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Valentine's Day Isn't The Only Day for Lovers by, Judi Fennell

I know this will post on February 17, but as I write it, it's February 16, a very important date in my life.

It's my parents' anniversary. And, as I write this, they're out to dinner, celebrating, just the two of them. It's #49 for them. I cannot believe it's that many years (though, given that I just turned 47 and can do the math, I shouldn't be soooo surprised, but still...).

I've been around for all but 2 of those years. And when I was in college, of course, and then 3 hours away for the first few years of my marriage, but still, I've been here for those 49 years. And I'll tell you, one thing that has stuck with me is a saying my mom has always said, "It's a commitment to the commitment."

She and Dad haven't always agreed on everything (which would be why I got to live in Spain when she was dead set against it). They've had their share of "disagreements." (She'd kill me if I had written "fights.") They haven't always done everything right (no, Dad, it's not a good idea to keep driving out of the driveway when your youngest opens the car door and puts her foot on the ground so that said Child's foot ends up dragged under the tire just enough to necessitate a trip to the ER, or No, Mom, don't clean out a closet when you're angry at all the mess and accidentally toss out all the photos of your children sitting on Santa's lap when they were toddlers). They've sometimes hit the nail on the head: Dad planning the surprise anniversary trip to Puerto Rico and Mom for arranging for that limo ride (wink, wink) on another...

They've been there for us kids, taken us places, come to our events, gave us good advice--some bad advice as well, but they've given each of us the comfort and security of knowing they loved not only us but each other.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! (Where are you taking us for #50?)

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  1. My parents are aiming at anniversary No. 67, which doth boggle the mind. My mother recently put it this way, "You have to assume your spouse is doing the best they can at all times, otherwise, you'd kill 'em." She's 88, the mother of seven, and in deadly earnest.

    Off to vote!

  2. Congratulations to your parents, Judi! May they have many more! Oh, and I voted. Good luck!

  3. Judi, may your parents have as many anniversaries as Grace's parents! Sounds like they are well on their with 49.
    My congratulations to both sets of parents!

  4. My grandparents are having their 70th in October. It's such an inspiration to see people that committed to one another. And i bet your mom felt worse about the Santa pictures than anyone else!

  5. How wonderful you have such a great example of what it takes to nuture a relationship over the long haul. Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  6. What a wonderfu lpost, Judi. And what do you mean, 'where are you taking us' for #50?

    It's your turn to make a big deal for them! When my parents had their 50th my brother and I rented a function room, invited their friends and extended family, I made a video slideshow of pics from their dating years on up to the present and set it to music...etc, etc.

    You'd better get planning now!

  7. Tell your parents Happy Anniversary! May they enjoy lots more wonderful years together. I've been asked if I ever thought of divorce and my answer is always, "No, but don't ask me about justifiable homicide."

  8. The comment about commitment is very true. Sometimes being married is easy, but other times, that commitment to the commitment is all that keeps me hanging on for bigger and better things.


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