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Flowers and Wolves Go Together! Really! by Terry Spear

The Crepe Myrtles in full bloom in my front yard!

I couldn't resist sharing Duncan MacNeill, the new cover for A Howl for a Highlander, fierce Highland warrior who has a mission--take back the money that belongs to the clan. Only he gets a whole lot distracted by one sassy she-wolf when he arrives on the Grand Cayman Island, who's got his number. Will he be trouble? That's all she wonders, and yes, only maybe she causes more than he ever could! :) Feb 2013 Release!

Wolf smelling the wildflowers of spring.

Thistles grow wild out here, bringing a little of Scotland home.

Wolf pup in spring and lovely wildflowers framing her.

More wildflowers.

Giant sunflowers that pop up year after year with a backdrop of the cornfield that's jungle high. My dad planted the seeds years and years ago and remind me of him every year.

She's either planning to shift with the alpha male, or already turned back into her human form. Not sure. Which do you think?

I planted the daffodils, but the poodle is my mother's, which reminds me of her as kind of a memorial when the flowers surround the poodle. We raised toy, miniature, and I ended up with standards even!

More summer wildflowers growing around at the edge of the cornfield.

A wolf from his high perch, enjoying his woodland solitude.

But most of all, spring reminds me of rebirth, rejuvenation, the beginning of life all over again. Red wolf checking on her pups in a woodland setting.

You might have noticed I have as many wildflowers as I have planted flowers. I wanted to share my everblooming roses but figured the post would be way too long. So next time!

Hope you all did something special for Earth Day. I planted more jasmine which smells of...fragrant jasmine...and has purple and white flowers.

Have a super Monday!!!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"


  1. Terry, I love it when you blog because I get to see all the cute wolf pictures. that poor naked woman looks very cold, though. I totally forgot it was Earth Day this year! I'm sure I recycled some plastics, though.

  2. I don't know what they paid that nakey-nakey nymph, but I agree with Shana--looks to me like she's cuddling just to get warm. Maybe that's because it's trying to snow here in not-so-sunny Maryland. How about we do a giveaway? The second person to comment on this blog gets a trip to Grand Cayman with a complementary escort by one toothsome Highlander? I LOVE that idea.

  3. Thanks, Shana! I'm thrilled you enjoy my blogs! :) I forgot Earth Day last year and was determined not to this year!!! :) Recycling is excellent!!!

    Glorious Earth Day

    I agree, the woman looks cold, but she only has to shift back and her fur coat will keep her nice and warm. LOL!! Have a super Monday!!!

  4. Grace, you are too funny!!! Snow in Maryland in nearly May? Yikes! I used to live in Glen Burnie, got snowed in and couldn't get to Fort Meade for a couple of days!!Hey, I just realized (slow on the uptake this Monday morning)...that you are the 2nd commenter on the blog and would win the prize! LOL :) And I'm doing my speed reading and thought you said a trip to the Grand Canyon. LOL But now, the Grand Cayman Island? Yeah!!! Snorkling with the rays (with the Highlander to protect you), swimming with the naked Highlander in the soft warm waves...yeah. Thanks for the fun morning chuckle!

  5. Ah, shucks! Grace done won the trip to the Grand C's with the Highlander. Bet she won because she remembered Earth Day and I didn't. Love your post Terry and all the gorgeous pictures but really, really love that USA Today Bestseller tag on the cover of your new book!

  6. LOL, Carolyn, I think Grace won because she's very good at setting up the contest in the first place!! :) Thanks so much on the bestseller tag!!! It does look GREAT on the cover, doesn't it? I signed all my books at Books-a-Million in Waco on Saturday, and the manager said that they'd been doing really well. He recognized the name/books, but not my face. LOL I keep a low profile! Or, try to! :)

    I just learned that the City of Waco sent out the announcement of my bestselling achievement to everyone in their city water bill! LOL (I work at a library for the city.) I just thought a few of us got the newsletter! :) The city wants to interview me now! So much for keeping a low profile!

  7. What a wonderful group of pictures! I loved the one of the shapeshifter and Alpha wolf! Gorgeous!

  8. Gorgeous pictures! I agree about the rebirth and spring - I planned both my children for spring and had one the end of April and one the beginning of May :) We were lucky so far, the snow is very close to us but so far we just got rain. Normally I plant something on earth day but it was too cold this year.

  9. I enjoyed all the pictures, Terry and I always enjoy looking at your wolf covers!

  10. Love the pictures! My first thought about the girl was that I hope there are no bugs crawling on her! ;o) My daughter and I walked for Earth Day.

  11. Thanks, Ash! I so agree. I was thinking how beautiful and serene the picture was. :)

    You poor thing, Catslady! I always forget that in much of the States the weather is too cold. You would think they'd celebrate it later! But twice a year would be fun too. My daughter and son and I would plant trees when they were still at home. It always made it that much more special. :)

    Thanks, Amelia!!! The covers are gorgeous!

    Nise, I was thinking the very same thing. LOL!!! What was in the grass/moss that she was lying on!!! :)

  12. Terry,
    I love that your flowers remind you of special people in your life. That's beautiful.

    I'd like to enter the contest for a trip to Grand Caymen with the hot guy. ;)

  13. Samantha, thanks. :) I've planted trees for when my kids were born, and had to move. So it feels good to have flowers that remind me of my parents. :)

    LOL, oh, the fun you would have!!!! You see, he arrived without a bathing suit, and no nude bathing allowed in the Grand Cayman Islands, so you'd have to go help him pick some out. :)

  14. Your crepe myrtle reminds me that I won't be going to Myrtle Beach this summer for the first time in many, many years. I'm sure I'll enjoy Ireland, but, yeah, crepe myrtles are pretty nice.

  15. I love them because they bloom from spring until winter hits here. Always colorful!


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