Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dream Therapy by Terry Spear

Have you ever had a dream that is so bizarre, you wonder what it means? Like...deadly fortunes something that is a warning of something to come...Or you think maybe you shouldn't have eaten that spicy pizza last night. Or watched a scary movie right before going to bed.

Maybe you've had a lot of stress over something or mentioned people that you hadn't talked about in a good long while, some of them long since dead, and here they are, prominently in your story dream.

Ever think the dream could turn into a really neat story? Make it so?

Scenes do come to me, but not in dreams. I visualize two people in action and dialogue, and I've got the beginning of a scene.

But dreams, that's something else. First off,  they usually are really bizarre. If I remember them...I had one this morning but can't remember, but yesterday's woke me up--

It was really weird. I was in a car with a cougar-standard poodle mix and I was stroking his fuzzy head, and he was purring as I waited for the circus people to come and get him with their tranquilizer-filled hypodermic needles. Did I mention how bizarre my dreams could be?

In the back seat was a cheetah, elegant, sleek, female, sitting up, growly, and not in the least bit friendly. Police pulled up at the same time and the circus guys tranqued the sweet cougar-poodle, that btw, looked only like a cougar. No curly hair.

And then I was awake.

So I analyze my dream to figure it out.

I'd been writing on Silence of the Wolf, and mentioned a poodle. I used to own standard poodles. And I had just mentioned a cougar in the story also. Cheetahs? I had seen a picture of one recently.

Circus? I had just watched an episode of Supernaturals about a killer clown from the circus.

Why would the cougar like me? Because most shapeshifter cats and wolves like me, except for the bad guys. They don't pay any attention to me until it's too late.

The Cheetah? Have no idea why she didn't like me. Maybe it was because I was giving all my attention to the loving cougar.

We often analyze days' events, past events, future events during our sleep, falling asleep, waking up periods, even when we don't realize we do. It helps us to deal with everything.

Have you ever woken up and realized how you needed to tackle a problem? I've done that. It's at the edge of my brain, and all of a sudden, the solution comes.

And I know it's because my brain was working it out when I was sleeping.

What of dreams that are reoccurring? Like falling off a cliff or some other dream that you might have on a regular basis? That could be a metaphor for some deeper feelings that you haven't been able to deal with.

As for cougar-poodles, no, you won't EVER find one in a story of mine. Probably not a cheetah either!
So if you have dreams, or remember those that you do, do you ever analyze them? Try to figure them out? Or just ignore them, figuring they're not worth the time?

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"  


  1. Terry,
    I have the strangest dreams, too. Last night I had one that was all over the place. I had left my coat at someone's house and had to go back for it, but the weird part is I had been in their house when no one was home. I don't know why.

    I wasn't sure how I was going to explain, so I didn't other than to tell them who I was, where I worked, and that I had left my coat there. They were so nice and gave it back to me, but as I was leaving, a repair guy was right behind me. He apparently had been fixing our air conditioner and told me he had found salmonella in it, only it was a window unit hanging out of this house where I had left my coat. Very strange.

    Sometimes I analyze a dream if I'm left with a sense it has some meaning. I think last night I was dreaming about my day job. Why does my brain have to be at work on the weekend? ;D

  2. LOL, Samantha, you sound like me.

    Have you lost your coat, been looking for it while you were getting ready to run somewhere? It's funny that you would be wearing a coat, but having an AC fixed at the same time. Worried about salmonella because of fixing a turkey or some other food recently?

    If your brain has to work on the weekend, it should only be to enjoy hunky heroes.... :)

  3. Great post, Terry. Over the years I've discovered two very important things about my dreams. The first is that if I drink a rum a coke too close to bedtime, I dream about death and dismemberment--in living color.

    The second is that I dream about loved ones that have passed my heart I truly believe that they are visiting me in my dreams. Whenever I dream about my dad, I get on the phone with one of my sisters the next day because they always dream about him the same night. He's checking up on his girls.

  4. And not a single coyote in the mixture? LOL!
    My take for what it's worth: You were in the car so that means you are going places with your cougar/poodle mix (YA?). The police (editors) tranqed the idea...they didn't kill it but put it to sleep to wake up later. The cheetah did not like you so you'd have a tough time getting to her open up with her story.
    I'll put away my bright scarves and crystal ball now and get to work on the WIP!

  5. I have stupid dreams, like last night I dreamed about dieting because I'm trying to watch what I eat starting today. That's the kind of stuff that stresses me out. Why can't I dream about cute guys or book plots?

  6. OMG, C.H., you don't drink rum and coke before you go to bed any longer, do you??? At least you know what will trigger it!!!

    Ahh, that's so neat about dreaming about loved ones who had passed on. I had one about my father after he died. I swore it was real. He wasn't dead. I had to call my mother the next morning to ask. I know he visited me in the dream. I still remember that dream as if it was yesterday--and this has been 12 years ago.

    LOL, Carolyn!!! You ought to write humorous stories. LOL :) The coyote is coming!!! She just wouldn't be caught dead in one of my dreams...

    Shana, I know!!!! I mean, rarely do I dream of stuff like that. But the really weird stuff! Speaking of diets...mine starts today too! :)

  7. I don't recall my dreams much these days, but when my daughter was about seven, she woke up one morning and recounted, scene for scene, a dream I'd also had the previous night. Strange.

  8. Ohh, Grace, that is cool and spooky!!! Sounds like something neat to put in a book!

  9. I dream every night (sometimes more than once) and always remember my dreams. It's quite uncanny because sometimes they come true.

    One of the most memorable was when my grandfather appeared to me in a dream (he passed away some twenty years earlier) and told me that I was pregnant. My husband and I had been trying for several years. Low and behold, got up that morning, took the pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE.

    Now my daughter is twelve and my son is seven and if I ever have another dream like that again I'm taking the bridge! lol

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  11. Too funny, Victoria!!! Wow, that is so neat. What a way to learn you're pregnant! But of course, not if it happens today!!! :) LOL No bridge jumping allowed! :)