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5 weeks, 1 suitcase

For the past three weeks I’ve been travelling with my husband and two kids. It’s the first big holiday we’ve ever had, and it’s been amazing.
Disneyland Hong Kong

We started in Hong Kong Disneyland for the kids, but since neither hubby nor me had ever been to Disney it was fun for all of us. The youngest loved the teacups, again and again and again, while the eldest discovered the thrill of rollercoasters.

yellow flowers in Death Valley
After that we went to LA and began our tour of the west coast that included San Diego Seaworld, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley and San Francisco. The flight over the Grand Canyon was spectacular (my credit card bill will be waiting when I get home). And we were lucky enough to see flowers in Death Valley which I’m told is pretty rare.

This week I’m in Chicago for the RT Convention before heading off to NY and then Niagara and home via Dubai.

Grand Canyon from the helicopter
All those different climates, and different occasions, have had to come from the one suitcase because juggling more than a once case per person plus two kids with all the travel we’ve done would be too much. So even though I won’t be wearing any costumes at RT I did pack heels and nice dresses. I also managed to slip in some double coat tim tams and some goblin gold (chocolate) coins into my case.

While it’s still two weeks until I get home, and I’ve got all kinds of new adventures to have in that time, I am looking forward to having a whole wardrobe of clothes to choose from again.

Then I shall start thinking of places to go on our next holiday…but I have some saving to do between now and then.


  1. Quite the trip! Hope you enjoy the rest of the time!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous trip. All that traveling with two children, my hat's off to you! :D While in California you didn't visit the original Disneyland? It's the best one. :D I'm glad you visited SeaWorld, that's a great park too. I'm originally from California and I've never visited the Grand Canyon. I'm going to have to plan to go someday.

  3. Wow, impressive--both the places you mentioned and the fact that you can distill your packing so efficiently. One of these days I will have to get a stamp on my passport, sigh.

  4. Hey! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you a bit this weekend and what a treat to meet you beatiful family too. Have a blast on the rest of you trip. xx

  5. The suitcase is struggling now with all the books from RT :)


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