Wednesday, December 7, 2011

LAUNCH PARTY! Demons Like it Hot is finally here!

Yay! It's official! The second book in the Demons Unleashed series has hit the shelf! It's time to heat up those cold December nights! Double Woot!

Here's the scoop:

Serah SanGermano runs a successful catering company in a Midwestern town. After she inadvertently helped her friend unleash a legion of demons, she's been trying to hide her own newly discovered powers. Matthias Ambrose, a mysterious demon mercenary sent to protect her, has his own secret- one that will embroil them both in the scandal from hell.

From the Back Cover:
A Recipe For Disaster...

Matthias Ambrose is a demon mercenary who never took sides, until his attraction to the spunky caterer he was hired to kidnap leads him to almost botch a job for the first time in eight hundred years. Now he must protect her from his former clients, but even an ice-cold demon like Matthias struggles to resist her fiery charms.

Or The Perfect Ingredients For Passion...

Completely engrossed with planning menus and prepping recipes for her shot at cooking show fame, star caterer Serah SanGermano refuses to believe she's on a fast track to Hades.
But how's she supposed to stick to the kitchen if she can't stand the heat of her gorgeous demonic bodyguard?

As a diabolical plot to destroy humanity unfolds and all hell breaks loose in Serah's kitchen, she and Matthias find themselves knee-deep in demons and up to their eyeballs in love...

And here's one of my favorite scenes when Serah learns there's more that meets the eye with her cat. (One of my favorite scenes):

She closed her eyes again and took in the first breath of air. Hah! Nothing funny yet. She exhaled and took two more breaths. Still nothing. Three down, two to go. She took breath four and still felt as normal as she had before she held the stone. No biting cold swirls nipping at her nose. She sucked in as much air as her lungs could hold and blew it out in a slow breath out her nose.

“There’s no place like home.” All that was missing were the ruby slippers.

Still nothing. If she had transported herself clear across town, she would have felt something. A pinch? Wind through her hair? A TSA agent giving her a much-too-thorough pat down?

Slowly and deliberately, she opened her eyes—and wished she kept them closed.

“Wha’ the hell?” the high-pitched screech pierced her eardrums. “Where did ye come frae?”

There sat Mr. Whiskers on her black Italian leather sofa with a tub of popcorn between his cute kitty legs. One paw held a cigar, smoke wafting from it, and the other held a lowball glass of Scotch. Serah just shook her head. She should have known the cat wasn’t normal.

Interesting mix, though.

Even more interesting location.

“No smoking in my house!” She grabbed at the cigar in Mr. Whiskers’s paw. “Cuban cigars? How the hell did you get these? They’re illegal.” She put her hands on her hips. “You can talk? What in the hell are you? The Cheshire Cat?”

“Guess the moggie is oot o’ the bag. Ah was sent tae tak’ over the chimp’s job.” Mr. Whiskers pinched his cigar out.
“Ah’m sorry. Ah thought ye’d be gone fer a while. The packages hae been delivered. Kalli just left.” He shooed his paw at her. “Now move. Yer blockin’ ma view. Mel Gibson is gettin’ ready tae moon the Sassenach dogs.”

A cat with attitude. Who would’ve known. Then again, he was Scottish.

“Aren’t you a little shocked that I am standing here?”

Mr. Whiskers arched a whiskered brow.
“Only fer a second. Ah kent ye had it in ye. Ah’m jist a wee pisht ye did it in front o’ the tellie.” He pushed a button on the remote that sat next to him and paused the movie. With a high-pitched sigh, he flicked his now-unlit cigar.

“At least you have better tastes in movies than my last imp, even if they’re a tad historically inaccurate.”

“At “At least they got most o' the accents right.” He swirled his scotch and took a sip. “Ah love guid Scottish whisky. It’s the water o’ life, ye ken?”

“I’m more of a Cabernet kind of girl.”

"Wine is weak.”

“Whatever, Whiskers.” She plopped into the sofa next to the demon cat and grabbed a handful of popcorn. “What’s your real name?”

“Farquhar MacTavish, at yer service.”

And a more steamy scene to whet your appetite:

“My past is not pretty, Seraphina.” The moment he spoke her real name, his heart plummeted. A frown creased her lips and she exhaled a deep sigh. “I have killed many, Infernati, Paladin, and humans alike.”

“And yet the Fore-Demons allowed you to join?”

“Maybe they want more amusement in their ancient demonic lives.”


“Maybe they enjoy watching me suffer.”

“So protecting me is torture? Is that what you’re saying?”

More than she knew. Torture in the most tantalizing ways. God, the things he wanted to do to her. His loins throbbed in response. He turned his head away.

“If you don’t care for me, then have them reassign you. I hate being treated like an inconvenience.”

The gauntlet had been dropped. He clenched his fists. “The feeling, my dear, is very mutual.” Maybe it was time to show her just how inconvenient she was.

He hauled himself to his feet and snaked his arm around her curvy waist. Pulling her against him, he angled her head to meet his gaze. Her sapphire pupils sparked in challenge, a challenge the certifiable part of him had no qualms about accepting. Grasping the curls at her neck, he continued to take in her beauty. What harm could one searing kiss do?

Just one kiss. To put her in her place.

Hah! He wanted to put her in to many places–mainly his bed.

Her heart thumped against his. A soft gasp broke the silence. She pushed a hand against his chest. It was as if he were struck by lightning. Energy zinged through his body through every receptor. Then again, lightning probably didn’t feel this damned good.


He didn’t give her a chance to finish her sentence. With a quick sweep, he brought her lips to his. Sizzling energy exploded between their skin. Much to his delight, she did not pull away. She inched her arms around his shoulders, friction sparking between their bodies. Fingers laced in the hair at the nape of his neck, she pressed closer as her lips parted. Acquiescence never tasted so good. Like fresh plums and—warm buttered popcorn.

His tongue sensed her acceptance. As if on its own, it swept along her lips and pressed into her warm, inviting mouth. Who knew fruit and popcorn could taste so good. His greedy tongue danced along her equally eager tongue, sending all his blood rushing to his groin. He throbbed against the heat that pressed so intimately against him.

He didn’t want to stop.

He moved his mouth lower, nibbling on her lip. Tongue-laving against the rosy softness of her skin turned to nipping. He moved his mouth lower, to her chin. The pulse at her neck thumped.

He was doomed. He didn’t care.

Without further thought, he traced his tongue along her neck. Flicking and flitting, he swept his tongue along the pulsing vein. Right to the tip of her earlobe. His hands worked up and down her body, tracing the curves of her full breasts.

Another tiny moan reverberated against his lips. Her hands moved to the collar of his linen shirt and to the first button. With eager ministrations, she plucked it open. Tracing fingertips through his exposed chest hair, she moved to the second button and inched open the wrinkled shirt. Roving hands over his pectorals, her fingers brushed against his scar. The one scar that had brought him into the life as a soulless demon. His body jerked in response. He couldn’t let her touch him there. The one part of his body that could corrupt her own.

This isn’t right.

With an abrupt pause, he pulled away. He would not risk her innocence. And from the way her hands moved against his skin, that was where they were heading.

He steeled himself for the slap that was soon to follow.

It never did. Serah backed away, speechless. Curls cascading around her face, she brought her fingertips to her swollen lips. She flexed and un-flexed her fingers. Her body trembled.

“I’m sorry, Serah.”

“What just happened?” she whispered.

“I kissed you.”

She narrowed her blue eyes into a penetrating glare. “Don’t fucking do that again.”

You better believe it. That was one thing he’d never let happen again, no matter how much he wanted it. It was too dangerous. Even if they had a past. To be good at your job, you needed to keep your emotions in check. He couldn’t let her get under his skin.

She blew out a long sigh and brushed a stray curl from her cheek.

Then again, perhaps she was already there… eating away at his heart.

Her body continued to shiver. She wrapped her arms around her body. God, this was too much.

“Did I hurt you?”


He needed to wipe her memory again. But with both the necklace and watch, how easy would it be? Even with the watch, it seemed his charm was fading. She was getting stronger. It was only a matter of time before she remembered everything.

“Did something happen?”

“Yeah, something happened.” With that, she spun around and stormed down the hallway and slammed a door behind her.

It was too late. She already remembered. His mission was doomed.

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