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Heroes, and Our Childhood Games...

When I was a child most of the popular stories began with “Once upon a time...” We read about foreign lands and mythical creatures in addition to our favorite classics of Dr. Seuss, Aesop Fables, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and Greek Myths.  Thus, our games were ones that took us to places like Greece where we acted out the tales of Zeus and so many others. We also had the standard imagination games of Cowboys and Indians; Post Office; Hospital; Grocery Store; and Comic Book Superhero.  This playtime collection provided the heroes and heroines for many, many afternoons of joy and became the basis for stories, dreams, and future aspirations.

Recently, I spoke with friends who have children aged 3-10 and I learned there is a brand new game afoot called SEAL TEAM.  Where kids dress in SEAL Team-ware, which might or might not be limited to wearing an item with a Trident on it, black clothing, or camouflage attire in addition to camo make-up and play weaponry.  Among their goals, they might storm a bunker and rescue someone in distress; go through training obstacles; and/or plan a mission. I am told these children aspire to be SEALS, to become the heroes they are portraying. Whether that dream comes to fruition or not, one of the things their parents seem to be enjoying is...the moral base the kids are incorporating into their play in addition to the exercise and physical achievement. Loyalty, honor, and integrity – these are part of the SEAL Creed. Though my husband, who is retired from the Teams, was surprised to learn of this new game, both of us were pleased to learn of the positive experiences. Hooyah!
For those of you who don’t know the 1962, The SEALS were formed in response to President Kennedy’s decision to have a U.S. military force capable of ‘unconventional warfare’. These special operations warriors were trained to be effective in the (SE)a, in the (A)ir, and on the (L)and, and the shortened version of their name was designated: SEAL.  On January 1st of that year, the U.S. Navy established this group; dividing them into Team One on the west coast and Team Two on east. 

Recently in Coronado, California, SEAL Team One in conjunction with Naval Special Warfare had the first part of a celebratory event recognizing the fiftieth anniversary of the SEALS and the predecessors to the SEAL Teams; the Scouts and Raiders, Naval Combat Demolition Units, Special Operational Swimmers, Underwater Demolition Team, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons of WWII; in addition to the plank owners of the first two SEAL Teams.  As active duty and retired SEALS gathered together along with special guests, wives, and friends of the community, Medal of Honor Recipient Michael Thornton said, “...We go to battle for the greatest nation in the world. We go to battle for the man on the right of us and the man on the left of us, we go for the man in front of us and the man behind us - our comrades-in-arms.  We go to battle for each other because we want to sustain freedom as we know it, and we want to sustain that same freedom for the future of America." 

These are my heroes, and I write about them to honor my husband, his brethren, and our community as well as their training, lives, and sacrifice. Hooyah!

What was your favorite childhood game?  What did it teach you, and who are your heroes?


  1. My favorite game was cowboys and indians. It taught me to use my imagination and to dream. Yes, I still have those toy sixshooters. I learned responsibility and gun safety with them.

    As for heroes, I have to honor Tibor Rubins. He was a Hungarian refugee who wanted to give back to his new country, so he joined the US Army to serve in Korea. He did some incredible things before finally being wounded and captured. He then used his experience from surviving a Nazi concentration camp to help his fellow POW's survive. Some 40 men owe their lives to his direct actions. It took over fifty years for someone to realize that his actions were never recognized and in 2005, he received the Medal of Honor. Hearing him tell his story taught me that you never know how your choices will shape the world around you, so chose well.

  2. Anne, thanks for sharing more about the SEALs. Love learning about their history. My heroes are those in the medical profession and those fighting to preserve our natural resources. Without both, our lives would be a little less rich.

  3. Wonderful post, Anne. I used to tag along behind my big brother and his friends and they used to play Army and Cowboys & Indians.

    Before my Uncle Fent went into the Army he used to play softball with us at my grandparents' house - 2 houses away. Once we started one by one the neighborhood kids would spread the word and we'd have everybody there from really little to twenty-year olds!

    If we were really lucky my dad would get home early and he'd join in. My grandfather used to love it- he and my Uncle Fent played baseball in college at RPI and still hold records there.

    Thanks for reminding me of a time I'd forgotten.

  4. Thank you, Anne! I recently finished reading Dick Couch's "The Warrior Elite," the second book I've read on the SEALs. I read "The Lone Survivor" first, and was hooked. "SEAL of Honor" is the next on the list. I would love more suggestions. I'm sorry to say I grew up in a home that didn't respect the military. I missed out on things like honor, integrity, and protecting... anyway, I'm learning it now, and I'm using the SEALs as my guide. Please thank your husband and those who serve with him for their service. May God bless them and their families.

  5. Hi, Virginia, thank you for your terrific post and for sharing the amazing story of Tibor Rubins. What an incredible man! I agree completely that...choices shape the world. And, btw, I still have our toy sixshooters, too! My brother and I played that game all the time when we were little. HOOYAH! :) Best, Anne

  6. Hooyah, Tracey! Absolutely - our medical professions ROCK!!! A while back, I was an EMT on a rescue squad and those doctors, nurses, and paramedics have my undying respect. Cheers! Anne

  7. Beautiful story, Colleen! Thanks for sharing the memory of Uncle Fent, your Dad, and softball. What a treasure!!! I bet they adored it almost as much as you did!

    BTW, you must have looked adorable trailing after your brother! My own brother was older, too. He confessed to me years later, that having me trail after kept him out of mischief. :)

    Hooyah & hugs! Anne

  8. Hooyah, Judy! My husband's said, "It was my honor. Thank YOU for your support."

    Wow, what a reading list! Yes, Dick's book is terrific! And, yes, I can recommend more titles including his other books: Chosen Soldier, Finishing School, Down Range, and Covert Action. Chuck Pfarrer's Warrior Soul. My husband liked Gary Williams' SEAL OF HONOR, John Carl Roat's Class-29, and Howard E. Wasdin's SEAL Team Six. Act of Valor is supposed to be amazing, though we haven't read it, yet. :)

    I enjoyed Marcus Lattrell's book, too! He's an incredible warrior and it takes guts to share such a heart-wrenching and tough journey.

    I've also enjoy Suzanne Brockmann and Christina Skye's romantic SEAL fiction, and Cathy Mann writes compelling military romance, too.

    My first full-length Navy SEAL romance releases in December and is called A SEAL At Heart. I had a lot of help from my husband and I tried to make it as authentic as possible. My purpose was to 1) honor the community; 2) have fun; and 3) show the inside story of a Navy SEAL falling in love.

    Have a wonderful day! Anne

  9. My favorite childhood game was playing with my Star Wars action figures. I think it taught me good always triumphs over evil. My heroes are people who work to protect the weak and defenseless, like Jane Goodall and the chimpanzees.

  10. Thanks, Anne! Added to my TBR list.

  11. We used to play a game called Capture the Flag. LOL! Think SEALS in shorts and tennis shoes. Definitely taught us about teamwork!

  12. Great post, Anne Elizabeth. My heroes were authors because they could take me to places that I could never visit. I was a book worm instead of a game player.

  13. Hi, Shana! I'm a huge Star Wars fan, too! "May the force be with you." Great post! Cheers!!! Anne

  14. Ha, ha, ha! Good one, Cheryl! I adore the game and like the image of shorts and tennis shoes. Hooyah! Anne

  15. Hooyah, Carolyn! I was a reader, too! Wonderful post! Hugs, Anne

  16. i dont really like playing game but i like playing Mario Bross ;)


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