Friday, July 22, 2011

When There are Two

Getting “The Call” is different when your work as a team. For those of you who don’t know, Lydia Dare is the pseudonym for the collaborative work of Jodie Pearson and Tammy Falkner. So for us, getting “The Call” was a bit like a game of telephone tag. We’ll use our real names to make it clear which one of us is talking.

Jodie: I was sitting at home, watching TV with my family and my cell phone rang. I looked at the number and noticed the area code was outside NYC. So I began to panic before I even answered. I rushed out of the room, yelling over my shoulder at my then husband, telling him it was a publisher. Then I flew into my room and tried to very calmly answer the phone, hoping I didn’t sound out of breath. Deb Werksman was on the other end and gushed about A Certain Wolfish Charm. I wish I could tell you all of the wonderful things she said… but I can’t. I didn’t hear them. My cell phone kept cutting in and out and I kept missing words here and there. But I didn’t want to ask her to repeat anything, because that seemed strange. I started pacing around the whole top level of my house trying to find a “clear” signal, and though I didn’t hear every word she said, I heard enough to know she wanted that book and was excited about the other two in the series.
Then I called Tammy…

Tammy: And I heard the phone ring, cringed, and decided to pick it up anyway. (I hate the phone.)

And Jodie said: You’re not going to believe who just called.

Tammy: I’m afraid to ask. But tell me, anyway.

Jodie: Deb Werksman.

Tammy: Who?

Jodie: (Very slowly as though I was slightly addled.) Deb. Werksman.

Tammy: (She had my complete attention.) What did she want?

Jodie: Book one, evidently. And two and three, if she likes them when she reads them.

Tammy: That is so not funny.

I had pitched to Deb at RWA Nationals and she was my top pick during the submissions process because I liked her so much. Between Dominique’s enthusiasm for the business and Deb’s quiet way of making you feel like she’s really listening to you, it was a no-brainer for Jodie and me. What seemed odd was that we’d literally made the submission just days before. And there was Deb, telling us she was interested in the whole series.

Looking back on it, we both probably sounded like complete idiots. (Sorry, Jodie, for including you in my idiocy.) But it was so exciting having her call, having the feedback on the work Jodie and I had only started two months before. She compared our first book to one written by Loretta Chase. And I remembered one of our local RWA chapter members mentioning how much she loved Loretta Chase. So, I was floored, to say the least.

That’s what getting “The Call” was like for us.


  1. Wow! Being compared to Loretta Chase is huge. I love her work... and YOURS! Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. That's great, Lydia! Congratulations on getting the call!! For two!

  3. Being part of a great team is supposed to double your joys and halve your sorrows--guess it also means you get The Call twice, or you get to both receive and make it. Wonderful post, and who wouldn't want to be compared to Loretta Chase?

  4. May there be many more great days like that for you two, and many more great books for us to read!

  5. What a great story. WHen Deb called me the first time to discuss my story, the same thing happened with my phone. I could hear every other word and I was flying all over the house trying to get a stronger signal. I ended up out on the deck. I was so embarrassed when I had to admit I hadn't heard what she'd said, and it turned out she was sharing some personal experience that had her so excited. I could've just died.

    Ha. So maybe it was Deb's phone and not mine. LOL.

  6. What a great story. I stand in awe of you two. You work together and are still friends at the end of the day. That alone is a great story!

  7. I'm so impressed with the way you two work together! And I love what you said about Deb's "quiet way of listening." That's so true - she's always so busy but when you're talking about your book, you have her ful attention!

  8. Great story, ladies!

    And can I just say...cell phones! GAH! I wish vendors would focus less on 4G geegaws and go back to the drawing board. Because what's most important to me in a cell phone is the ability to, um, actually complete a phone call without it dropping! Grr.

    Rant over. ;-)

  9. Too funny about the cell phone. We have all been there where we don't hear all the other person is saying or they can't hear us. At least you heard you were compared to LC and she loved the book. I'd say you heard all you needed to hear. Fabulous!

  10. The cool thing about writing as a team is that you could share The Call with someone as excited about it as you. I don't think my friends and family really understood when I told them. Congrats and great story.

  11. I love the dynamic of your partnership. Tammy pitched the book and Jodie got the phone call. Really cool how you're both involved in different ways. And to be compared to Loretta Chase...