Thursday, June 30, 2011

Conference Week, Loser Style

In honor of this month's topic on fabulous women, I was going to chat about the amazing women who have influenced me over the years. But, alas, I'm feeling a bit "woe is me" since I'm sitting at home, unable to attend the annual Romance Writers of America national conference in New York City. However, after my editor tweeted she'd had lunch with my agent and that my name only came up when they drooled over my new cover for ENRAPTURED, I decided to stop haunting Twitter and Facebook for updates. Instead, I'm now focusing on the positive. Who needs New York City? I can have just as much fun here at home, and so can you. Wanna know how? Read on.

1. Forget shopping Fifth Avenue. Do like I did today. Hit Wal-Mart. Not only can you restock your grocery closet for cheap, you'll find hours of entertainment all right around the corner from your house! I mean, seriously, this is more fun than people watching in Times Square. (And I ask you, where else can you get a little Twilight without visiting Forks, Washington?)

(Don't have a local Wal-Mart? Don't worry. Visit for the same experience right in your own home!)

2. Wishing you could hang out in the karaoke bar? Maybe you're one of those attention seekers who loves to get up on stage and belt out out a ballad. Never fear. A hairbrush works well as a microphone. Just be careful. If your kids are anything like mine they'll steal the hairbrush and take over the show. (Which will make you feel like you're really in NYC hanging with the romance writers because we all know romance writers are divas extraordinaire.)

3. Down you can't attend a Yankees game? I've got a good alternative. Hit your local Little League fields. Sure, they don't sell beer but the seats are better (no nose-bleed sections here!) and if you're lucky you'll find yourself seated next to a hot single dad. And if that doesn't sound appealing there's always the Bad News Bears, which you can rent and watch from the confines of your living room. Now that can't even compare to the Yankees!

4. Sad you couldn't attend the star-studded Transformers 3 premiere, which also took place in New York City this week? I've got a good alternative. Say the word and I'll send my six year old over in his Bumblebee costume. You won't feel like you missed a thing!

5. And finally, upset you missed the RWA Literacy Signing featuring more than 400 published romance authors all in one place raising money for charity? I've got you covered with two really good alternatives.

One, visit

and order your favorite authors' latest books!

And if that's not enough for you, hit Bob's Beach Books

in Lincoln City, Oregon on August 27th at noon for a fifty-author book signing. People, it's on the beach! And I'll be there! And hey, that's BETTER than the RWA signing in NYC, isn't it?

(That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)


  1. I'm a loser, too, Elisabeth. Except I just found out I won the Readers' Crown today. Would have been much more fun to get the news in New York than Nebraska, though. :-)

  2. Oh wow...congrats, Olivia. That's awesome!!!!