Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Come right on in and let's celebrate the launching of


I'm so excited about this book. It's my 50th published book and that puts me half way to the RWA Century Club. Lord, that sounds every bit as exciting as an invitation to join a blue blooded country club. And Deb just bought the next three books in the Spikes & Spurs series so there will be seven of them and that's more exciting than the mile high club.
And what's even more exciting is that you all get to meet Rye and Austin today!

A party is not a party without food! I considered a southern comfort food buffet but then I remembered that we couldn't possibly have a launch party for Love Drunk Cowboy without watermelon wine! So I changed my mind and there are chocolate fountains over there beside the watermelon wine bar where everyone can dip strawberries or whatever fruit strikes their fancy in either white or milk chocolate, and there are several trays of cheese.

I tried to get Blake Shelton and Miranda to bring their band for a jam session, but they're busy planning their wedding and couldn't get away. I do have their CD's though so we'll listen to a little "Gunpowder and Lead," and some "Hillbilly Bone", while we party the day away.

Remember that hook Deb is always talking about? Well, the one for the Spikes & Spurs series went something like this:

They traded their Prada spike heels for cowboy boots and power suits for tight fittin' jeans but kept their whoop ass independence. The sexy cowboys that swaggered into their lives wore spurs and ten gallon hats and quickly found that taming a sassy woman was tougher than breaking a wild bronc.

Love Drunk Cowboy, is the first in the Spikes & Spurs series! Don't you just love all that red on the cover and those red cowboy boots. I squealed when I saw it the first time!
Rye O'Donnell thinks love at first sight is for country songwriters and saps, not a rough old cowboy but that's just what happens when he first sees Austin Lanier. He's ridden bulls and broke broncs but being near her sets his heart to galloping like never before.

Austin just wants to sell the watermelon farm she inherited from Granny Lanier, scoot on back to her big city life and get back to the business of climbing that corporate ladder. Too bad she didn't count on Rye living right across the road or being so damn sexy. He's tall, dark and definitely interested...and it's driving her wild. But his boots have spurs and hers have stilettos. Seems like the only way to level the playing field here is for both of them to take off their shoes, boots and...

Reviews are starting to arrive. Of course, I told all the reviewers to come on over to our party so they could see if Granny Lanier's watermelon wine recipe was as good as the book says. I think you writers will get along fine with them and you readers can pump them for info on the newest Sourcebooks that they've already read!

Brown revitalizes the western romance with this fresh, funny and sexy tale filled with likable, down-to-earth characters. (Booklist)

What an absolutely adorable story...This book will have you laughing so hard you'll develop a stitch in your side and then the next minute you'll be tearing up at how romantic something is. (Romance Studio)

Brown's delightful romance...keeps the reader on their toes. (RT Book Reviews, 4 stars)

Peopled with quirky characters and full of sassy fun, this book will leave readers smiling (Christie Ridgway, BookPage Reviews)

Where was I? Oh, I was going to read an excerpt of Love Drunk Cowboy for you. I told Joanne that my drawl tended to get in the way of my reading ability but she assured me it would be all right. Have another glass of wine and let visions of a sexy cowboy with dark hair and dreamy eyes float through your mind!

The Lanier gut was never wrong...the antsy feeling causing all the hair on her body to tingle might be the fact that she was about to sift her grandmother's ashes into the dirty brown water. At least the old Red flowed gently as if it had no place to go and all year to get there, like an elderly retired man sitting on the porch in his over sized rocking chair watching the cars go by on a lazy summer day. Later, when the spring rains came, it would change to a rebellious teenager, rolling and spinning out of control, rushing to its destination at a breakneck speed. But that day it was as peaceful as Austin Lanier was agitated by the inner turmoil that crept up on her unwanted and unexplained...the sinking feeling in her gut said there was more trouble hiding nearby and in the distance she heard the engine of a truck.

And another little bit: Rye took a fast shower, lathered up his face, grabbed his razor and nicked the dent in his chin. Grabbing a small piece of toilet paper and plastering it down on the blood bubble, he kept shaving, but he couldn't erase that shit-eating grin looking back at him in the mirror...from the time he parked the truck until he was back in it ten minutes had elapsed, but she'd already be at the Peach Orchard. He and his one hired hand, Kent, had been working on a tractor all morning. The only thing that held it together the previous summer had been bailing wire, cheap used parts and cussin' that would fry the hair out of a frog's nostrils. There didn't seem to be any more cheap parts and the baling wire had all rusted. The only thing left was cussin' and even that wasn't working that day. He'd been all hot, sweaty and hungry when he went to the river and had no intentions of cleaning up in the middle of the day until he saw Austin. Seeing her in person made his heart do crazy things in his chest. Things he'd never felt before.

And then they meet: Austin was struck mute. That couldn't be Rye. The Rye she expected was at least seventy years old. She'd talked to him every week on Thursday for the past six months. Well, almost every Thursday. A couple of times he wasn't home on Thursday night and at least twice she had to be out of town on business, but they'd talked and he was supposed to be old. Granny had said he was her good friend and a little younger than she was. Hells bells, that didn't mean early thirties and it didn't mean sexy cowboy handsome.

She put her hand in his and pure old sexual heat created sparks that danced around the cafe. "It's nice to finally meet you in person."

"Yes it is." Rye held her hand a few seconds longer, brushing her palm with his thumb and squeezing just a little bit, unconsciously wanting to take her home with him and never let her out of his sight. "I guess you took care of the burial this morning?"

"We did," Pearlita said. "I'll never understand why she wanted it done of Friday before Easter but we did it the way she wanted."

She'd be pleased." Rye sat back down at his table, not three feet from Austin. He knew he was staring but he couldn't stop and he couldn't think of a thing to say. On Thursday nights they'd talked for ten or fifteen minutes and he'd never had a problem with words. But sitting so close he could reach and push that errant strand of dark hair back, his mouth was so dry that he felt like he'd eaten a sawdust sandwich laced with alum. His palms were clammy and he was damn sure glad he was sitting down or his knees would have failed him and he'd have fallen flat on his face right there in the cafe.

"I hope so. Six months is a long time to wait," Austin said. The gut that did not lie twisted up like a piece of sheet metal in a class five tornado. Her hands trembled and the place where his thumb had grazed her palm was hotter'n hell's blazes.

His mossy green eyes rimmed with the heaviest lashes she'd ever seen on a man were undressing her right there in the cafe in front of Pearlita, the customers, and even God, Himself. Pure animal sexuality exuded form him in those creased jeans, cowboy boots, and a green and yellow plaid shirt. Austin still couldn't believe he was Rye and kept stealing long sideways glances his way. Damn! She should have known a man with a voice like that couldn't be seventy.

I'm glad you all came by today! To celebrate Love Drunk Cowboy's release, I'm giving away one signed copy. I'll throw every one's names in the Rye's Stetson and draw out one at ten o'clock tonight so check back to see what name came out of the cowboy hat. Canada and US only please!


  1. Carolyn, congrats on your new release and for hitting such a fabulous milestone in your career. Amazing. I'm still working on the edits of my first book, so 50 books seems like a fairytale right now.

    Love the "kept their whoopass independence" line. And Blake Shelton--such cutie!

  2. Congrats, Carolyn! I'm here to cheer you on toward the RWA Century Club. What a fun read!

    I loved reading about Austin & Rye and want to read more, but it's 7am in NJ and the bookstore's not open yet! Guess I know where I'm headed on the way to work. ;)

    When we were in LA at RT, I took a picture that I forgot to send you...it's a lineup of Boone's Farm Wines! I'll post it with the link to this blog. ;)

  3. Wow, Carolyn, super news about your latest sales and terrific on the halfway point on the RWA Century Club!!! Great on your moved up date too! And being at Walmart? I can only dream!

  4. Tracey: Thank you!! In 1997 when Kensington published a little Precious Gems book, This Time Forever, by Abby Gray, I never dreamed that I'd ever have 50 books on my bookshelf.Looking back it seems like it was yesterday and the journey has been so much fun!
    C.H.: I hear you cheering. Welcome to Terral, where the folks are friendly, the watermelons juicy and gossip is free. LOVE Boone Farm (Redneck showing here)!
    Terry: Thank you. For thirty years, Husband and I worked as a team and did wedding photography. At one very elaborate wedding in Houston, Texas, I overheard the bride say that "if you can't get it at Wal-Mart, you don't need it!" With that in mind, I have arrived!

  5. Oh, wow! I love the sound of this book! I'm going right now to add it to my wishlist! I love books about down to earth characters and ones that evoke emotion. Their the best.

    And congrats on the 50th book!

    heather.scarboro AT gmail DOT com

  6. Heather: Thank you! Rye and the O'Donnell's are really family oriented folks. I think you will like them.

  7. Woohoo! Congrats, Carolyn! And happy launch day. 50 published books? That's amazing!

  8. Sounds great. Looking forward to reading it.

  9. Carolyn, congrats on a landmark book release AND the new sales!! Awesome!

  10. The congrats just keep coming for you, Carolyn. 50 books! Amazing!I'm sure you are doing the happy dance or maybe that's a two-step I see those cowboy boots doing.

    I absolutely love your sense of humor, Carolyn. It's fresh and fun. I'm lifting my glass to you!

    Enjoy your success!

  11. Carolyn, I loved those excerpts! I especially love the idea that she's been talking to Rye on theh phone all this time, thinking he's an old guy. What a great twist!
    Congratulations on reaching such a huge milestone! Just think of how many hours readers have whiled away in your company over the years - it's amazing! You're my role model, both for your fast, funny, heartfelt writing and your achievements. And for your attitude, too!

  12. Olivia: Truth is I didn't even realize it was number 50 until I counted and got so excited that Husband thought I'd sold another dozen! LOL
    Rita: Hope that you enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by.
    Catherine: Thank you! Life is good in southern Oklahoma today! Maybe it has something to do with that bottle of watermelon wine!
    Amelia: Hurry up and toss back that glass and refill it. I'm about three ahead of you. We'll both be two-steppin' here in a few minutes! Thank you for all your support!
    Joanne: I'm wiping a tear at your kind words...and I'm not usually a soggy drunk. I'm usually a loud, sassy one! Uncork another bottle of watermelon wine and we'll toast to our hot cowboys!

  13. Congrats on the release, Carolyn! 50 books? Wow. Just wow.

  14. Shana: Amen! I look at them on my bookcase and think that someone else did that...not me! And then I remember all those agonizing moments when I was waiting on an editor to read them and yep, it was me!

  15. Hey Carolyn. I love all of your books and i'm so in love with this series austin and her shock and awe cracks me up. i was sure there was going to be a heart attack before the book ended lol. I loved it oh and grandma's scheming!!! HAHA keep up the great writing..

  16. 50 books! Wow, congratulations Carolyn! I can't imagine having one story to tell much less 50.

    Loved the excerpt too. This book sounds lovely. Congrats on the new release!

  17. Helen: Glad you stayed on your toes throughout the book!There's more cowboys on the way...
    Stacie: Thank you! Glad you dropped by today!

  18. Hi Carolyn, congrats on your new release. This book sound fantastic and I can't wait to read it. I still can't believe the 50 book milestone, that's amazing. Thanks for sharing with us today.

  19. Hi Carolyn, sorry I'm late. Congrats on the lauch party. You're on fire!

  20. Virginia: Thank you for stopping in today. It's been a fantastic journey getting to #50 and I've enjoyed it all.
    Anita: Thank you! Some days I feel like I need to LIGHT a fire under my creative side to get started. LOL

  21. THAT'S MY MOMMA! *yelled from the rooftops of Terral, OK* Yep, I live in the SAME town the book is set in! Yep, the book is dedicated to me...and, well, Todd. Yep, Todd thinks the book is about him. *giggle* Can't wait to read it....

  22. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the launch party today. It's been so much fun to visit with you all!
    I put the names in the Stetson and drew one out for the free book.
    If RITA SAWYER will email me at ccbrown66@att.net her snail mail address, I will put it in the mail.

  23. Sounds like great fun! Best of everything with your new release!!

  24. Count me in if not too late. I love Carolyn's books.

  25. Congrats on your release, Carolyn! What an amazing accomplishment. Cheers to you!