Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Women Who Rock! by Sara Humphreys

When I sat down to write about a woman I admire I couldn't pick just one. I mean it. How could I? There are just far too many super fab chicks out there to select only one and I'm not just talking about the famous ones. To be quite honest, the majority of women who came to mind were women who've touched my life in a meaningful way. However, since it would probably bore the bejeezus out of you to read only about ladies I know...I thought I'd balance it out with some famous gals too.

So here is my list of the Top 5 Women Who Rock!

5: Meryl Streep- She is the single best actress of any generation. Seriously. Think about the range of her characters and films she's done, from Sophie's Choice, to A Cry in the Dark, to The Devil Wears Prada. The woman is a genius but you know why I admire her? She's a lady who conducts herself with grace and at the same time doesn't take herself too seriously. Also, she's been married to the same man for several decades--which is practically unheard of in Hollywood. Oh...and she's not botoxed into that weird frozen face that so many actresses have succumbed to. (ie: Nicole Kidman)

4: Laura Ingalls Wilder--Her Little House on the Prairie books were the very first series I got hooked on.

3: Madame CJ Walker--This lady didn't let a little thing like poverty and horrid circumstances define her life. Like many women in her day she suffered from hair loss because of unsanitary conditions. According to legend, she had a dream one night about what to mix together to make her hair grow back. As the story goes, the next day she put the concoction together, used it and not long after that her hair started to grow back. Madame CJ Walker's Wonderful Hair Grower was born, as well as an entire line of hair care products. According to The Guinness Book of World Records, Walker was the first woman to become a millionaire based off of her own achievements. Bravo.

2: Jennifer Lee Dressel--She wasn't famous. She didn't discover great hair care or win an Oscar but she was a pebble in the pond. Jenn taught me what it means to be a good friend. She was smart, funny, often had a mischievous twinkle in her eye and could wield power tools with incredible confidence (proof of which is evident in the many set constructions she was in charge of). Best of all, she loved fiercely and had a generous spirit. I miss her every day and I'm very grateful to have known her. I hope all of you have a woman in your life like Jenn, a gal who shows you what true friendship really means. A woman who teaches you how to be a pebble in someone else's pond.

1. My mother--I know, I know. You're probably shaking your head and thinking I'm a total cheese ball. Well that's okay. I guess I am. However, Carol Diamond Taney is class personified. She's a lethal combination of beauty and brains. A tireless champion for those she loves. The voice of reason amid a world of chaos and the whisper of encouragement at the darkest moments. Quite simply, she is a rock.

The truth is, when someone asks me, "What woman do you admire most?"

The answer will always be, "My mother."


  1. Woohoo, Sara, I'll vote for my mother every time! Great post!!!

  2. Thanks, Terry. The older I get, the more I realize how very lucky I've been to have her as my mom.

  3. Have to combine two women here. My mother and her mother. It took both of them to raise me. Momma gave me wings to fly. Granny kept me grounded.
    Love your post...and I don't think it's a bit cheesy.

  4. Sara, all the ladies you wrote about are good, solid heroines that I would be pleased to know! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. Great post, Sara! I'll have to include my mother and my grandmothers too!

  6. When I won a Maggie, all I could think of to say was "Thanks very much, now if you'll excuse me, I have to call my mother." (I called my daughter too.) Great post--hope you send a copy to your mom.

  7. Awesome choices! I forgot about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. I am on the same page! My mother was my biggest inspiration and biggest fan. I also am really delighted and grateful that you included Madam Walker on your list! As her great-great-granddaughter and biographer, I love knowing she still inspires others. I hope you'll visit our websites where you can learn more about our books and our Madam Walker Family Archives, the largest private collection of Walker photos, business records, personal letters and memorabilia. We love keeping the legacy alive.
    A'Lelia Bundles

  9. I love your list, Sara! And my number one is also my mom. :}