Sunday, December 11, 2011

How about: What's ON Judi's Tree?

I have several silk trees in my house. I think they make the place look nice, especially with little white lights in them (which make great night lights), and, as opposed to real trees, these actually look good all the time for me. (I do NOT have a green thumb, unfortunately.) And the lights makes it feel like Christmas all year.

I even have one in my office and, as you can see from the picture, it's a favorite hangout for my animals. Vixen insisted on being in this picture. Yes, she takes after me. :)

What's nice about the tree in my office is that I have ornaments on it all year--that I've received from readers and friends to celebrate my stories. I've posted 5photos below. Let's see how many you all can find. A copy of Genie Knows Best to the person who gets the most! Bonus points for knowing which story they represent.

Happy Holidays from under the sea and sands!

1. (3 in this picture)
2. (1 in here)
3. (2 in this picture)
4. (2 in this one)

5. (3 in this one)
I'll post the answers later tonight. Happy treasure hunting!


  1. Someone told me that when you're on your right path, the regalia and paraphernalia appropriate to that path will begin to accumulate without your having to make an effort to acquire them. I like that idea, and I love your "author" tree. Might have to get one for myself this Christmas.

  2. Morning, Grace! Yep, I definitely agree about that paraphernalia showing up. I love that readers have sent it to me.

  3. Love your tree. What a great idea! And you get to enjoy it all year.

  4. Love your trees, Judi and especially love that you keep them around all year. I'd get one for my office, but then I'd have to move my life-size stand up of Gibbs. Maybe I'll decorate him. I'll have to pull out my Barenaked For The Holidays santa hat on him.

  5. That's so awesome. I love your author tree! Readers have sent me some pirate stuff in anticipation of my February book. That's been fun to open.

  6. I agree that the idea of your author tree is awesome! I think it not only makes a great decoration for the office but also a good motivator as well, thinking about where or how you received each ornament.

    As for how many we can find from pictures, I'm assuming that you want us to list them out? So I'll try my best!

    Picture 1:
    1. leprechaun
    2. light blue mermaid
    3. crystal genie lamp with gold details (represents the genie books)

    Picture 2:
    1. red merman

    Picture 3:
    1. light blue merman
    2. green merman

    Picture 4:
    1. yellow mermaid
    2. blue an purple crystal bird or butterfly

    Picture 5:
    1. Castle with Cinderella in carriage in front (represents Wild Blue Under)
    2. bird
    3. red merman

    These are my best guesses of all the ornaments and a couple that I'm more sure of which book(s) they're representing. Looking forward to hearing more details about some of these special ornaments!


  7. Love your tree, but my brain is too fried for a treasure hunt. I've been decorating all day. ;)

  8. Congrats, Winnie! Thanks for playing! You're the winner!