scared to death to make a mistake, especially in front of a client who has entrusted their four-legged family member into my care. Dr. Burns has always been there with wisdom and patience and has helped me out of quite a few pickles. THANKS DOC!!!

  30. Winning my first Grand Champion with a horse I'd picked, did the majority of the training on and flat defied my family to show (only rich people do this, you'll starve etc negative blather) was a huge confidence boost. Huge. Learning I could do such things gave me the confidence to take on many a future challenge.
    Thank you Grace for lovely books that are enjoyable on multiple levels, and give us different gifts with each re-read.