Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Favorite Season Anne Elizabeth

My dear friend, Anne Elizabeth has asked me to post a blog for her today. Due to family issues, she will not be blogging for the next few months but asked me to say HAPPY SPRING  to everyone!

Anne is a huge fan of the outdoors. I love this pic from her website...

Did you know that she is a former Wilderness EMT? If I wasn't already older than her, I'd want to be Anne when I grow up! 

Her favorite season is happening right now...what is your favorite time of year?

Be sure to watch for the first book in Anne's new West Coast Navy SEALs series from Sourcebooks...A SEAL AT HEART! For more info, stop by her website:


  1. I'm a fall kinda girl. I like the cooler temperatures, the higher contrast in the light, the longer evenings. If my energy is ever going to pick up, it does so in the fall.

    But then, too, I like the return of color and flowers in spring; I like the slower pace and pretty morning or summers; I like the coziness and snowfall in winters...

  2. I'd be horrible at all that outdoor stuff but I'd sure like to have her brilliant smile!
    Spring is my favorite season. Love the new growth after winter.

  3. LOL! Grace, you had me with fall...I love the colors and cooler temps, and the scent in the air.

    And...then again spring, summer...but definitely NOT winter! LOL. I'm not a winter person at all, except for my favorite holidays and the cookies, pies, etc. that I only bake that time of year. :)

  4. I agree, Carolyn. I used to like hiking...but that was before kids when we really didn't have that crazy schedule with three kids on three different soccer or t-ball fields...and then there were the dance classes and competitions.

    Doesn't she have a great smile? It's so welcoming. :)

    I agree about spring...I even like the rain! :)

  5. I'm with Grace, I like spring and fall. Summer is too hot in Texas and winter is alternately cold and then warm. I like the moderate temps of our short fall and spring.

  6. Hey Shana! I've been to Texas a couple of times and didn't mind the weather in Spring and even in June so much, but it got a bit warm in July. :)

  7. Who can think about seasons when looking at that cover!

  8. Sorry to hear that Anne Elizabeth is dealing with other things and hope that she is continuing to heal from her own injuries. Thank you for sharing glimpses of her, her smiling face always seems to light up the room. My favorite season is spring because I love seeing everything sprout!

  9. Thank you Elf. I'll make sure she knows that you are thinking about her.

    I think Spring might be the winner as the favorite season!

    Thanks, everyone for stopping by!