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UNDER FIRE by Catherine Mann
"Elite Force" series continues!

I have a confession to make! I totally adore a hot guy on the cover of a book! My eyes are drawn to a macho guy featured on the front. And I have to say, Sourcebooks has done a stellar job in delivering hot guy covers for my “Elite Force” series.

Some of my readers agree wholeheartedly. :)

For this month’s UNDER FIRE (Elite Force bk 3), one reader said, “I want to wash my clothes on his stomach!” Another replied, “I want to wash my FACE on his stomach!”

HOT ZONE (Elite Force bk 2)drew in many “hubba hubba” comments as well!

And last summer at a booksigning, a fan picked up a copy of COVER ME and declared, “If only this was a lick and taste cover, my life would be complete.”

Major kudos to the Sourcebooks art department on delivering winner after winner! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the next “Elite Force” book FREE FALL coming out in March!

And now, to celebrate UNDER FIRE’s launch this week, I’m giving away 1 copy of UNDER FIRE. The winner will be chosen from comments here. (US and Canadian address only, no PO Boxes please.)

Question: What actor/rock star/famous hottie would you like to see featured on a book cover? Here's a photo of Kiefer Sutherland, the inspiration for Major Liam McCabe, the hero in this month's UNDER FIRE!

To read an excerpt from UNDER FIRE click here:

USA Today bestselling author Catherine Mann writes military romantic suspense for Sourcebooks and Berkley, as well as steamy romances for Harlequin Desire. A RITA Award winner, she lives in Florida with her military flyboy husband, their children and their ever growing menagerie of pets. FMI:


  1. Cathy, big congrats on your latest release! I think Eric Bana with longish hair would be a treat. :)

  2. WOWOWOWOW! I bet you don't even need heat in the winter time with those books in the house. They really should come with a blister pack attached to the spine that holds one of those little "prevent hot flashes" hormone pills and at least one nitroglycerin pill in case the hot flash goes into a full fledged heart problem. Fanning my face and going back for one more peek!

  3. Awesome cover. Congratulations on the release of Under Fire.
    I would choose Matthew McConaughey to be on a book cover.

  4. Congrats on the new book, Catherine! My choice for a famous cover model? Hugh Jackman!

  5. That's a great question. I don't know that many actors/models. I like Cheryl's suggestion of Hugh Jackman and Crystal's of Matthew McConaughey.

  6. Hey there! What a fun way to start off my day with all these eye candy suggestions. :) I need to start a folder! Thank you much for heading over to help celebrate the launch my latest "Elite Force" book!! XXOO!

  7. Catherine, I can't wait to read Under Fire. I love the suggestions of Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Jackman, but I am obsessed with Alexander Skarsgard so I would have to say him!

  8. You do have powerful covers! Here's wishing you much success!

    I hate to say that I don't know his real name but the guy playing Cesare Borgia on The Borgias is so hot!

  9. I am not that into movies and celebs so...but I can tell you I like what I see on your covers. Have not read this series yet but would love

  10. I have to say in the year and half that I have made reading my life's mission, I have come to realize that women REALLY love their "eye candy". My husband thinks that we're worse then men.... I don't know, he might have a point. I'm pretty bad at times.

    But I think Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would look pretty good on the cover of a book.

  11. Hi! I haven't been able to get Under Fire yet but all yur books are hot! I'd like to see the guy that plays on Hawaii-five-0 James Cann's son he's a hunk!

  12. Regardless of who's on the cover, I like to see his face, not just his pecs and abs. I want the figure to be a person, with an expression, with eyes windowing his soul. My own covers are lovely, but they often don't meet this criterion.

    Congrats on yet another hot launch, and may there be many more!

  13. Interesting point Grace makes about whether or not we want to see the abs or the face? (Or both!) I'm on the fence about seeing the face on the cover. If the face doesn't look like wat I envisioned for the hero, it can wreck it for me... I guess that's why the "headless" covers have evolved.

    Thanks for all the fun comments! Keep 'em coming, folks! :)

  14. Interesting point Grace makes about whether or not we want to see the abs or the face? (Or both!) I'm on the fence about seeing the face on the cover. If the face doesn't look like wat I envisioned for the hero, it can wreck it for me... I guess that's why the "headless" covers have evolved.

    Thanks for all the fun comments! Keep 'em coming, folks! :)

  15. Loved this one (and the cover too ;o). Looking forward to Cuervo' story.

  16. I have to go with Nathan Fillion and Hugh Jackman or even George Clooney - lovely smiles lol. You have great covers!


  17. I would love to see Joe Manganiello on the cover of a book. I mean, WOW! He has a fantastic washboard... I love Carolyn Brown's response, she says it all and then some...

  18. Congrats, Cathy on a totally FAB cover and book 3 in your series.

    Love the reader comments on your covers. :)

    Adding another title to my TBP pile after deadline!

  19. Great covers. I"d like to see Bradley Cooper on a cover.


  20. I have to admit, I have a giant crush on the English actor Richard Armitage. He'll hit our soil soon in the upcoming release of The Hobbit. But lordy, is he H-O-T!

    I love these other suggestions, too. Hugh Jackman, heck-yeah! The Rock--too-hot-to-touch.

    I'm with Carolyn--I need shades or ice water when I encounter Cathy's covers. And I'm with Grace, I do prefer a face with expression and eyes. We can have that and abs too, right?

    Congratulations, Cathy!

  21. Thanks again for chiming in - what a FUN, FUN discussion! So much inspiration for future heroes. ;) I'll be choosing the prize winner on Sunday, May 6, so keep those comments coming! Cheers!

  22. I think Viggo Mortensen and Ian Somerhalder would both make the cut.

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  23. Congrats on the latest release, Catherine!

    I agree that your Elite Force books have great covers - love the style and of course, the shirtless hot guy on there, lol!
    As for who I'd like to be featured on a cover, I would say Paul Wesley as he has unreal abs!


  24. Congrats! LS is the lucky winner of a copy of UNDER FIRE! Thanks again to everyone for the fun, fun, fun comments!!! XXOO!


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