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Stephanie Julian's New Way To Procrastinate

I have a new love. It's called Pinterest.

I'd read about authors who make scrapbooks and collages for their books and I have always had a bulletin board filled with pictures of hot guys above my desk.

Pinterest allows me to have lots of pinboards and readers can get a glimpse of the inspiration for my stories.

Like this one on the left. This is what I picture Cal in WHAT A GODDESS WANTS to look like. Hot, right?

How about these? On the right is my inspiration for Remy, who you'll meet in GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE in July.

Remy is the younger cousin of Rom. That's him on the bottom left.

Remy and Rom have some unique qualities that make them eminently qualified to protect a goddess. And Amity, Etruscan Goddess of Health, is going to need all the help she can get.

Yes, there are two heroes for one heroine in GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE. Sometimes, two really is better than one...

If you'd like to check out my board for Forgotten Goddesses or any of my other boards, check me out at


  1. Hi Stephanie--Love your post and I love pinterest. I've been using it sparingly because I already have too many distractions. When I do use pinterest it's for muse type pics like the yummy ones you posted. Looking forward to your next novel in the Forgotten Goddesses series.

  2. Wow! You get to have TWO heroes???? Lucky you!!!

  3. Off to Pinterest to check out your boards. For research. Yes, research, that's why.

  4. Your heroes are downright HAWT!!
    What we do for the sake of our readers, right?


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