Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jaguars that Go Bump in the Terry Spear

It was a dark and stormy night in a hot and steamy jungle--you're lost, you're way out of your element, so who are you going to call???

Jaguar shifters!!! Play Ghost Buster music with a jungle, South American beat here.

The blog tour started off with a bang last week and continues through the big paranormal day of all days--Halloween! Here's one of my Wilde & Woolly Wizard bears to start off the season. I make them from scratch, heads and all. He's a golden mohair with a black velvet cloak fully lined and the fabric is sprinkled with sparkly stars, the same as his hat!
I love this time of year when the hot steamy jungle outside (well, amend that to hot cornfields, no steam) has been blasting us all summer long and now it's actually cool in the mornings and some evenings! And we had rain!!! Three days of it which made it feel like a cool wet jungle.

I've had my fair share of critters, no monkeys, but I think just about everything else jungle like, moved into the house with me to beat the heat--the lizards, the scorpions, found a snake skin in a bathroom drawer, crickets, beetles, spiders and red wasps, you name it.

And while I was watering, saw a BIG snake watching me before he slithered away and I could take a picture of him and share him with you all to prove it really is a cornfield jungle out here.

Now for the spooky woowoo stuff. Got to have that for the month of Halloween, right?

I'll be sending emails off no problem and then all of a sudden the bar that allows you to send emails, delete them, etc, disappears! And there's no such thing as composing emails, even though you can click on the link. I have to shut down my computer to get my mail to work right. Switching browsers doesn't work either. So what's that all about???

Speaking of disappearing stuff...everyone has a problem with stuff disappearing. You didn't move it, someone else did. Right. You just forgot where you put it.

But what if the thing that disappeared that you did NOT move was a dead cricket in the kitchen? You see it, know he's going to be there the next morning, too tired to move the vacuum cleaner from the other side of the house to vacuum him up late that night, so you intend to take care of him first thing in the morning.

Next morning, time to get that mug of green tea, consider the cricket and moving the vacuum...and he's vanished!

Right. You just forgot where you put it.

Yeah. Okay, time for spooky music here.

Don't EVEN ask me about the snake skin and the missing snake! He disappeared, too, and I promise I didn't move it!

Booklist Review!

Savage Hunger
(Book 1)


October 2012

In the heat of the jungle, jaguars are clawed, dangerous, and hungry for love. With hopes of overcoming night terrors and thanking the man who saved her life, Kathleen McKnight returns to the Amazon. A jaguar at heart, Connor Anderson doesn’t just protect her, but wants to claim her for his own.
Savage Hunger.
Spear, Terry (Author)
Oct 2012. 352 p. Sourcebooks/Casablanca, paperback, $7.99. (9781402266928).
Spear has left the werewolves of her past novels (Dreaming of the Wolf,2011) and turned to felines. Connor Anderson and his twin sister, Maya, inherited the ability to transform into jaguars from their parents, the only other shifters they have ever known. In the Amazon, Connor uses both his jaguar and human abilities to save the life of steely army captain Kathleen McKnight. Obsessed with Kat, he returns to the Amazon a year later and is surprised to find that she has returned to the jungle in search of him and his “pet jaguar.” Kat and Maya become fast friends, and the attraction between Connor and Kat is irresistible, even in the face of Kat’s troubled past and Connor’s dual nature. The strength of Spear’s writing lies in her ability to keep the reader emotionally in tune with the characters despite the unfamiliar terrain of both the deep jungle and the supernatural elements. Spear’s lush descriptions of the Amazon, and a few tantalizing loose ends, will leave readers hungry for more time in paradise.
— Amber Peckham

So if you're ready to curl up with a sexy jaguar shifter and enjoy the jungle heat, skip all the nasty stuff like the snakes (one man who took regular trips to the Amazon said he saw more snakes in Central Florida--where I used to live, than he did in the Amazon) and poisonous frogs, and insects, and enjoy the waterfalls and orchids and fresh pineapple and bananas growing wild, the colorful birds, the crazy monkeys, you know, the Bush Gardens kind of stuff...

If...the jaguar shifter doesn't steal all your attention and he's apt to, especially if he takes you to shower in a waterfall...

Then it's time to do just that! Curl up with a hunky jaguar!

Here's where I'll be for the rest of the tour!

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One lucky commenter will win a copy of Savage Hunger--US/CANADA addresses only!

Have a lovely snakeless and bugless Halloween filled only with sexy shifters who go bump in the night!!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality." 


  1. Looks like you'll be busy, Terry! Congrats on the release.

  2. Wow! Great cover and busy, busy, busy! Congrats!

  3. Congratulations, Terry! You gave me my morning giggle...loved it! Looks like the powerful folks who are in charge of the "lists" might as well pencil in another best seller! I'm still waiting for you to come up with the coyotes who talk in a southern drawl.

  4. Thanks, Shana! Yeah, I think I overdid myself this time! LOL!!!

    Thanks, Cheryl. I LOVE the colors of the book. And the models, and the jaguar and the jungle... :) Thanks again!

    I wish, Carolyn!!! But if it doesn't, maybe one of the Highland howlers will make it??? Those wolfish men in a kilt are hot too! And then there's another SEAL coming, only he'll be wrapped up in a big red bow. :) I won't say where the red bow will go...I don't believe it'll cover up any of the important parts...If there's no red bow? Well, what do I know about Christmas packaging! :)

  5. LoL, when I was little I thought it was people from the future taking stuff as souvenirs. Yeah, I was an odd child. Let's chalk it up to Sci-Fi obsessed parents. So, if things keep going missing, just think maybe it's because you're uber famous in the future ;)

    Good luck on your jam packed schedule! Love that you've made each site's post completely different! Great job

  6. In my YA fae series, the fae are responsible for stealing our things. :)

    My parents were into Sci-Fi and horror kids hate horror, don't know where I went wrong, but Sci-Fi works for them! LOL about being famous in the future and the reason stuff is missing. Works for me!

    It was really hard to make all the blogs different enough! I had about 48 to do in addition to all the ones here. And I still have about 4 left! Thanks so much, Marguerite!

  7. Terry, we're lucky where I live. By the time the cornfields come down, the snakes have pretty much curled up to dream away the winter, but the mice... ah, country living.

    Always glad to see another one of your books on the shelves, and I do love me a feline--any kind of feline, so I know I'll love this one too.

  8. Love the cover and the gorgeous bear! Sounds like another hit, Terry. Congrats on the release :)

  9. Thanks, Grace! One year, my parents had so many mice in the house, it wasn't funny!I think most of them in the "neighborhood" had moved in!! He caught 10 in one day.

    I had more of a problem in Oklahoma, for some reason. More woodlands there.

    Thanks so much, CH!!! It's fun with the new direction, although there's some hinting of fun to come!

  10. That is one fabulous cover, Terry.
    I think it screams, "Pick me up!"
    Your blog tour makes me dizzy. Good luck!

  11. Thanks, Amelia! It's been fun!! :)

  12. Thanks for stopping by, Angela!! Glad you enjoyed it!

  13. You have great covers! My husband loathes snakes lol but for me it's spiders or anything that has more than 6 legs lol.

  14. Thanks, Catslady! Snakes get to me, but so do spiders. Especially when I nearly walk into one of their HUGE webs or ride a lawn mower into one and wonder where the spider went. ewww! And am busily brushing away sticky webs off me forever!

  15. Great post and awesome blog tour schedule! Thanks for posting this, otherwise, I would have missed the entire blog tour entirely. Would love to follow along for the remaining tour stops :)


  16. Thanks, Winnie! Some of the earlier ones are still going if you go to my blog and check earlier blog posts. :)

  17. Can I just say how excited I am for this book? I am in love with the big sleek cats. I can't wait to read about the new jaguar shifters! I think a trip to the jungle is in order to go see if I can spoot one in the wild.

  18. The cat will be happy to show you the way of the jungle, Stephanie, keep you safe, and VERY happy!

  19. The book sounds good.


  20. Congrats on the new release.It sounds really good.Looking forward to reading it

  21. Thanks, BN!

    Thanks so much, Elaing! I hope you love it!

  22. Hi Terry!
    That Wizard bear is adorable, but I am definitely ready to curl up with a sexy jaguar shifter:)

    Best wishes on the rest of your blog tour!

  23. Thanks, Yadkny! He's one of the favorite that I've made!

    With winter coming on, curling up with a jaguar like Connor will keep you HOT. :)

  24. Stephanie Shaw won the contest! Thanks to everyone who commented. I'll be at guest blogs for another nearly 4 weeks, so be sure and keep trying!

  25. Yay! I am so stoked! I've been following your blog tour and entering each contest. I can't wait for my adventure along with Connor, Maya, and Kathleen.

  26. Thanks so much for loving my stories, Stephanie! Hope you love the jaguars just as much!!!

    And thanks to everyone again for commenting. More blogs through the end of October!

  27. Congrats on the new release!! It sounds great.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com