Monday, November 12, 2012

GUEST LAUNCH PARTY + GIVEAWAY: How to Tame a Willful Wife by Christy English

Please welcome Casablanca Author Christy English! Her regency romance HOW TO TAME A WILLFUL WIFE is in stores this month—a regency take on The Taming of the Shrew…

What is my new Regency Romance, HOW TO TAME A WILLFUL WIFE about? Tall, dark, unruly men and the women who stand up to them. One woman in particular, Caroline Montague.

When my Regency hero Anthony Carrington comes home from the wars with Napoleon, he knows that he will marry his commanding officer’s daughter. What he doesn’t know is that she throws knives, rides astride her warhorse Hercules wearing breeches, and can outshoot any man with a bow and arrow. Not exactly the kind of bride he might find if he went hunting on the Marriage Mart.

In this version of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, Anthony does his best to tame Caroline from the moment they meet. And Caroline, of course, will not be tamed. Though they discover they both have a taste for passion, and a passion for each other, it takes them the length of the novel to actually start talking to each other, to realize that they need to communicate more than just in bed.

Though Anthony is no slouch in bed…

In HOW TO TAME A WILLFUL WIFE, I tried to find a way for two headstrong, willful, stubborn people to live together as equals with a lot of sparring, fencing, and arrow-shooting along the way.

I am thrilled to be Sourcebooks Casablanca’s latest newbie. You have all made me feel welcome and at home, happy to spin tales of love and seduction and Shakespeare. I can’t thank you enough.

But readers, I have to ask: What’s your favorite kind of man? Tall, dark and brooding? Do you like to the kind of man you have to tame, or do you prefer to be tamed yourself? Leave a comment below with your answer and we’ll enter you to win a copy of HOW TO TAME A WILLFUL WIFE. Maybe you’ll come to fall in love with Anthony and Caroline the way I have…

Just as Christy said, answer her question in the comment and you’ll be entered to win one of two copies of How to Tame a Willful Wife. US and Canada only, please leave an email address so we can easily reach you. Winners will be chose on Tuesday, November 17. Thanks again to Christy for stopping by!


How to Tame A Willful Wife:
1. Forbid her from riding astride
2. Hide her dueling sword
3. Burn all her breeches and buy her silk drawers
4. Frisk her for hidden daggers
5. Don't get distracted while frisking her for hidden daggers...

Anthony Carrington, Earl of Ravensbrook, expects a biddable bride. A man of fiery passion tempted by the rigors of war into steely self-control, he demands obedience from his troops and his future wife. Regardless of how fetching she looks in breeches.

Promised to the Earl of Plump Pockets by her impoverished father, Caroline Montague is no simpering miss. She rides a war stallion named Hercules, fights with a blade, and can best most men with both bow and rifle. She finds Anthony autocratic, domineering, and...ridiculously handsome.

It's a duel of wit and wills in this charming retelling of The Taming of the Shrew. But the question is...who's taming whom?

After years of acting in Shakespeare’s plays, CHRISTY ENGLISH is excited to bring the Bard to Regency England. When she isn’t acting, roller skating, or chasing the Muse, Christy writes historical novels from her home in North Carolina. Please visit her at


  1. I do love willful heros and heroines. I seem to enjoy it when the heros are left dumbfounded for a time with having to meet his match and not sure how to deal with it and he has to work to get what he wants.

  2. Welcome, Christy! I do love a knife-throwing heroine. ;)

  3. BIG, BIG Congratulations on your new release. LOVE the title and the sassy heroine!

  4. Thank you Tracey! And thank you Carolyn! I am so excited to join you guys. A sassy heroine is always so much fun, and this one surprised even me with her knife throwing tendencies LOL

  5. Love the cover, and the story. I definitely like an Alpha male- tall, dark and broody, but who can be coaxed out of his broodiness!


  6. I love alpha males--dark, tall, very broody :-) The book sounds FABULOUS, Christy! I can't wait to read it :-)

  7. Hi Christy. Congratulations on your new release. Sounds good. I love the cover. I like a tall, dark brooding alpha male. :)

  8. In my reading, I love tall, dark, and brooding men who need to be tamed. In real life, I prefer strong, dependable, and able to communicate who happens to have an edge to his personality and a sense of humor.

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  9. Thank you Sheila and Shana! I am a fan of Alpha males myself :)

    Crystal and Lil, thank you for coming by. I have to admit, in real life, a man who can communicate will outlast an Alpha every time.

    Thank you all for coming by and celebrating the launch of my new book with me :)

  10. I used to like to be able to tame them, but I am too old now to do that. I want a uncomplicated person with no major crazy baggage. I don't want anyone to tame me. I am fine just the way I am. Now in books I love to see the woman tame the man. I love a kick ass female character. I do love to also see some uppity woman get knocked down a few notches by a man, that is always funny to read. Especially when she likes it.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    christinebails at yahoo dot com

  11. Chris, I. Hope you enjoy this one...Caroline is definitely the one who tames Anthony LOL Thank you so much for stopping by and for being a part of our launch party :)

  12. Congratulations on the book! It sounds like a fun book to me.

  13. Thanks Amelia :) I had a great time writing about these two... :)

  14. My favorite kind of man is definitely tall, dark and brooding, and I want to be the one doing the taming. I like to see heroines that do the taming as well, give me a headstrong, willful lady any time. :D

  15. Congrats on the new release!

    As for favourite kind of man, I have to agree with the others here that the tall, dark and brooding alpha male would be my pick as well!


  16. Winnie & Barbara, I am w/ you both. Tall, dark & brooding works for me :)

  17. Congratulations on your new release, Christy!

    I love heroines who give as good as they get.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  18. Me too Taurus! And Caroline definitely does that LOL
    Thanks for joining in the Give Away :)

  19. Thanks to all who commented! Our winners are


    I'll be emailing you both shortly!


  20. Thank you so much to everyone who came by. I hope you'll tune into my Author chat on Discover A New Love on Nov 28th...there will be a lot of fun talking about the ever hot Anthony. :) And we're giving away a pearl bracelet :)

    Congrats to the winners! I hope you enjoy my adventures...

  21. Oh, I do like the tall dark and brooding hero!