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GUEST LAUNCH PARTY and GIVEAWAY: Touch If You Dare by Stephanie Rowe

Please welcome fellow Casablanca Author, Stephanie Rowe, whose second book in her super sexy Soulfire series is in stores this month!

Hooray! I'm SO excited for the launch party for my new book, TOUCH IF YOU DARE, the second book in my Soulfire series. I love all the books in this series, and I adore all the manly warriors who are so resistant to their softer side (e.g. "Who me? Expert hair stylist? I have no idea what you're talking about." Tattooed warrior attempts an innocent expression while shoving his round hairbrushes behind his oh-so-sharp sword.)

Yep, you got it. Jarvis Swain, the uber dangerous and terribly tormented Guardian of Hate has been outed. The man can French-braid like there's no tomorrow, and he gets off on sifting his fingers through those silken locks of Death's more troublesome assistant, Reina Fleming, much to the delight of her desperate and over-stressed soul. When a man can wield a deadly sword and help you save your sister from her impending death, it's just such an added bonus to find out that he can also fix your hair in the middle of battle. Seriously, what woman doesn't feel better when she looks good? Granted, Jarvis is actually Reina's worst nightmare in a whole lot of ways, and he's going to force her to face her worst fears, but the goodness hidden in the depth of his soul is enough to give her hope that maybe, just maybe, there's a way they can all win. Either way, there's going to be a whole lot of heat going on along the way!

Does that whet your appetite for a little sensitive warrior time? If so, well, this is your lucky week! To celebrate the release of TOUCH IF YOU DARE, the eBook of the first book in the series, KISS AT YOUR OWN RISK is *FREE* at all major eTailers this week, through July 11. So hurry on over and pick up your free copy!

The reviews for TOUCH IF YOU DARE are already rolling in, and I'm so excited to see that other people love Jarvis and Reina as much as I do:

"Do you love the self-loathing tortured alpha-male warrior that finds his salvation, as well as his soft ooey-gooey center, in a strong, loyal woman? Then what are you waiting for, go read this book." Love, Romance, Passion

"…too hot to touch… All I know is that I want a Jarvis all to myself." Book Loons

"Her warriors are everything that every woman looks for. Dangerous, heroic, selfless and full of love and understanding…An action-packed hilariously written story that had me loving every minute...If you love Jeanine Frost and JR Ward you are going to love Stephanie Rowe!" My Bookish Fairytale

"TOUCH IF YOU DARE by Stephanie Rowe is the perfect blend of humor, action, and romance….sizzling hot. Rena and Jarvis have a strong connection that make you root for them and the love that is building between them... They fight for themselves, each other, and what is right…The lighthearted humor is the perfect balance to the strong emotions between Rena and Jarvis and the difficulties that they face. Be prepared to laugh, love, cheer, and laugh some more with TOUCH IF YOU DARE." Fresh Fiction Reviews

And here's a sneak peek, so you can see for yourself exactly how much trouble Reina and Jarvis are going to be causing for each other…

Reina leapt out in the street in front of Jarvis and slammed her hands down on the hood. As she knew he would, he jammed on the brakes in time to avoid crushing her, then he gestured for her to get off his SUV.

"I accept your offer," she shouted.

Jarvis checked the rearview mirror, then shifted into reverse. What? He was bailing on her? She raced around to the side and yanked open the passenger door. "Wait--"

"Back off." He shifted back into drive.

He was actually going to take off without her? No way! She grabbed the door handle and swung herself into the truck just as he peeled out into the street.

He stopped the vehicle. "Get out."

She wedged her body into the plush leather seat. "No. You made an offer and I accepted it."

"It's rescinded."

"Why?" She slammed the door shut, grabbed the seatbelt and snapped it closed. She must be losing her mind. Locking herself in a car with a man who terrified her? Brilliant move, truly brilliant. But at the same time, it felt kind of good to stand up for herself, to grab onto hope and refuse to let go. She hadn't had real hope in a long time, and the idea of Jarvis adding his resources to her battle was desperately appealing.

Jarvis took his sunglasses off the glistening dash and slapped them onto his face. "Out."

"Why? You asked for my help--"

"You were a poor choice." He gripped the steering wheel, and still didn't look at her. The air inside the truck was getting heavy and thick, like it was a hot humid August day, but it was May and only fifty degrees.

Reina rolled down the window. "If you want help with Death, I'm your only choice." Okay, twilight zone moment here. What was up with her trying to convince Mr. Scary Guy to help her, after he'd offered and she'd said no?

"We always have more than one choice." His voice was low. "If you open your mind, there are always an infinity of possibilities."

"Not for me." She touched his arm, and he jerked away from her, nearly crawling out the window. Wow. Talk about a one-eighty. Last time, he hadn't moved away at all. Had she developed some horrific communicable disease in the last three minutes? "You said you could help me. I don't have any other choices. You think I want to work with you and risk my boss firing me? If I had any other options I would!"

Slowly, Jarvis turned his head to look at her. She couldn't see his eyes behind his shades, but she still shivered. His jaw was rigid, and there was a lethal energy rolling off him. With deliberate slowness, he pulled his sunglasses off his face.

His blue eyes were now a bottomless, dangerous black. "Run," he said.

Oh, three cheers and a toast to that idea. Unfortunately, despite what he claimed, a girl didn't always have access to an unlimited plethora of fantastic choices. "I can't. I need your help."

"You endanger me. And yourself."

His voice had an edge that would scare even the toughest bad ass on the planet. And in case anyone was confused about the facts, she was not tough. She was a softie who just wanted the people she loved to be safe. That was it. Nothing more. "How could I possibly endanger you?"

He made a snarling noise and leaned toward her so quickly she didn't have time to get away. His face was an inch from hers, so close she could smell the most delicious scent of woods and man, and she could see the muscle ticking in his jaw. The heaviness of his energy pressed at her, making her skin hot and clammy.

"I don't react well to you," he gritted out. "You edge my control."

"What did I do?" She leaned back further, aware of his chest so close to hers. Of the width of his shoulders boxing out all the space in in the front seat, trapping her, stealing her air. The door dug into her shoulders. All she had to do was pull the handle and slide away.

But she couldn't. She needed him. Saving her sister was more important that hiding from him. And plus... there was something about him crowding her that felt good. Which was insane, and her mind knew it. Except she knew it wasn't really that crazy to feel good about Jarvis. He'd saved her twice, avoiding running her over, and had offered to help. He might be stalked by hell itself, he might demand that which she couldn't afford to give, but he'd already had chances to hurt her, and he hadn't. He'd saved her, and no woman in her right mind would fail to consider that was an appealing trait in a male.

"I don't know why you unsettle me," Jarvis gritted out. "But I can't afford to go over the line right now." He shook his head once as if to clear it. "You. Must. Leave."

There was torment in his eyes. Lines of pain around his mouth. Tension in the cords of his neck. And suddenly he didn't seem like a monster anymore. He seemed like a man in agony. "Jarvis." Before she could think about the fact that it was one of the less intelligent moves she could make, Reina laid her hand on his cheek. "I'm sorry for your pain."

He sucked in his breath, and she thought he was going to jerk away, but he didn't.

He went still under her touch. His gaze was riveted to hers, and she saw the shock on his face.

His skin was hot, as if he were burning up from fever. She moved her hand to his forehead. "Are you sick?"

He closed his eyes and leaned into her touch. "Your hand is so cool," he whispered, disbelief raw in his voice.

A man who was shocked by the comfort of human touch? Well, not that she was entirely human anymore, but close enough. She put her other hand on his cheek, not afraid of him anymore. Just wanting to ease his pain, as she'd done repeatedly over the years for her sisters and mother, as they got sicker and more terrified of their future.

Jarvis needed to be touched. She could sense it in every fiber of her soul, and her spirit yearned to give him comfort. She framed his bristly face with her hands and rested her forehead against his. The position, with his face against hers, was so intimate, a connection between lovers, between soulmates who had no boundaries between them. She felt the world go still, like all the hell chasing her faded, until all that was left was the sensation of his skin against hers, of his presence wrapping around hers, of her own reaching out for him.

It was a moment of utter stillness, of peace, of having the most intimate connection with a tortured man who could protect her against the world. His skin was still burning up, but it seemed to be slightly less likely to give her third degree burns. She was easing his pain... or maybe she simply wanted to believe she could give someone relief from the hell that stalked him, after a lifetime of failing to succeed to save anyone. It didn't matter whether it was real or not. In this moment, it was a gift of peace that she would never let go. "This feels good," she whispered. "I--"

"Shit!" Jarvis jerked back suddenly, out of her grasp. His hand went to his sword, and before she'd even moved, he had the tip of it at her throat.

Well, excellent. That was exactly the feel-good kind of feedback she'd been jonesing for.

The dark, tortured, deadly warriors in the Soulfire series all have their special talent, be it crossing stitching, hair styling or flower arrangement. What's your favorite unusual quirk that has made you fall in love with a hero in a book you've read? Share it in the comments, and two lucky commentators will receive a copy of TOUCH IF YOU DARE (US and Canada addresses only). And don't forget to pick up your free eBook of KISS AT YOUR OWN RISK!


  1. Stephanie,

    Congrats on your new release. Love the covers!

    TOUCH IF YOU DARE sounds awesome. It's so cool that your hero is a hairdresser!

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks, Tracey! He's not actually a hair dresser. He's in denial. He's pretty convinced he is simply a tortured warrior responsible for protecting the world from Hate.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on the new release! Love the title, cover and the idea of a man fixing hair! Nothing sexier than a fellow willing to French braid hair...or brush it...or (with a gasp) wash it and rinse by pouring glasses of water down through it...

  4. I was wondering about the hairdressing too!! :) But it sounds like a fun sexy book!! The cover alone is just great!!
    Congrats on the new release and thank you for the giveaway!!

  5. I love that your heroes all have a domestic skill that will come in handy when raising their inevitable daughters--and stand them in good stead when trying to impress a potential mate. My husband learned very early in our courtship exactly how I take my tea and this was very endearing. Congrats on the launch, and may there be many happy returns of the day.

  6. Sounds like you have a winner here, Stephanie.

    I've read books where the hero brushes the heroine's lush and lovely curls and I find that quite sexy!

  7. Stephanie, I'm so excited that you're with Sourcebooks! I loved your Immortally Sexy books and can't wait to read this one. There's nothing like a tough guy with a sensitive side.

  8. Thank you so much for the chance to read the first book in the series! I enjoyed the excerpt and what gorgeous covers!!

  9. Your books sounds great. I just got Kiss At Your Own Risk for free (thank you for sharing) and cannot wait to read it. I love warriors, they are everything hero with just a bit extra. For me, I fall for the tortured, damaged, dark hero. His story is usually emotional and I connect right away with that. He is also redeemable and it is going to take a very special woman to do that. I find those stories very appealing.

  10. Thanks, Carolyn! I'm so glad you're excited about it. Me, too! And yes, there's something so amazing about the feel of a man's hands in your hair… Yum!

    landSsmom, the hair dressing is just torture for poor Jarvis. He's in complete denial that he enjoys it. He's a MAN after all, right?

    Grace, yes, they all have a sensitive side, which is very cute. Some of them embrace it, but most of them can't quite believe that about themselves… I love that your husband knows how you take your tea. He sounds very sweet!

    Thanks, Amelia! I agree about a man brushing a woman's hair being sexy! There's a great scene in this story where he does just that, and it's really tender how it soothes the heroine.

    Hi Joanne, I'm so excited about Sourcebooks as well. They are so great to work with. I'm so glad you enjoyed my Immortally Sexy series!

    Hi Catslady, I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpt, and I agree, that cover is great. Sourcebooks did a fantastic job on the cover! Enjoy the freebie!

    Na, I'm so glad you downloaded KISS AT YOUR OWN RISK for free. I hope everyone takes advantage of it. A big thanks to Sourcebooks for deciding to do that. I think it's wonderful!

  11. Congrats on your release! What a great excerpt. Looking forward to it!

  12. Congrats, Stephanie, TOUCH IF YOU DARE sounds like a great read. I do so enjoy a strong hero with a weakness that he doesn't want anyone else to know about.

    Can't wait to read it!

  13. Congrats on your new release. You are a new author to me but after reading the little bit I will definitely be adding this book to my wish list.

  14. Congrats on the release Stephanie. I LOVED the excerpt. Brilliant! I couldn't stop reading. Have to get this book.

  15. Can't wait for the next book in the series. Love warriors with a soft side. Nothing like a man washing a woman's hair,a great head message and then combing it out...lovely

    chacha_huera(at) yahoo(dot)com

  16. Ohh yes! I loved Touch and Kiss should be just as much awesomesauce. These characters are so much fun to read. Thank you for your giveaway!

    terilhack at gmail dot com

  17. Yum, that cover art should so be on a poster from both of these books! I learned of Touch from an author chat online and immediately picked up Touch IYD and loved it! These men are so freaking fantastic but have to go through so much! Rowe has created an amazing world.
    Count me in for the giveaway! I am so ready for more.

    kasuranna at yahoo dot com

  18. I love it when a character has an incongurous seeming talent. However, for the life of me I can't think of a hero I have read with a least not immediately. The heroes in your series sound wonderfully appealing what with being alpha males with unexpected talents.

  19. I loved the excerpt and that beautiful cover Stephanie.I enjoy reading about Heroes who will have no problem brushing the Heroine's hair or helping her bathe.Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  20. Thanks, Shana! I'm glad you liked the excerpt. 

    Hi C.H, thank you! I agree with you about our intrepid heroes who struggle to hide what they consider to be their weakenesses. They are still rock stars to their women!

    Hi Danielle, thanks for stopping by! I'm so happy to hear you're going to give it a try! The first book in the series, KISS AT YOUR OWN RISK, is available as a free download from Amazon and B&N through next Monday, so hurry over there and take advantage!

    Hi Anita, Yay! I'm so glad you liked it!

    Anonymous, you said it!!! I totally agree!

    Hi Teril, thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

    Kaya, I completely agree about the covers for these books. Sourcebooks did a most amazing job on them. And thank you so much for the kudos on TOUCH! I'm so happy you enjoyed it.

    Hi Li, that's an interesting observation about other heroes not having quirks. I wanted to shake things up a bit with these guys (I don't think they will ever forgive me), and I think they are wonderful.

    Hi Carol L, I agree, there is something so sensual about a man brushing a woman's hair. Maybe I should have put that excerpt up….

  21. One hero I read about was OCD about where and how things of his were put up. Now, I know OCD is completely serious, but I found him totally adorable :-)

  22. Congrats on the new release.
    I love both those covers.

    I can't think of a character that has a special talent like that..hmm..I'll have to think on that one.

  23. Congrats on the new book! Great covers! A hairdressing hero? I love it!

  24. I'm always a sucker for a bad boy with a hint of vulnerability....or a job that shows his softer side! That makes for a sexy hero!

    Very excited about the free eBook. I just downloaded mine and can't wait to read it!

    Congrats and thank you for the chance to win!



  25. Hi Stephanie. Congrats on your new release. Sounds great.
    What gets me is a wounded hero who tries to scare everyone away with a angry demeanor.

  26. Congrats to our winners:

    Anonymous (chacha_huera(at) yahoo(dot)com)
    Christa C

    I'll be emailing you both for mailing addresses this morning.

    Congrats and Enjoy!