Saturday, July 2, 2011

Murphy's Law Plays Havoc with My First Editor Phone Call

By Anita Clenney

There was a discussion on the loop recently about funny stories when we got The Call. Well, my The Call story wasn't funny, but I do wish I could change my first Editor phone call.

We all know how exciting it is to finally sell. We get a publisher, and a real live editor. OUR editor. That was such a proud thing for me, to be able to say "My Editor." Bliss! I think I tossed out the words as often as I could in conversation. So imagine how excited I was when I got my first call from my editor. She said, "Anita, this is Deb Werksman, your editor..." Wow! But a few seconds after she started talking, my phone went nuts. The signal was going in and out. I could hear every other word she was saying. This was my first call, so I didn't want to keep saying, "Can you repeat that?" I walked all over the house frantically trying to get a stronger signal. I finally ended up outside on the deck. By then, I had total silence for a good minute. Then her voice popped back in, filled with excitement over whatever she was telling me, and of course I had no idea what she was talking about. I had to interrupt and explain that I hadn't heard a word she'd said for the last minute. She had been telling me about some wonderful experience, and I felt terrible. I was so embarrassed.

Why then? My phone had been fine all day. It was fine afterwards? Why would it screw up on the FIRST call from my FIRST editor? Murphy's Law. That must be it, folks. Murphy was upsetting the apple cart.

So that's my story. It wasn't funny then, but now it gives me a good chuckle as I remember how I must have looked running all over the house,trying to get reception.

Do you have any good embarrassing stories? They don't have to be writing related. I'll give you another one. I was in line at the grocery check out, and I looked down and saw something sticking out of my jacket sleeve. I pulled it out. It was a pair of my panties. There must have been a lot of static cling in the dryer. Got any embarrassing moments you would like to share?


  1. LOL about the pair of panties at the grocery store, Anita! Now that should be in a story! The part about the call, sounds ghostly to me!!! Fun post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Terry, the panties error is hilarious now, horrifying at the time. :)