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Sharon Lathan is back to CELEBRATE!

OK, seriously this is the most awesome day! Yes, I am celebrating the launch of my latest novel - and that alone is super - but to be with my Casablanca Sisters again is FANTASTIC!!
Some of you are new and may not remember me. Sharon Lathan here and even though I bid the blog adieu a year ago now to focus on my new group blog Austen Authors, once a Casa Babe always a Casa Babe! I joined this amazing fellowship of Sourcebooks published romance novelists way back in the autumn of 2008. I wasn’t one of the original group but close to it. Terry, Linda, Marie Force, Loucinda McGary, Mary Margaret, Amelia, Cheryl, and Robin welcomed me with virtual open arms. Judi joined the merry band at the same time as me, remember Judi? It was my first experience with a group blog and as part of a fellowship of authors. I could go on and on recounting the fun we had and sharing how difficult it was for me to say good-bye. All of that can be read by searching through the archives. 

Today I am not here to walk down memory lane but to PAR-TAY!!

I am truly honored to be invited back for the celebration of my 7th novel Miss Darcy Falls in Love. It feels right to be here! After all, I have celebrated with the Casablanca readers many times already. My debut novel was launched with a bang right here on Casablanca, followed by the next four published books in my sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. If interested the release party blogs can still be read--

The Trouble With Mr. Darcy was released this past April and although I celebrated with due pomp and circumstance on my website and with the Austen Authors, there was something missing. Now I feel complete! And, to segue into irony, I am finally presenting a true romance novel! All of my delightful Casablanca years amongst the best romance novelists on the planet and I was writing historical fiction with a romantic flavor. I was writing the happily-ever-after rather than the drama leading up to it. At times I felt a fraud! 

Well not any more, baby! Miss Darcy Falls in Love is a quintessential romance novel. You know, where a girl meets a boy but all this “stuff” gets in the way and you wonder how they can possibly work it out but somehow they do, and then they ride off into the sunset together, after a nice sloppy kiss or better yet a steamy sex scene? Yeah, one of those books! I got so into the genre that I gave her TWO fellas to choose from! And, yes, a steamy sex scene. Cool! 

Noble young ladies were expected to play an instrument, but Georgiana Darcy is an accomplished musician who hungers to pursue her talents. She embarks upon a tour of Europe, ending in Paris where two very different men will ignite her heart in entirely different ways and begin a bitter rivalry to win her. But only one holds the key to her happiness. 
Set in post-Napoleonic Empire France, Miss Darcy Falls in Love is a riveting love story that enters a world of passion where gentlemen know exactly how to please and a young woman learns to direct her destiny and understand her heart. 

Are you intrigued? Maybe this short excerpt will add to the enticement--

The baron was leaning against the wall with his hands over his face. Sebastian did not hear crying, but the man’s whole body shook. He hesitated, even began to take a step backward when Caxton dropped his hands and turned an anguished glare upon him.

“Come to gloat have you?” 

“No,” Sebastian began, truly surprised at the question. 

“No? I would if the situation were reversed. I should be up there, damn it all! I should be sitting beside her, holding the cool cloth to her head, whispering of my love and lending strength. I would be if not for these bloody rules and ridiculous notions of propriety that keep me out of her room simply because we are not formally engaged as yet!” 


“That’s right, Butler! Yet!” He yelled it, pushing off from the wall with force and stalking toward Sebastian, who held his ground and returned the glare. “I told you how it is between Miss Darcy and me. Formalities may stand in our way, but nothing else does!”

“You are that certain, are you?”

Lord Caxton paused. The two men stared at each other defiantly, measuring and evaluating as conclusions were drawn. Caxton broke the tension first, his voice calmer if still as forceful. 

“I know you care for her, Butler. I am not a fool or blind. I can empathize with how you are feeling, since I know how wretched I would be if she did not return my affection. I truly am sorry for that, but you must accept what is.” 

“And if I cannot accept what is?” Sebastian choked. 

“You must. Your persistence and presence benefits neither of you. Miss Darcy is pained to see her friend’s unhappiness and I cannot fathom how tormenting it must be to see us together.” 

He stepped closer to the rigid Sebastian, laid one hand on his shoulder, and said, “For what it is worth coming from me, do not torture yourself needlessly. Take comfort, if you can, in knowing she is loved, deeply, and let it go. My advice? Stay away from what can only cause you pain.” 

Caxton squeezed his shoulder and re-entered the library, leaving Sebastian in the dark and cold of the night. Yet the external was nothing compared to the black and ice inside his heart. 

Georgiana Darcy deserves her own love story and I am excited to share my vision with the world. There are more excerpts on my website - - and the first chapter can be read on the Austen Authors Writers Block or on

I am celebrating at my website and all over the web throughout the month with interviews, blogs, and giveaways. That’s right, GIVEAWAYS! Loads and loads of chances to win a free copy of Miss Darcy Falls in Love. Casablanca is no exception. Sourcebooks is offering one copy to a lucky commenter. Whoo Hoo! Deadline for the giveaway is 11/14 and as usual it is limited to US & Canada, sorry. Be sure to leave an email address so I can contact you.

I’ll be stopping by as often as possible to chat with the awesome Casablanca crowd. Thanks again to my pals for hosting me. It feels great to be back!


  1. Happy release day, Sharon! Story sounds great.

  2. How wonderful to see you again! LOVE all those covers lined up together. I'm sure you have them framed and on your "ego" wall, right? Story sounds wonderful and she has two choices? Oh, my! Decisions, decisions!

  3. It's great to have you back! I was enjoying your walk down memory lane. It's fun to hear how blogs and groups get started. Congrats on the release. I'm intrigued!

  4. Oh, such drama! I must admit it does gratify on some level to see the men PLURAL doing the anguishing--and women musicians did perform in public on the Continent (less so in England, not because it was public, but because it was... for HIRE).

    Well done, Sharon, and don't keep us in suspense: What's the next book and when will it come out?

  5. *WAVING* Hi Sharon! We've missed you! Congrats on the new release! I've always wanted to find out what happens with Georgiana. I'm sure you've written a wonderful story for her!

  6. Hi everyone! I am just waking up here on the west coast - don't even have my latte as yet - but it is so great to see all my pals that I feel spunky already! Thanks for the warm welcome.

    Hello Tracey! I sure hope everyone agrees with you on how great Miss Darcy Falls in Love sounds. :-)

    Carolyn, Wonderful to see you too, although it hasn't been that long since we really did see each other. LOL! And you know, I have my novels on display in my office but not a framed collage on the wall. Great idea!

  7. Shana, The day I joined Casablanca was a marvelous one. I loved my time here and never would have been brave enough to attempt starting my own group blog if not for the lessons learned with Casa. Much like Austen Authors, Casablanca began with a handful of authors and now has a whole troop! Quite amazing.

    Hey Grace!! Yes, women did perform, which was a joy for me to discover. I have a couple blogs coming up at other websites that give a bit of history on the topic. I wanted Georgiana to be a musician for a long time but did not think I could make it work. Luckily research unlocked the truth. As for your question: The next book is about a character of mine - Dr. George Darcy - set in Georgian Era India and will be out in early 2013. Thanks for asking!

  8. Cheryl, waving right back at you! SO great to be here again. I have missed you too and if I don't get to see you at RT in Chicago or RWA in Anaheim next year I will be devastated. Seriously!

    I hope you love the life I have given Georgiana Darcy. It is a great one, of course, with a great guy. Which one do you think? LOL!

  9. I just want to share to my friend who's really love your book and she will very happy if she can win your book but so sad it's not international ;(

    btw, congrats on the release ;)

  10. I'm so excited to read this and determined to try and win a copy!

  11. Congrats on your new release! This book sounds like a winner and I would love to read it.

  12. Not entering the contest, as I live in Holland. Just wanted to congratulate you on the new release. It sure sounds good. I have been wondering what happened with miss. Darcy.

  13. I still have yet to read an Austen spin-off. This sounds like a great place to start!

  14. Eli Yanti, I am sorry on the shipping outside the US. Costs are prohibitive, especially with all the giveaways Sourcebooks is generous enough to host. The good news is that my novels are available everywhere in print or digital formats.

    Good luck Erica! You may be the lucky one!

    Thank you Virginia. I think it is a "winner" but I may be a tad impartial. :-)

    Hello Aurian from Holland! I have many friends in the Netherlands. I think Jane Austen must be very popular there. LOL!

    Brooklyn Ann, Indeed my novel is a great place to start on the Austen spin-offs! My entire series is awesome! Of course, as I said above, I may be a teensy bit prejudiced. ;-)

  15. WOW! This book sounds like it is going to be AMAZING! I can't wait to read it!


  16. Welcome back, Sharon, my friend. Congratulations on the launch. I can't wait to read how Georgiana finds love. She deserves a great love story.

  17. This series has opened up a whole new appreciation for Jane Austen as well as completing a love affair for her readers. There are always those great love stories that we all aspire to and I hope to one day find my happy ending but also take a note from Mrs. Lathan and continue to find happy and exciting memories!

  18. Congratualations on your release. I've been hearing about your book and since I've been recently reading P&P variations (including one of yours) I know this is going to be a great read!


  19. I hope to be at RWA and RT next year. Still not sure about that, but I AM betting on Sebastian....

  20. Congratulations on your new release, Sharon!!! Hope to see you at the next conference. I missed last years. *sigh*

  21. Congratulations Sharon! What a thrilling excerpt from your latest exquisite novel! I cannot tell you how excited I am about reading this wonderful romantic story. Your writing has long been my favourite Sharon and you have given Georgiana such amazing growth throughout your entrancing Darcy Saga series that this book is certainly a natural progression for her delightful character.Goodness knows you give such depth to all of your characters they could quite easily all have books of their own!!
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us all.
    TSBO devotee

  22. thank you for the visit, Sharon!! congrats to you!!!

    thank you to CasablancaAuthors for the giveaway!!!


  23. I have always wanted to know how Georgiana found true love - can't wait to find out! Congrats on your new release!!

  24. "Amazing" - I like the sound of that! Thanks Chelsea. :-)

    Robin, it is wonderful to be back. I feel at home here. Back among my friends. I hope to see you in Anaheim too! I am the Disneyland queen, so can alert to all the best places to eat and shop and have fun. Keep that in mind, everyone!

    Cheryl, I am keeping my fingers crossed. RWA would not be the same without you. As for RT, well, you know all the best fun to be had!
    I need you to guide me. ;-)

  25. Tiffani, Thank you for the lovely words. I am very happy that you have discovered the joy of Jane Austen. Her talent far eclipses mine, although I do try to keep her characters alive in my humble way. I do hope you find your happily-ever-after too. It can be done! Trust me.

    Terry, I SO hope you can come to RWA!! I missed you last year!

    Vee, great to see you here! I hope your copy of Miss Darcy Falls in Love arrives soon. I know you will love it!

    Amanda, I so enjoyed focusing on Georgiana. Her life called to me and I am very happy with the future she has as a result.

    Hi Cyn!! Thanks for following me here too.

  26. Looking forward to adding this to my collection of your books!!

  27. I can't wait to read this. I got a copy from the library today but I would be so so happy to win one. I love Georgiana and she definitely deserves her own story. I don't think I've read a "steamy" Georgiana story before, either.
    Best wishes and congrats


  28. So looking forward to this one! Every excerpt, interview, feature, etc just makes me want it more! :oD


  29. I went on the day that the book was supposed to be out and was disappointed that the book was not on the bookstores shelf. None of the bookstores in the area or back home where my parents live had the book in stock. We even tried to order it online but it would go on back order. I am a college student and funds are tight. Your book series is great and I feel in love with reading again because I found your series. I would love to win a copy of your newest book.



  30. My daughters and I love your books we already have and it would be great to add this one to them!

  31. Glad to have you visit again! Congrats on your new release, Sharon!


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