Friday, May 13, 2011

Never Stop Reaching for the Stars by Tracey Devlyn

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Every day, every hour, every minute hope clasps us firmly by the face and whispers sweet
encouragement into our ears. Too dramatic?

How about…hope is one of several special elements that make us uniquely human? Too philosophical?

Hmm, tough crowd.

Maybe I should just start the blog by saying I hope to get through the next year with a modicum of my sanity intact. Too personal? Probably, but sooo true.

As an upcoming debut author, I have many, many opportunities to be hopeful. Let’s see if any of my ‘opportunities’ below sound familiar to my fellow Casa Babes.

I hope…

  1. to finish my revisions for A Lady’s Revenge ahead of time

  2. my editor will like my latest version

  3. when I emerge from my revisions cave that my family and friends will remember me

  4. I haven’t forgotten anyone who helped make A Lady’s Revenge possible in the Acknowledgements section

  5. I can write a kick-butt outline for Book 2

  6. my book cover blows me away

  7. I find the right balance between promoting the first book and writing the next

  8. readers will connect with Cora and Guy of A Lady’s Revenge

  9. more than two people show up at my first book signing

  10. to meet my delivery deadline for Book 2
ADD a bucket full of optimism and REPEAT

Yes, these are some of the things debut authors hope for (aka worry about) and, I suspect, some of them still plague multi-published authors. Hope is a terrific motivator. She makes us attack challenges from all angles and push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. She makes us believe in ourselves, even when the odds are stacked against us.

Whether we’re writing books, trying out for the school play, interviewing for our dream job, or waiting on warmer weather, HOPE enters our hearts and minds every day. It’s up to us to keep her there.

When was the last time hope made you reach for the stars?

Spring has finally arrived in Chicago. To celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of Nancy Naigle’s debut novel, Sweet Tea and Secrets. If you love small town romance laced with suspense, you’re going to adore Sweet Tea. Please stop by my blog, Bollocks!, for full details.


  1. Tracey, I have the same hopes. And I know you'll achieve them all. I love the picture of the plant growing out of the rock. Very nice. And I just aadore Nancy Naigle. I'm going to be at a library fair with her this weekend.

    One of the best "reaching for hope" episodes for me was my first booksigning. I dreaded it but hoped it would work out and knew I would have fun regardless. It worked out great.

  2. I guess we all have great hopes, right now mine would be to get rain once a week instead of every day, it has been very wet around here. I do love small town romances so would love to read this one.


  3. Great post, Tracey.

    As it happens, hope has led me to reach for, if not for the stars, at least a new goal this week.

    I've accepted an invitation to add a short story to a SEAL anthology, the proceeds from which will benefit SEALs and/or their families.

    Writing a short story will be a new challenge for me, so I hope I can bring it off. And of course, the hope of aiding the real SEALs makes me want to try.

  4. Tracey,
    Lovely blog! The last time I hoped was last night...I was the keynote speaker at a bookclub end-of-year banquet and I'm not fond of (that's note the right word..I'm horrible at is better) public speaking. I just hoped to get through it without them pulling out the dunce hat.
    Husband told me as I walked out the door if I couldn't dazzle them with brilliance then to baffle them with BS! So I pulled a bag of BS out after I speechified for about five minutes and sprinkled it like fairy dust. HOPE worked...they kept me behind that podium for an hour and a half answering questions.
    And MM, bless your heart! That's such a generous thing for you do do! And of course you can bring it are that good, lady!

  5. Anita--Nancy is the best. Please give her neck a squeeze for me. :) You had a fantastic first signing!!

    Virginia--Thanks for stopping by. I hear you about the rain. We started out at 77 and now it's 55 and raining. Ugh. Please be sure to stop by my blog to see how you can get your hands on Nancy's book!

    Mary Margret--Thanks for sharing your news. Such a wonderful and generous project you're undertaking. Please let us know when the anthology is available.

    Carolyn--Congratulations on working through your podium fear (if that's the right word). Sounds like the audience loved your BS, er, answers. LOL

  6. This is what I hope: I hope as you are hitting all those hash marks (with books two through twenty) that you are also having fun with the process, loving the results, and remembering what a special person it takes to handle all this.

  7. Grace--I will do my very best to remember your words as I make this journey. As hard as it all can be, I'll never forget that it's also a blessing. Hugs.

  8. Tracey!! Sorry to be late, lovely blog.

    There is so much to hope for in this crazy writer's life...I agree with a bunch of your hopes.

    I have my fingers crossed that readers will like the second book in my series as I'm busy writing the third book. ;)

  9. We share similar hopes, Tracey. They all keep us working at our best.