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Virgin's Launch Party!

It's Launch Day for Virgin!

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Starship pilot Dax never encountered a woman he wanted badly enough. Until he met Ava Karon...


Dax is happy to take Ava back to her home planet, until he finds out she's returning to an old boyfriend...

As their journey together turns into a quest neither expected, Ava would give herself to Dax in a heartbeat. Except he doesn't know the first thing about seducing a woman...

That's the blurb on the back of the book. Here's something a little juicier. I had to clean it up a little bit for blog purposes, but you get the idea.

Dax had no idea how long he’d sat there drinking in the sight of Ava’s amazing eyes until Waroun spoke up. “Well, would you look at that,” he said with a chuckle. “I think the Great Virgin is finally hooked.”

With a little more provocation, Dax would have been sorely tempted to kill the Norludian as Ava, the spell now broken, spun around to face Waroun. “What?”

“Look at him! And listen… he’s—oh my God, he’s freakin’ purring!”

“I am not!” Dax insisted, but even he could hear the vibration in his voice.

“You are too!” Waroun shot back with a crow of laughter. “I can’t believe it!”

Dax could believe it because whether he wanted to admit it or not, it was happening again. He’d just gotten a whiff of her scent before Waroun had to go and ruin everything by distracting her.

Well, maybe he hadn’t ruined everything. Perhaps it was for the best…

“Too bad he always wears those baggy trousers,” Waroun went on. “With tighter pants, we could tell if his--”

Dax felt his face getting hot and noticed that Ava was blushing as well. “Shut up, Waroun,” he growled.

Waroun held up a hand in protest. “I only speak the truth: When a Zetithian purrs, it usually means something sexual.” In an aside to Ava, he added, “Just thought you should know that.” At this point Dax was ready to throttle Waroun, but short of actual murder, there was no stopping him. “Now, if you smell right to him, he will become...aroused. I’d love to know if it’s finally happened.” Sampling another berry, he chewed it thoughtfully before adding, “Not sure it ever has.”

Ava was stunned speechless, but Quinn came to everyone’s rescue by choking on one of his crackers.

Teke got to his feet and thumped the Drell on the back, which sent the bit of cracker flying across the table to land by Ava’s plate. “Perhaps this isn’t the best topic for our first meal together,” he said with a weak smile.

“Yes,” Diokut agreed. “We should know each other better before discussing sexual matters at breakfast.”

“Not sure we’ll ever know each other that well.” Ava flicked the cracker crumb away. “But I suppose discussing the weather is out of the question.”

Quinn was breathing easily again, so Teke sat back down and picked up his spoon. “On our world, such things are more private," he said with a remonstrative glance at Waroun.

“Not on my world,” Waroun said gaily. “We talk about sex all the time… Matter-of-fact, it’s just about the only thing we do talk about. The weather is always pretty much the same.”

"Always raining or always dry?" Ava asked.

Waroun considered this for a moment. “Well, I guess it does change a little. But since it rains almost every day, it’s pretty boring. The only thing to discuss is when it starts and stops and you can tell that by looking out a window. Sex, on the other hand, is endlessly fascinating.”

Something in the way he said it must have struck Ava as being hysterically funny, for she let out a peal of laughter that almost had Dax purring again. He was beginning to consider taking all of his meals in his ready room when, thankfully, Teke attempted to redirect the conversation.

“So, Ava,” he began. “Is that your full name?”

“No.” Her flippy blond hair swayed back and forth as she shook her head. “It’s Avondia Karon.”

“Lovely name,” Teke said with a nod of approval. “Has a nice ring to it.”

“The last name is French—at least, the pronunciation is French,” she said, frowning. “Not sure about Avondia.”

“Better than his name.” Waroun snickered with a quick nod toward Dax. “Daxtronian Vandilorsk. Sounds like a fatal disease, doesn’t it?”

“It’s a perfectly good Zetithian name,” Ava said. “I’ve heard a few others. They all sound like that.”

“Yes, but would you be willing to tack it on to the end of your name?”

As suggestions went, it wasn’t very subtle. Waroun was beginning to sound like Jack—goading Dax into liaisons with women he didn’t want. Unfortunately, this was the one woman he really did want…

“Ava Vandilorsk,” she said, trying it out. “It wouldn’t be so bad.”

“Too many Vs,” Waroun said. “Lots of species can’t make the V sound.” With another snicker, he added, “You’d be Awa Wandilorsk half the time.”

Dax was about to say it was a moot point since Ava would never be faced with such a dilemma, but something told him he was better off keeping his mouth shut. Her next comment proved it.

“I could live with that,” she said with a shrug. “I’ve heard a lot worse.”

With that, she went back to eating her breakfast. Dax was already finished with his—partly because he hadn’t needed to chew it, but also because the warm, creamy texture had kept him going, thinking that she would feel like that in his mouth if he ever--oh, God. Wincing as he realized that not only was Waroun trying to fix him up with Ava, but Kots was doing his best as well: making her drink water that made her glow and giving her clothes that matched her eyes—not to mention giving him Sholerian cream for breakfast. It was a conspiracy against him. Or for him—he wasn’t sure which—but he disliked being manipulated above all things.

Now that Virgin is finally launched, let's party!!!

I'm giving away a signed copy of Virgin today!

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  1. I'm SOOOO glad this book is finally here!! I think I'm becoming addicted to these sexy, sweet cat people--the Zetithians. Cheryl, your books are always a delight to read, and some of your secondary characters are so crazy-funny! I'm so glad the series continues!!

  2. I am so looking forward to reading this book.
    I have been waiting since the last one. When each comes out I reread the series before starting the new and sometimes in between. The se books are always on my 'must have' list.
    I love the humour, interactions and general craziness of these books.
    I hope this series is like Lora Leigh's Breed series which has 20+ books and counting.

  3. I've been avidly following this series since day one. Congrats, happy sales, and thanks for the great reading.

  4. Oh, my Cheryl! Cleaned up, it's still got HEAT!! Congratulations on the new release. Love the title, the cover and the excerpt!

  5. There will be two more after this one, Suzy. After that, who knows?

    @Margaret S. 20+??? LOL! Don't know if I can come up with anymore good one-word titles. Glad you're enjoying the series!

    Thanks, Virginia. Hope I can keep them coming for you!

    Thanks, Carolyn! I can't decide whether I like this one or Hero's cover the best. They're both pretty hot!

  6. Oh, wow, I never thought of trying to come up with one word titles!! Okay..hmm...Wolf...Highlander. Jaguar. That's it. LOL! I love the title and it sounds absolutely scrumptious!

  7. If the title weren't hook enough, the excerpt is. Now I want to know what Ava's thinking, what she makes of that purr, what she's feeling... Love it!

  8. This is going to be one exciting book, Cheryl! Wow! Here's wishing you tons of sells.

  9. Congrats Cheryl! Happy release day! Virgin was a lot of fun to read. I didn't know how you were going to pull off a virgin Zetithian, but you did it and you did it so well! :)

  10. Hi Terry! The title thing has been really tough with book nine. The guy is something of a recluse, but I can't call the book that, so Loner is the best I could come up with. Not sure it'll sell, though!

    Thanks, Grace! Ava likes the purr very well, actually....

    Thanks, Amelia! E-book sales have been pretty good so far. Not sure about print, though. Borders going bankrupt has hurt us all in that department.

    So glad you liked it, Lisa! My editor wasn't sure I could pull it off, either!

  11. Love it, Cheryl! I'm going to run to B&N later and get it. Meanwhile, I will be chanting "Daxtronian Vandilorsk" to myself over and over. Love that name!
    I hope this one sells oodles and oodles. I have a feeling it will.

  12. Yay Cheryl! I'm waiting for it to become available for my Nook.

  13. I hope you're right about sales, Joanne, and I hope you enjoy the book!

    Hi Linda! Hopefully it will be on Nook soon!

  14. Hearty congrats on Virgin's release day. The excerpt made me laugh.

  15. What a great excerpt! Congrats on the release.

  16. I think she likes the way his last name sounds tacked on to hers. I loved the blurb and the excert. I can't wait to see how he deals with his attraction to her. Congratulations on the new release!

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  17. Aaaaah I am so excited to read this book! Aaaaah. I've read all the previous ones and I love the excerpts we're getting for this one!

  18. Thanks,Lil! It was hard to find an excerpt that wasn't a little too...well, you know....

    Thanks, Stacie and Ana and Shana!

    Got to go down to the lobby and register for the Lori Foster event now. Will check back in later!

  19. Hiccup!! I'm sorry! I opened the bottle early and started partying with that naked bunch of Zetithians hanging around in the special Treehouse out back. And I'm happy I'm really late, they have a way with making you forget time. But, I'm full of Joy for this launch of Virgin!

  20. LMAO! Thanks for dropping by, Donna, but your tree house sounds like a helluva lot more fun!

  21. Happy launch-aroo Cheryl:) If I don't win a copy of VIRGIN, I will be buying in print rather than Nook. There are simply some books I have to have on my shelves...and since the rest of the series is there....

    Now I think I'll take myself off to Donna's treehouse because surely that's where all the action is...hubba, hubba. *grin*

  22. Cheryl, happy release day! Loved the excerpt--and the name Dax. :)

  23. Thanks, Nancy! Have fun in the tree house!

    Thanks, Tracey!

  24. Congratulations, Margaret S! You're the winner! Email me your snail mail address and I'll get your copy of Virgin in the mail ASAP!

  25. Hi Cheryl- I loved this book. I love all the Cat Chronicle books but Dax is just to die for. I fell for him right away. I'll be doing a Romance Roundup episode about "Virgin" this month!

  26. Cool beans! Email me when it's up, Sara!

  27. Congrats on your release, Cheryl. So good to hear these sexy SF books are continuing!