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The past year has become a blur, the time lost in frenetic activity. It is rare that I take any time these day for reflection, always instead pushing forward, forging on, but at this time a year ago, I made a truly terrifying and  life-changing decision. One resulting in the abandonment of a twenty year career and a cross country move (my second in two years).

Backtrack to 2008— A train wreck year of a year culminating in the loss of two beloved dogs,  the tragic accident and euthanasia of my horse, my father’s late diagnosis and death of lung cancer, and lastly the loss of  my livelihood. My layoff,  a huge shock was followed by eight months of unemployment with no prospects in sight. I know there are many people reading this who acutely understand this wrenching setback in one’s life.  

With real estate plummeting and fear of home foreclosure looming, I sought employment where it could be found — 1,000 miles away in Texas,  a temporary solution to an immediate need (so I thought.)  A year passed. Our home didn’t sell. My sons joined me. My husband did not. Our marriage was strained.
Fast forward to November 2010 —  Our house finally sold but no job for hubby in Texas. After living apart for almost 18 months we were facing the very real prospect of divorce. My second book was finished. I now had two more started. It was time to take a leap of faith. A stupid move in this economy? Perhaps.
I resigned from the job to reconcile my family and pursue writing full time. We tightened our belts several notches and have survived the year.
December 2011 — I’ve had two new releases in as many months, FORTUNE’S SON as Emery Lee and an erotic historical novella, A BREACH OF PROMISE written under a new pseudonym Victoria Vane. As of this week I have six more writing projects in various stages of development, four of which are out on submission. I am no longer discouraged. After forty seven years I have finally discovered myself.
I am a writer.
Writers struggle. Writers sweat. Writers push forward undaunted by rejections, forge ahead heedless of critics. It’s what we are. It’s who we are. We write because we must.
Wishing you all health, wealth, and infinite blessings in the year ahead.


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  2. Carolyn Brown said...
    When I was almost fifty someone asked me, "What ARE you going to be when you grow up, Carolyn?"
    My answer, "Do I have to decide today?"
    I sold my first books right after that and never looked back. My Granny said that if you are doing what you love then you are a success. So with that in mind and the fact that when I'm not writing I'm VERY grouchy, I must be a success. And I've decided what I'm going to be when I grow up...
    Loved your post. Lovely way to end 2011!
    Happy 2012 to you and your family.
    (That deleted post was mine. I should proof read my writing before I hit publish!)

  3. I know the feeling, Emery! I haven't lost my job so much as it lost me. This next year should be interesting for many of us, but through it all we'll still be writing because that's what we do. Hope your new year is a happy one!

  4. I know the feeling. 13 months out before I found a job in a new city making us put the home we'd designed and built to retire in on the market (and 11 months later, still no sale).

    But my lady and I were able to focus on what was important, each other, and despite the strains of an insane year, we're still good.

    Congrats on focusing on what's important and congrats on making the leap and all of the fear and danger that entails. I'm not quite there, but I added 4 books to the mix in 2011 and plan to add 4 more in 2012.

    So, go forth, be the vanguard, I'm coming along as fast behind you as I can. :)

  5. Thank you everyone. I'm hoping for great things for us all in 2012.

  6. Great post emery! I took a leap of faith as a writer as well. Quit a well paying job as a newspaper editor to write and finish my novel. I'm a little poorer in the bank account now as an award-winning author, but much happier doing what I love! Happy New Year to all writers and future writers! Make 2012 YOUR year!

  7. Funny, but no one ever asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. LOL I was the oldest girl in a family of nine siblings. There was only one career path for me (at that time), wife and mother. I think I may have enjoyed being a writer.... I sure do enough reading! Whish brings me to... Haopoy New Year!! and Best wishes with your new release(s)!

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