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Forgotten Goddeses

From Mia Marlowe...

It's more fun to celebrate the release of my SINS OF THE HIGHLANDER with my Casablanca sisters than if I just blogged about my book.  But since the novel is coming out tomorrow, I suppose I ought to say something about it. Here's one of my favorite lines from our hero, Mad Rob MacLaren:

"Ye're mistaken, mistress, if ye think me a gentleman."

My guest blogger for the 3 PM hour of our Blog Bash is Stephanie Julian. She's a prolific author who's got a three book series coming in rapid succession. Her Forgotten Goddess series is full of magical romance. Stephanie, wasn't your first title released fairly recently?

Stephanie Julian: Yes, HOW TO WORSHIP A GODDESS was only just released last month. And the response by readers has been wonderful. As a thank you to everyone who said they can’t wait for GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE, Forgotten Goddesses #3, here’s a tiny taste of the book.


“Amity, those two guys have been staring at you for the past half hour. Are you just going to sit here and ignore them or are you going to put them out of their misery?”

Amity Monroe, formerly known as Munthukh, Etruscan Goddess of Health, gave Jill Doyle a wry grin before taking another sip of her whiskey sour—and continuing to ignore the men at the other end of Kelly’s Corner.

She and Jill had grabbed a table in the back, away from the constant bustle at the bar, because Amity had said she’d wanted a quiet night out with a friend.

“How do you know they’re looking at me? Maybe they’re looking at you.”

Which would make a lot more sense. A drop-dead gorgeous brunette in her late twenties, Jill had been known to break more hearts than she saved. And Jill was a damn good trauma nurse. One of Reading Hospital’s best.

Men typically fell over themselves to get to Jill. She inspired fist fights and more than a few indecent proposals.

Amity… Well, she apparently looked like the kind of woman men wanted to take home to their mothers. Not the kind who inspired panting and dirty talk. She hadn’t even gotten that at the height of her worship, oh so many, many centuries ago.

It wasn’t that she was ugly. No, men still looked at her with lust in their eyes and fell into her bed when she invited them for fast, hot sex. The problem was, most of them wanted to stick around the next day and the next. They wanted to keep her.

Amity had learned her lesson on that point. She may be the Goddess of Health but she couldn’t heal her broken heart. Best never to let a relationship get to that point.

Need to catch up on the series before GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE releases in July?

HOW TO WORSHIP A GODDESS, Forgotten Goddesses #2
Barnes and Noble

WHAT A GODDESS WANTS, Forgotten Goddesses #1
Barnes and Noble

To connect with Stephanie visit:


Mia here! Stephanie has graciously offered a print copy of How To Worship a Goddess to a randomly drawn commenter. (USA and Canada only. Sorry.)

To be entered, leave your answer to this question: Which of the three gorgeous Goddess covers is your favorite and why? Or you can leave a question for Stephanie or me. Good luck to all and remember, the drawing will be held on Jan. 4th to give everyone a chance to weigh in. Be sure to come back to Casablanca Authors then to find out if you're a winner! 

And remember to enter my contest at to win a new KINDLE!


  1. Goddess in the Middle sounds good! Thanks for the excerpt.

    My favorite of the three covers is the one for "How to Worship a Goddess" because of the way the colors are used. I have a thing for pink!

    Thanks for the giveaway

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  2. This series is on my wishlist ever since I read the first review of it. Such a great concept.

    My favourite cover is the first one. I just like the look on her face. A bit naughty and wicked.

    auriansbooks at gmail dot com

  3. that is a really pretty color combination, isn't it Maria? I love it. Thanks for stopping.

  4. Aurian, that perfectly fits Tessa's personality. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I Like The Goddess in The Middle the best.... two gorgeous men and one woman! WOW... a sure attention getter!!
    Happy New Year!!

  6. I Like The Goddess in The Middle the best.... two gorgeous men and one woman! WOW... a sure attention getter!!
    Happy New Year!!

  7. thanks Betty. no, you really can't go wrong with two hot guys. so glad you stopped by.

  8. Maria D--My daughter always claims pink makes you weak. Sometimes, I think that's a good thing!

  9. Aurian--Isn't is something the way cover artists can capture inner intent with just a look?

  10. Betty--Sort of reminds me of a grown-up Twister game. ;-)

  11. My favorite cover is How to Worship a Goddess. Love the purple. :)

  12. I like Book #2 because of the colour and the models...

    sounds like a great series...

  13. Crystal, purple is the perfect color for that book, although the cover artist wouldn't have known that. It's the color of the Reading Royals, who I based the Reading Railers team on. thanks for stopping.

  14. I love when we're just meeting new characters, don't you May? Thanks for stopping.

  15. I like How to Worship a Goddess, love the pink and the pose of the heroine.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  16. Goddess in the middle, great color and it stands out

  17. My favorite cover is WHAT A GODDESS WANTS. It just looks more appealing to me and that is saying something since I am not usually fond of the color yellow.

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  18. My favorite cover is How to Worship a Goddess because it's hot pink!! And the Goddess is a brunette, and the look she's throwing is definitely one that a Goddess would toss, tee hee!

    Thank you so much for the blog hop, and the great gift opportunities!!

    Happy New Year!

    Gena Robertson

  19. Hi Stephanie, to my surprise I just saw a blogpost for a new book, Callie Croix- Touch me, and it has the exact same cover as your book, What a goddess wants. How is that possible?



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