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from Mia Marlowe...

Sorry this post is so late going up. I've been a cyber-Robinson Crusoe this internet, no TV, no phone. My only connection with the 4G world was my smart phone and it's IQ is so much higher than mine, I only managed a quick tweet through it to let the world know I was disconnected. The Verizon guy is here now, so I'm on again, off again. Cross your fingers that this connection will hold till I finish.

In a couple weeks, my DH and are going to not one, but TWO reunions in one weekend. His family gets together for a potluck each year in the same city park at the end of June. When I first started attending these get togethers, they were massive. The DH's father was the oldest of 11 and with all the aunts and uncles and cousins and their husbands and wives and kids .... well, you do the math. Even now, I long for name tags.

When our kids were little, we had family reunions on my side of the house too. But instead of a single afternoon's picnic, we gathered for a whole weekend at different locations each year. We went to midwestern lake cottages, to Gatlinburg, to the county in Virginia where our ancestors first settled in this country, and one memorable year, we migrated to a Wyoming dude ranch. We played together. We tried new things. My kids got to know their cousins. Unfortunately, since my grandparents passed, the reunions ended with them.

Then the same weekend as my DH's family reunion, we're attending his high school reunion. This will be special for him since he went to school with these kids from kindergarten all the way through 12th grade. I attended 3 different elementaries and 2 high schools. I can't imagine what knowing the same kids through all my growing up years would have been like, but it sounds nice.

How about you? Are you planning a reunion this year? What sort of things do you do at your gatherings?

In my upcoming release LORD OF FIRE AND ICE, Brandr the Far-Traveled is having a reunion of his own. He's coming home again. But he forgot that while he was gallivanting around the world,  his small corner of it has changed.  People who were once his father's allies have put a slave collar around his neck. And the woman who holds the end of his tether is both his blessing and his curse. LORD OF FIRE AND ICE is a featured early access title on the Discover a New Love site.

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  1. Hi Mia - I'm so sorry to hear that you've been having trouble connecting today. Blogger won't let me access my dashboard today, so I do feel your pain.

    Reunions sound like a fun way to spend time with family during the summer months.

    Thanks for persevering and getting your post up!

    Congrats on the new release!

  2. I went all 12 grades with the same kids in a small southern town. Our graduating class was only 50. And I'd say about twenty of them still live in that town. I go back often to visit and for reunions but I don't want to live there.

  3. Husband and I attended his family reunion last weekend. Like Amelia, I went to school with the same kids from first grade through my senior year so the class reunions (class of less than 60) are a hoot. Last year I found out the guy behind me (Hello, Rex Lokey) did NOT read War and Peace. He had a comic book inside the book! He got praised and I got frowns for reading romance books! LOL

  4. Thanks, CH. In some ways, my unplugged morning was nice. I got a lot of writing done. There may be a lesson there...

  5. Thanks, CH. In some ways, my unplugged morning was nice. I got a lot of writing done. There may be a lesson there...

  6. Amelia--It's true. You can't go home again. My DH's oldest brother and his wife tried, but they were not well accepted back into the rather insular small town. They moved away again after only a few years.

  7. Carolyn, there is no justice in the world. To pass his World Lit class, my DH would start from the back of the book and leaf forward till he had the gist of the story. His paper always got A's.

  8. I hate it when I have connection issues. Hugs!

    I am planning a reunion this year! We're going to Michigan for my grandmother's 94th birthday and my grandparents' 70th wedding anniversary. I'm excited!

  9. I'm hitting a Burrowes family reunion in August. We get together every three years or so, and our patriarch and matriarch are still with us at 91 and 88. This is about the only time the cousins get together, and because my daughter is an only child, I think those associations are important.

    Then too, it's wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, to see my sibs.

  10. Wow, Shana! 94th Bday and 70 years of love. Fabulous things to celebrate!

  11. Grace, I keep telling myself that someday I'll get the family reunion going again. We even had Family Tour T-shirts made with all the different places we'd visited. The problem with trying to do it now is that I'm the only member of the fam east of the Mississippi. I don't think I could get them all to make the trip to Boston and it would be hard for me to organize something at a distance.

  12. Our family is not big on Reunions. Because of the fact that half of the family does not have anything to do with each other. I think I am about the only one who talks to all my family including aunts, cousins, 1st, 2nd or otherwise.
    So I just visit with them all, and who ever is speaking to one antoher shows up at what ever funtion it is that they were invited to.. The last time all my family was together was last year when my mom died.. Sad, but they all came for me and my mom..


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