Sunday, September 25, 2011 love

This is my first post with the Casablanca Authors. I began reading this blog before I was published so being here is both a thrill and a little daunting.

When I saw the topic my first thought was to talk about all the things I love (books, dark chocolate, my favourite characters from TV and film). Or how much I love writing romance. Or about eloping with my high school sweetheart at 19 (we’re still together).

But when I went looking for some interesting quotes I found this:

"Falling in love is so hard on the knees." Aerosmith

It’s been a long time since I fell over and skinned my knees, but I do remember the pain. And while I know why (scientifically) people fall in love. What is interesting is that we say we are ‘falling in love’, or that we ‘fell for someone’.

Musicians sing about love, and falling into it.
‘Falling For You’ by Eskimo Joe (this is a live acoustic version which was recorded at a show I went to see earlier this year)

"Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love." Albert Einstein

Falling in love implies that once started it’s an unstoppable event, one that you don’t realise has started until you’re already midair. From there though it could be anything from a graceful swan dive into the waiting arms of your lover, a fall broken by trees that try to stop you from reaching your lover, to an undignified flailing of limbs because falling in love is the last thing you want (and we’ve all read characters like that, who resist until the ground smacks them in the face and then they realise it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them).

Maybe that’s why reading romance is so popular, because no two falls are the same and each is an adventure. I know that’s why I like writing romance—well that and I get to put pictures of hot guys on my computer and call it research while hubby nods and says ‘So he’s in which book?’ (I knew there was a reason I fell for him).

How do you like characters to fall in love: slowly, messily, quickly, blindly, or resisting every step?


  1. Welcome! Love the quotes, particularly from old Einstein, who had his adventures with ladies.

    I like characters to fall in love against the odds, against the conventions, against their own ideas of what's convenient and appropriate. I like for them to be a little surprised and a lot nonplussed by the nature of the gift they're being asked to give and receive.

    I don't want much, do I? And I want 400 pages of gorgeous writing to go with it... so tell us about your upcoming release, why don'tcha?

  2. Welcome to the Casa blog, Shona!

    How do I like my characters to fall in love? All of the above!

  3. Welcome to the Casababes, Shona! Glad to see your face on the pictures and your blog on the site.
    I like characters who fall hard against all the odds; meddling mothers, exes, etc.
    And like Grace, I want it with enticing writing to go with it as they take the tumble.

  4. Love your post, Shona! I have to tell you that at the library I was telling a male volunteer who was setting out donated books to sell that he needed to put more Highland books out that I could buy.

    He said, "They don't sell."

    I said, "I'd buy them. They're hot. In fact, romance is hot. It's the best selling genre, outselling everything else."

    He looked skeptically at me.

    "It is!" I insisted.

    "What do Highland romances look like?" he asked.

    "Scottish plaid on the cover. If it has plaid and a hunky Highlander, it's mine."

    He couldn't see why anyone would read romance. Bored housewives, he suspected. I made the mistake of saying that women need more romance in their lives.

    That's when he told me his wife even reads them.

    Oh. :) Maybe he didn't hear me.

    Love is the best and happily ever afters...ah, yes!

  5. I guess I like them to fall kind of slow. You know they don't really realize it at first and then it happens.

  6. Depends on the situation and the characters. Sometimes quick works, but messy is always fun!

  7. Great post, Shona - welcome to the Casa blog! I love the image of falling in love as taking a tumble you can't control. We've all been there, and some of us have been writing about it ever since!

  8. Thank you for the welcome!
    Writing about falling in love is fun. Because everything happens so fast in a novella it’s really nice to have the extra space in a novel.

  9. Welcome aboard!! I really enjoyed your post. I like it to be hard and fast--the kind that leaves people spinning. Then again, fighting it every step of the way is hot too. Congrats on your upcomign release!!