Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My call story

Deciding which call story to tell is hard for me. I feel like careers are often baby steps we take as authors. Each step encourages us to keep going. For me, that first moment that I said -- I have to keep going - I have to keep writing - came from a Romantic Times Contest. I was still in the corporate world, about to sell my business, and I dared to enter at RT aspiring writers contest. Then I registered for the convention and went alone. I was SCARED TO DEATH. The first night at the convention, I walked into an event and then walked out and went to my room. I was ready to go home. But I forced myself to a breakfast event and met wonderful people. Later, I found out that I had won first place in the contest. It was a moment I needed, that belief that maybe -- just maybe -- this world could be mine as the corporate world had been.

I was shaking when they handed me the award because that is what I do. I shake when I get excited. I hate that about me and I remember being embarrassed. But I was happy -- so very happy.

Next came the agent search and then a series of small stepping stone sales. There were many other moments that came along the way. My first e-book sale to a small press. My first novella to AVON books. Then I had a series of novellas that sold to Berkley, NAL, Kensington and another to AVON. I started thinking I was the Queen of novellas and that I would never ever have a book with JUST my name on it. It started to get discouraging -- this title of Queen OF NOVELLAS only.

Then came an RWA where a Blaze editor and a Nocturne editor had proposals from me. At RWA both hinted that good news might be coming. I was ELATED but afraid to count on it really happening. Three weeks later though -- both editors offered and I had the rare opportunity to be a HQ author with two editors. Both of those editors taught me so much and were great to work with.

I could go on and talk about my transition into single title but the reality is that each career is a path, and one sale does not make a career. There are steps, and wonderful people who support us while we take those steps. So to all of those who have supported mine -- thank you and I love you. To all those who didn't believe -- well, thank you once again to those who have and who continue to be my rocks.

And thank you to Sourcebooks for my Zodius series and my awesome Sterling cover!

And please forgive any typos! I'm at a gas station on the road between Wisconsin and Colorado today on an unexpected, not pleasure related, trip.



  1. Great story Lisa! Enjoy the trip even though it wasn't planned...

  2. Lisa! You will forever been SUPER WOMAN in my book from now on. I was in the middle of a family crisis earlier today and wasn't really thinking clearly. I'm sorry I didn't think to have you switch dates...BUT...what a wonderful blog!

    Each one of us has a different story on our road to publishing. Thank you for taking the time out of your trip to go to a rest stop to upload your blog. You really are amazing!!!

    I loved your call story and it is so true that each time we get the call it is another turn or twist on our career path.

    I'd be lost without the people who have supported me along the way.

  3. How wonderful to be there in person to accept that award. What a thrill! And to think you almost went home and missed it. Someone was watching over you and gave you that inner strength that you needed, just as now, your inner strenth will rise up and you will meet the challenge for the unexpected trip you are taking.

  4. You are an inspiration! From a rest stop no less! That alone is a story. Loved your journey story!

  5. Super story, Lisa! Love your cover! He's truly one to swoon over! Good luck with your new series!

  6. Hi Lisa! Wow, I can't believe you typed this from a gas station. I'm terrible at doing online stuff when I'm away from home. I loved your story, and as Colleen said, each story is different so it makes it fun to hear them.

    Love the cover!!!!

  7. Thank you Maria:)

    And C.H. yes those people who support us are treasures.

    Amelia -- yes it was so great to not only be there, but to discover some wonderful people who took me under their wings and help me get over newbie fear.

    Thank you Anita and Terry and on the cover-- I really really love Sterling:) I'm excited about him. And Anita we are release buddies again!
    Thank you Carolyn:)

  8. Lisa, good heavens you've been places and written books! I'm impressed not just because you can blog from rest stops but because you have the ability to write long, short and in-between, which shows considerable talent and flexibility.

    Hope your present journey is safe, and your writing journey continues to take you to many wonderful places... like to wherever that cover was shot would do nicely as a next stop.