Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Red's Hot Cowboy just walked in...

Well, you get down the fiddle and you get down the bow,

Kick off your shoes and throw 'em on the floor

Dance in the kitchen 'til the morning light...

Red's Hot Cowboy just walked in...

It's a hot Texas Saturday night! Red's Hot Cowboy is on the bookshelves! Let's do some serious celebrating. I was so excited when I saw that Pearl has a pair of red cowboy boots like Austin's in Love Drunk Cowboy that I squealed. And I swear I heard her doing the same high pitched sqeee right behind me! And it's already got a four star review from RT Magazine which even brought on more noise! Then the authors copies arrived and it sounded like a block party on our street. The police cars have been patroling the area all week. I think the neighbors think someone has been murdered in the Brown household!

Red's Hot Cowboy is the second book in the Spikes & Spurs series and look out world because Wil Marshall and Pearl Richland have been turned loose. Trouble is walkin' in the door in the form of one hunky cowboy and one sassy independent woman.
HE WASN'T LOOKING FOR TROUBLE... But when the cops are knocking on your door, trouble's definitely found you. And this is where Wil Marshall finds himself after checking in to the Longhorn Inn. It could all be a big mistake, but Wil's not getting much sleep. Then the motel owner, who is drop dead gorgeous and feisty to boot, saves him from an even worse night behind bars. Now he owes her one, big time...

BUT TROUBLE COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES...Pearl never really wanted that run down motel, but her aunt didn't leave her much choice. And then this steaming hot cowboy shows up looking for a place to rest. Next thing she knows, she wants to offer him more than just room serive. But if her calls he Red one more time, he won't be the only one accused of murder...

Sparks are definitely flying and before long, the Do Not Disturb sing might be swinging from the door...

Pearl is burned out with the high powered corporate life so when she has a chance to make a change, she does it in a big way. She goes from high powered executive to taking care of the Longhorn Inn, an old 50's style motel that she inherited from her Great Aunt Pearlita. It's acute cultural shock, going from spike heels to cowboy boots and from being a party girl to cleaning up motel rooms, but she's determined to survive. She's got a strong will and a yellow cat named Delilah to help her get through the holidays with no parties.And then on Christmas Eve, the lights went out in Henryetta, Texas! At least west of the bridge they went out. The Longhorn Inn's Vacancy neon sign still flickered brightly in the dark night. The motel was suddenly full of quirky characters and only one room was empty. She was about to turn off the neon lights of a bowlegged old cowboy pointing down to a blinking VACANCY sign out front when she heard the sounds of a pickup on the gravel parking lot.

And this is what happened next: Delilah leaped up on the counter and flopped down on her chubby belly, long yellow hair fluffing out like a halo around her body. She was seven years old and spoiled to that fancy cat food in the little cans. If she'd had her way she would have had her way it would have been served up on crystal, but Pearl figured making her eat it from a plastic cat dish kept her from getting too egotistical.Pearl pushed all the guest cards to one side and rubbed Delilah's soft fur. "The worst of it is over until tomorrow when we have to clean all those rooms."
The rumble of a pickup truck overpowered the noise of the north wind slinging sleet pellets against the glass door. It came to a halt right outside the lobby door, the lights glowing through the glass window.

Pearl pulled out a guest card and laid it on the counter beside Delilah. "Hope they don't mind newlyweds in the next room, and I damn sure hope they aren't noisy since they'll be right next to us."

One of Aunt Pearlita's favorite sayings was, "Life is faith, hope and chaos." The chaos factor had taken center stage when the lights went out in Henrietta. It really put on a show when the lobby door opened and a Catahoula cow dog rushed inside. Delilah was on her feet growling, every long yellow hair bristled and every claw ready for battle. She'd put up with a lot but not a dog in her territory, and no slobbering dog had rights in her lobby.

The dog took one look at the cat, raised up on the counter, and bayed like he'd treed a raccoon. Delilah reached out and swiped a claw across his nose, which set him into a barking frenzy. That's when she jumped on his back, all claws bared. Her yowls matched his howls, and the two of them set out on an earsplitting war. The dog threw his head around and tried to bite the varmint tattooing his back with its vicious claws, but the cat hung on with tenacity and vicious anger.
Pearl plowed into the melee, grabbed at Delilah and missed every time. The dog howled like it was dying. The cat sent out high-pitched wails that would rival a fire siren. Pearl yelled, but neither animal paid a bit of attention to her. They just kept on running in circles and creating enough noise to make the dead raise up out of their graves in preparation for the rapture. She caught a blur of cowboy boots and jeans and heard a man's deep drawl, loud and clear, when he yelled at her to get her damn cat off his dog.

"What?" she yelled back.

"I said for you to get your damn cat off Digger!"

Pearl reached for Delilah again, only to miss in the flurry of noise and fur. "Get your damn dog out of here!"

Delilah chose that minute to bail off the dog, bounce across the counter, and shoot through the door into the apartment. The dog followed in leaping bounds with Pearl right beside him. She slammed the door so quickly that the dog's nose took a hit and it howled one more time.

The man grabbed the dog and hauled back on his collar. "What in the hell happened?"

"That your dog?" she asked breathlessly.

He was panting from trying to get his dog under control and ending the commotion. "I opened the door and the wind blew it shut before I could get inside. Next thing I knew fur was flying and it sounded like poor old Digger was dying. Why did your cat attack him? He lives with cats out at the ranch. He wouldn't hurt one.""Tell that to Delilah and you are on the wrong side of the counter, cowboy," Pearl snapped. The adrenaline rush over, she looked at more than boot heels and jeans. The cowboy had a scowl on his face, jet-black hair all tousled from the cat and dog fight, and brown eyes with flecks of pure gold floating in them like a bottle of good schnapps. The whole effect sang, "Bad boy. Bad boy. Whatcha goin' to do?" in Pearl's ears. She shook her head to get the chanting to stop, but it didn't do a bit of good.

The cowboy took two steps and pushed through the swinging doors at the end of the counter. "All I want is a room, Red."

"You call me Red again, Mister, and you won't need one. What you'll need is a pine box and a preacher to read about you lyin' down in green pastures," she said.

He smiled and suddenly there was a whole orchestra behind the singer chanting about bad boys in Pearl's head. He was bundled up in a worn leather bomber jacket with a fleece lining that made his broad shoulders even wider and ended at a narrow waist, faded jeans that hugged a right fine butt that would have had her drooling if she hadn't been so damn mad, and scuffed boots that made him a real cowboy and not a drugstore variety that was all hat and no cattle. His dog was sitting beside him, looking up pitifully as if tattling on that abominable creature that had attacked him.

"Who in the hell is Delilah anyway, and what's she got to do with all this commotion?" he asked in a deep Texas drawl.

"Delilah is my cat," Pearl said.

"That is a good name for a she-devil like that thing. You got any rooms left for tonight? It looks like the parking lot is full, but the sign is still on."

If only he could have had a high squeaky voice, but no, he had to be the complete bad boy package with that Texas drawl. And Pearl had run from bad boys ever since she was seventeen.

Praise for Carolyn Brown's cowboy romances:

"An old-fashioned love story told well...the love story is a delight. Do not pass this one up." RT (Red's Hot Cowboy)

"Brown revitalizes the Western romance with this fresh, funny and sexy tale filled with likable, down-to-earth characters." Booklist (Love Drunk Cowboy)

"A spit and vinegar heroine...and a hero ho dances faster than she can shoot make a funny, fiery pair in this appealing novel." Booklist (My Give A Damn's Busted)

"Jam packed with cat fights, relunctant heroes, spirited old ladies and, of course, a chilling villian, Brown's plot driven cowboy romance...will earn a spot on your keeper shelf." Romantic Times, 4 stars (One Lucky Cowboy)

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So have there been bad boys in your past, maybe in your present? Pull up a rocking chair and let's visit about them. Does a bad boy put that extra beat in your heart? Would you settle down with one (or maybe you already did?) or would you just have an adventure with him and then settle with someone a lot less "bad!"


  1. Love it! I cant wait to read this one. The bit abiut the dog wanting to tattle on the cat made me laugh out loud! I'll be postimg this on my FB page and so forth. :)

  2. Sara: Thank you! Poor old Digger didn't even want to go to a motel and then to get attacked by that fiery tempered feline was almost more than his ego could stand. Thanks for all your support!

  3. This is great, Carolyn! Another red hot winner! I have to tell you I saw a red hot cowboy coming out of HEB the other day--okay, let me explain. He was definitely not your red hot cowboy. He was dressed in all red--red cowboy boots, red jeans, red western shirt, red cowboy hat, white beard, and tall and lanky. More of a Santa Claus cowboy in July without an ounce of fat or muscle! He was red hot all right. But I'd prefer yours!

  4. Terry: Betcha he was a stripper for a Christmas in July party. And all that red snapped right off his cute little fanny! Of course the beard was fake, too. LOL! A writer's imagination does tend to exaggerate.

  5. Talk about an opening scene being full of hooks.... well done, you! It's enough to make me wish I had an Aunt Pearlita to leave me a hotel in Cowboy Country. You've written another winner for sure.

  6. Thank you Grace! If Aunt Pearlita left you a motel, you'd be writing hot cowboy romance next year! No doubt about it. From your lips to the "powers that be" ears on that winner statement.

  7. Wow! That excerpt is the best ever and I can't wait to see this book lined up with all the other bestsellers. I'm putting up a sign over my door that says "Life is Faith, Hope & Chaos" and then I'm going to get me a Catahoula dog. I always wanted one anyway. I'd like to get a yellow cat too but that sounds like trouble and lots of it! Congratulations!!!!!

  8. Yesterday I received my download-to-kindle of preordered RED'S HOT COWBOY. Can't wait to read it..Bet your inspiration for *Red Hot* came from this year's torrid weather!
    Are you signed in on kindlegraph.com yet?

  9. Ahh, come on Joanne, you NEED a Catahoula and a big old yellow cat. It's a guaranteed recipe for a little chaos. Love the idea of your sign...Aunt Pearlita would love to see it.

  10. CBlaire: Darlin' if I'd known last year when I was writing Red's Hot Cowboy that it had a possiblity of turning the summer red hot I might have named it something different. LOL!
    I haven't done the kindlegraph yet but I'll look into it.

  11. Fantastic - can't wait to read it! That's one red hot book!

  12. Amanda, thank you for stopping by today. Hope the book lives up to its title.

  13. Loved the excerpt! Looking forward to reading this one, Carolyn! Congrats on the new release!

  14. Congrats on the release, but I thought we were gonna talk about bad boys. I love em, but no, I wouldn't want to marry one. Which is why I dated every bad boy known to man but married a boy scout. Literally.

    Can't wait to read it and get my bad boy fix.

  15. Great excerpt, Carolyn, and I love her description that he was a real cowboy, not...all hat and no cattle. Great!

  16. Oh, Carolyn! This sounds soooo good. Bad boys? What, me? Suffice it to say, my husband is a GOOD GUY, and THAT's the best kind (outside of a romance novel).

  17. Kathryne: Thank you so much. Hope that you enjoy it.

  18. Robin: Love it that you dated the bad boys and then married a Boy Scout! I smell a story there!

  19. Anita: You got to watch those wannabe cowboys who are all hat and no cattle...they don't even have the strut down!

  20. Shana: But does your Good Guy Husband have a bad girl wife? Now, that's the question to ponder here today! LOL

  21. Carolyn, sorry to be so late to the party! I'm really looking forward to reading RED'S HOT COWBOY. Happy release month!!

  22. Congratulations, Carolyn!

    Anotehr awesome book to put on my tbr list!

  23. Looks like another winner, Carolyn! Congrats!

  24. Tracey: Hey, girl! Ready for another party?
    Cheryl: Let's hope you are right about it being another winner!
    Ash: Awesome? I do like that word!