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The Greatest Gifts

by Leah Hultenschmidt
Senior Editor

So back at Thanksgiving, I listed the many many many many reasons I'm so grateful for my amazing Casa authors. Now time for this year's Fire authors. So to the spectacularly talented crew who makes me feel like a teen all over again--you guys rock!

Katherine Grace Bond--SUMMER OF NO REGRETS is the book I wish I had when I was 13. Powerful, poignant and fun all at the same time.

Zoraida Cordova--Really, you had me at mermaids and the seedy paranormal underbelly of Coney Island. But then I got to experience your infectious energy first hand. This is going to be such a fun ride!

Kim Culbertson--You gave me an amazing trip to Rome in INSTRUCTIONS FOR A BROKEN HEART. How could you not love that?

Janet Gurtler--Your deft touch with teen emotions is unparalleled, and you manage to connect with every single reader. And you have a Canadian accent. ;-)

Geoff Herbach--Sometimes I call you for no reason but make something up just so we can have a good laugh. Does that make me a stalker? You have readers crazy laughing one minute and with tears in their eyes the next--a truly original and unbelievable talent.

Leanna Renee Hieber--You inspire anyone who meets you to be better. And I think that's the greatest gift in the world.

Miranda Kenneally--CATCHING JORDAN is one of those books that I want to read all the way through every time I open it. A manuscript from you is a present in my inbox.

Eden Maguire--Haunting, evocative and sexy. The Beautiful Dead are incredibly addicting!

Joy Preble--Holy cow unbelievable. The Dreaming Anastasia series has everything I love--strong female character, hints of fairy tale mixed with historical fact, and that tortured hero you just have to root for.

Lisa & Laura Roecker--Pink hair rocks! And so do you! We've been having a lot of Trixie Belden vs. Nancy Drew debate lately, but I'd say it's LIAR SOCIETY all the way. No one beats Kate.

Karen Schreck--You manage to be heart-wrenching and uplifting all at the same time. Thank you for spotlighting our young soldiers in WHILE HE WAS AWAY.

Jessica Shirvington--I don't even know where to start except to say I tore through the first three books of the Embrace series and can't wait for the next. Violet is a Buffy for our times (but with angels!), and those guys... Hold on, I need to fan myself.

Christine Siefert--Love, love, love the scary/crazy social "what if.." issues you delved into with THE PREDICTEDS. You have an amazing imagination!

Cameron Stracher--To have WATER WARS compared to The Hunger Games is a pretty amazing gift!

Jeff Strand--I have to be careful I'm not sipping a drink when opening one of your emails or else it will come out my nose--because just about anything you write makes me laugh. There's no question that 2012 is going to be the year of VOODOO.

Sloane Tanen--You are witty and clever beyond measure--in addition to having an incredible eye for art!


  1. What a great way to say Happy Holidays, closing 2011 and beginning 2012.

  2. Any other Casa authors feeling the YA tug? Not only do I want to meet these people, I want to read their books, and fortunately....

  3. Oh, what a wonderful post! So much to smile about. Merry Christmas, Leah!

  4. I agree. It sounds like you have some amazing authors!


  5. I'm a fortunate editor indeed. But all the Sourcebooks authors are pretty darn amazing!

    Happy holidays to you all!

  6. Happy Holidays, Leah! It looks like you've had a fun productive year--I can't wait to read all the authors you mentioned!

  7. I do enjoy reading YA - look at all those great options. I hope to get to do some reading over the holiday.


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