Friday, May 18, 2012


May 7, 1983

This year is one of several major landmarks in my personal life. In addition to having celebrated twenty-nine years of marriage (this month), my husband will soon be turning fifty, and our sons will be eighteen and twenty one. Where has all the time gone? It's a bittersweet question. And while Sourcebooks is kicking off the Discover a New Love campaign, I have decided to spend some time here reflecting on two "Old" ones that are still going strong.

About a year ago, I did a blog post on "how" people fall in love, discussing in great detail the mysterious chemical reactions that occur in the body when we are first attracted to someone. But how is it possible to sustain these romantic feelings for years on end? In my experience, Happy Ever After just doesn't happen on its own. It takes considerable effort and commitment- especially to keep passion alive and thriving. 

Ten years ago I was an exhausted mother working full time and raising young boys, with little time or energy left over for the extracurricular activities that a healthy marriage requires. Then one day, while waiting for a doctor's appointment, I picked up someone's discarded historical romance novel. While I used to devour Barbara Cartland and Georgette Heyer in my middle teens, I hadn't read a historical romance for almost twenty years. Still, with the dearth of reading material available, I opened the book. It was a title by Teresa Medeiros, an author I hadn't even heard of. I began reading and the novel left the office in my purse. 

After that I began seeking out other books by Ms. Medeiros, and then other historical romance authors. Before long I found I was addicted. Reading romances not only afforded me a welcome and badly needed escape but also seemed to flip a switch in my brain that rekindled the desire to experience the same  romance, intimacy, and passion of these paperback heroines. My husband could not have been happier! 

And now, here I am a decade later endeavoring to give another generation of women the same indulgent pleasure that I experience when lost in the pages of a great romance. I only hope their marriages benefit as much as mine has! 

Wishing you all your own Happy Every After,
Emery Lee
also writing as Victoria Vane
29th  Wedding Anniversay  2012


  1. Beautiful wedding picture and gorgeous anniversary picture. Congratulations on making HEA a daily thing in your lives. Sometimes a peek over the shoulder gives us courage to take the next step forward...if we survived the past, we can surely take on the future.

  2. Wow! What an accomplishment! Happy anniversary and how awesome the romance novels put more romance in your life.

  3. OK, I can believe it's your 29th if you were a child bride... but what an accomplishment. The 29 years, the child rearing, the career switcheroo, the multiple genre successes... Maybe this romance in real life stuff is worth pursuing...?

  4. @ Carolyn- It truly does help sometimes to look back in order to move forward.

    @ Shana- Thank you! And regardless of the naysayers, romance novels really can help to bring it back.

    @ Grace- We were 18 and 20 when we wed- such babies! We've certainly had some peaks and valleys in the last few years but we're still together. Moreover, my husband could not be more supportive than of my writing endeavors.

  5. I enjoyed every word of your story. Though life wasn't always easy you bucked up and handled it--and a romance book helped just when you needed it. Yay for you! And 29years--now that is something worth celebrating. Congrat! And much success in your writing!

  6. What a beautiful photo of your and your hubby! I love happily ever afters....don't you?

    Great post, Emery.

  7. Lovely photo of your wedding! Great post...I couldn't agree more a long and healthy marriage takes a lot of work from both parties:)

  8. Congrats! My 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up on the 30th! (Though we've been together eight years). I hope we make it as long as you have. :)

  9. No way on earth you've been married 29 years or have kids that old!! ;o) Were you 9 when you got married? LOL

    Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing!

    Suzan Tisdale