Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Flying into Christmas

Yes, it's crazy season again, isn't it? I always like it when I'm busy so this is really an amazing time of year. Corporate year-end craziness, family, holidays so close together you can't turn around without tripping on them, New Year thoughts and plans really not so very far away. I take a single breath and it seems days have spun by. So, I thought I'd look backwards to understand what might lie ahead.

Did I mention I like being busy? Maybe I should have grown up to be a juggler. But I didn't I grew up to be a fiction writer. Last year about this time I had a couple of science fiction novels and a foodie thriller for sale. Then I published my first romance late last year (okay, my first romance that was actually good).

As 2012 opened, Sourcebooks brought out the first of my "Night Stalkers" series and a second one in August. I look back at that young author, so filled with hope and fear, never expecting the wonderful reception awaiting his work.
Booklist -Top 10 Romance 2012            Booklist starred, RT 4 stars

Now that's something to be thankful for!

Then, because I like juggling and being busy, and I just couldn't stand not being immersed in my "Night Stalkers" world, I gave myself a gift. An indulgence. A chance to go back and play with a character I'd loved, who never got his dream of love. In The Night is Mine, Daniel Drake Darlington III was the First Lady's chief assistant. In I Own the Dawn, President Peter Matthews had elevated him to White House Chief of Staff. But how to fall in love while having one of the busiest jobs on the planet? Well, Daniel is a creative man and flies into Christmas full-tilt in his short novel.

I can't remember the last time I had so much fun. Not unless I go to...

I now wonder just how I'll feel when this crazy round of holidays arrives next year. For one thing, many more books shall arrive. "The Night Stalkers" series continues in February with:
 and Take Over at Midnight come August.

Where Dreams Reside will expand the "Angelo's Hearth" series. And who knows, perhaps another Christmas book will be peeking around the corner come the high season.

As I mentioned, I love being busy. There are many things I could focus on that would drag down the season, a list of life rolls and changes that, at the moment, is hectic and challenging to say the least. But that's not a choice I make. I choose to focus on the good parts of being busy, a few of which are listed above.

I choose to celebrate life.
I choose to revel in my time.
With so much to be thankful for, to give, to enjoy, to share, that's what makes it so fun and worthwhile. I wish you holidays and a year as overflowing with bounty and joy as mine has been!
All the best,
ML Buchman


  1. Happy Holidays to you and your family, I am looking forward to reading "Wait Until Dark". It looks like it is a good thing that you like being busy since you certainly have quite a few titles to juggle!

  2. What a fun year! I hope 2013 is as great as 2012.

  3. Now that's a lot of words, revising, looking at the computer and brain power in general. Great's hoping 2013 is every bit as good. Love your covers!