Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cruising toward deadline by C.H. Admirand

OK…I’ll admit to a moment of panic just now when I checked my phone and saw the calendar reminder that I had a blog tomorrow at the Casabalanca authors blog. I have no brain…it’s fully engaged in cruising toward my next deadline-May 15th- when Book 2 in my new Small Town USA series is due.

I do feel sorry for my family as the date draws closer, there are more nights without a dinner plan…while I fall back on the 3 Ps—Pizza, Pasta, and Peanut Butter—hey protein keeps my guys going!  I have surfaced a few times in the last few days, but for the most part have kept my nose to the grindstone. 

I’m really excited about Jack and Caitlin’s story…they are two people who have known each other all their lives…the surface kind of knowing—someone you say hello to as you pass on the street, someone who would stop to change your flat tire—but not part of your inner circle, until one day everything changes and you see that person in a whole new light…ONE DAY IN APPLE GROVE.

In case you missed the update, check out my new website It’s finally a truer reflection of me. Writing romance that celebrates: Romance, Family, Hearth & Home… Stop by and check out one of my favorite recipes: Irish Soda Bread…it’s non-traditional and very yummy. Here's the pic of the bread I baked for St. Patrick's Day. What makes this bread especially tasty is the addition of sour cream and sugar. :)

As soon as I turn in my book, I’ll be catching up on email, updating my website, and running a contest. I received a bunch of books at RT that I won’t have time to read…I have another book due July 1st and the next September 1st. 

So check back the last week in May for the latest! And because I can't help being the proudest grandma in the's one of my new favorite pictures of my darling grandbaby Handsome Jack...aka Jackie Blue-Eyes. :)


  1. Love your new cover and I'll take a big hunk of that bread this morning to go with my morning coffee. Good luck with that deadline...I'm betting it's not easy to stay tied to the computer with Jackie Blue Eyes near by!He is absolutely adorable.

  2. Your grandbaby is adorable, CH! :) I'm like you, trying to finish up a book and need to start on another! Good luck!!!

  3. Great pics, especially the baby boy!
    Sounds like a busy year for you. Hang on to your sanity!

  4. Baby pictures! Love it! You'll make your deadline, and then you'll have more time with the baby.

  5. Thanks, Carolyn. It is pretty, isn't it?

    The good thing about the recipe is that is is sooo delicious...but it's also the bad thing about the recipe because one piece just isn't enough! LOL.

    I haven't seen my little darling since last week when I babysat Monday and Tuesday...feeling withdrawal! LOL

  6. Hi Terry...thanks! We think so, but we're probably prejudiced. :)

    Good luck with your deadlines, too!

  7. Thanks, Cheryl :) He's the first grandson in the McGoldrick family and they're about to become grandparents a second time with their other son...and it'll be another boy!

    Lost my sanity years ago. :)

  8. Thanks, Shana...I'm thinking of posting a couple of baby pics...our three looked so much like our grandbaby that it's scary! LOL.

    Thanks for positive thoughts about the deadline...great writing day again today! Yay!

  9. Your grandson is a cutie pie! And wow! You are one busy lady. Good luck with meeting all of your deadlines. Your story sounds charming.