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Dream On

by Elisabeth Naughton

There's not much that catches my interest as far as gifts go. I'm hard to buy for, I'll admit it. If I see something I can't live without, I'll buy it when it's on sale. And my hubby is a gem and surprises me with gifts throughout the year for no other reason than he likes to keep me happy. (Because 1. He's a smart man and 2. We've been married long enough that he knows a happy Elisabeth equals a happy house.) But while thinking "big" for this blog post, I came across this. And oh yeah, Santa. I'd definitely take one of these:

This pool just looks so totally awesome. No ugly hole in the ground during the winter months! I'd definitely like one under my my backyard. And while I'm at it, I'll take a pool boy to manage the pool and a masseuse to ease my stress over watching the pool boy manage said awesome pool.



Okay, in that case, I'll ask for kids who don't argue (a girl can dream), dogs who don't chew (my furniture can't take much more), and a winter without too much rain (I live in the PNW. Winters here mean rain, not snow.)

Actually, you know what? Nix all of the above. I'll just take this instead (though the pool boy and masseuse would be useful here too):

"Hubby? Remember that whole thing about keeping me happy????"

What over-indulgence would you wish for if money wasn't an issue? (It's fun to dream!)


  1. Wow! That pool is awesome. I bet it's safe for kids too. You can just close it up and they can ply in the backyard. I think you should get one!

  2. Love the pool! I'd love to take an entire month off of work to explore Europe or the UK. So much history and beautiful architecture.

  3. All of the above, please ma'am! And I want the James Bond music with the pool to go with the pool boy.

  4. Does the James Bond music mean that Daniel Craig would be the pool boy? Because that would work for me:)

  5. God, I just love that pool, Eli! But if I had to pick something else, I'd want a 60" Wolf Stove with a French top, double ovens, griddle, and tons of other burners--yeah, Wolf is the Bugatti of stoves and I want one bad!

  6. If money weren't an issue, I'd have a flat in Edinburgh where I could write, visit pubs, take day and short trips to the Highlands. Actually, I'd split my time between Edinburgh (because it's my favorite city), Sunderland, England (because my mom's from there & we have lots of family there) and somewhere warm (I'm not picky).

  7. I don't need Santa Claus to bring me anything. My parents had the great foresight to retire in San Diego. Long about January, the wisdom of their choice becomes clear to me, and to just about every friend, former co-worker, and shirt-tail cousin they know in the north east. Fortunately, the air lines are often having specials then...

  8. Money is not an issue? I would travel the world. See everything, go everywhere (that is safe to travel). And back home. I'd buy a big house with an enormous library for all my books.
    And one wall where I can put them with the cover visible ... you all know which books that will be!

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year for everyone of the Casablanca Authors and their loved ones.

  9. I'd take a new car so I can give my '08 Accord to my son. He's driving my other old car, which is a '95 Accord. LOL! Are you seeing the pattern here?


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