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Toggling between Jaguars and Wolves

What do you think? Wet and wild? Hungry and appealing? Dark and mysterious? Jaguar.

Yeah, it's him, don't you think? Same look?

In the fall I'm going to visit a big cat reserve in Texas with one of my coworkers. We'll wait until fall though when it's cooler and the cats are more active. I'll take lots of pictures and share for the upcoming release of Savage Hunger in October!!

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Back to the wolves though. Note to self, no mention of going to the dogs. These poor wolves look a little scrawny.

Thanks so much to Stephanie Shaw for sharing this with me! She found A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing at the Navy Exchange in Norfolk, VA, the world's largest exchange, where they have tons of cute Navy guys.

Now how cool is that??? Thanks, Stephanie! This was too much fun!

This is Anna in the new A SEAL Wolf Christmas story, third in the Oregon Coast/SEAL wolf stories. To Tempt the Wolf is the first. Most of you probably like to look at photos to describe your hunky characters. I also do so for my wolves. It makes it easier to describe them differently from one another.

Otherwise they can seem like they are all the same. Though as you can see in this picture, the one on the left has a collar that's more black than the one on the right.

So I'm toggling between big kitty cats

 and wolves. But which is which? They both love the water!

Cats are curious creatures like wolves are. This very well could have been a wolf checking out the butterfly.

Yeah, didn't I say so??? :) 
Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! I'm off to....write! :) 

But if you had a choice, would you be a big kitty cat lover or would a wolfish kind of hunk be more your style??? Or would you just love to toggle...between the two?
"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality."


  1. I prefer kitties but don't mind toggling between every once in awhile. Looking forward to your pictures, my favorite sanctuary is Big Cat Rescue in Florida.

  2. Terry, I'm a big fan of both. If I had to choose, I'd go with the Jaguar. Big cats have always captivated me.

  3. Thanks, Elf! Well, I wish I'd known of that when I lived in Florida! Or when my son was there! Course, I wasn't signed up to write about jaguars at the time either... Thanks again!

    I've always loved big cats too. I think they were about my favorite animal to see at the zoo, Tracey! Thanks for tweeting about them! :)

  4. I'm not good at choosing when I can have both, but I do love big cats. They are so regal. I can see where they'd make fascinating characters...loved the picture of the one with the butterfly.

  5. That's the real fun, you don't have to chose. You can have both, Carolyn! I love the look of the regal kitty cats, but I love the pack dynamics of the wolves. :)

  6. I love them both but I am a Leo and a Tiger so it's just natural for me to be a kitty person.
    The photos are great but I think the scrawny wolf photo is due to her being a new mom. She's tired chasing after the little tikes ;).

  7. Oh, I so agree, Victoria, you are a kitty person! I'm the twins, so I think I could have one as a kitty and one as a wolf and they'd love each other just the same. LOL But I have to admit I'm also a bear person--from California. :) Grizzly is the state's animal, state flag, teddy bears, first shifter story I read was a Norwegian tale about a polar bear cursed to be a bear by day and man by night...

    I was telling a man about the new SEAL Wolf Christmas, and he tilted his head to the side--seals? Selkies he said he thought I meant. LOL No...SEALS as in Navy! He's great because he's been in rainforests before on work and shared with me some of his experiences.

    I think you are right about the wolf and her pups! :) Thanks!

  8. LOL - Selkies :). That's a guy who actually knows something about "our" world ;). I've only read one Selkie story but I enjoyed it. There was a HEA which at first I didn't think would happen.

  9. I agree, Victoria! I thought it was really remarkable that he knew about them. :) I don't think I've ever read a HEA selkie story. :)

  10. LOL, Shana, they are growly and sleek and sexy looking. :)


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