Saturday, April 16, 2011

I DO NOT Procrastinate!

by Terry Spear

Well, not on writing, or making bears for orders, or working on promotions, but...

Okay, so every year I tell myself I'll organize my papers so that by tax time I'm much more organized. And every day, I tell myself I'll put my clothes away when I get home at night after work. And every every week I tell myself I'm going to start weeding the garden.

But I have good reasons for procrastinating on THIS stuff.

It's because I'm not procrastinating on the OTHER stuff.

With working full-time at a job where I can't work on anything but my job, teaching online writing classes at night, publishing my earlier eclectic works from fantasy to urban fantasy and young adults, writing my current contracted books, and ohmigosh, promotions--which since Heart of the Highland Wolf is coming out in June, that means writing a million blogs and appearing on a million blogs and so yes...Procrastination is not something I can do. :)

Prioritization is absolutely necessary. Self-imposed deadlines is essential. But not everything that needs to be done can be done in a day, week, or month. Sooo, that means some things just don't have the priority that other things do.

Which is why I'm up at 5 AM to write blogs, then work some more on the first of the jaguar shifter series--something that's too fun to research and write and I can't procrastinate on, make a cover for one of my vampire romantic suspenses, Killing the Bloodlust, and uploading it, and I've got to get 2 bears done for an order--all this weekend!!

But I also have to work at the library this morning. *sigh* That's to make up for time I took off on Thursday to spend 3 hours trying to renew my driver's license. I'm a month early, but you know what? It's just not something I'm willing to procrastinate on!

Are you a PART-TIME procrastinator???

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. As I've gotten busier and time is more valuable than anything, it really irks me when something, such as your driver's license renewal, takes up large amounts of time unnecessarily. Like my iTouch acting up on me. I fiddled about online for hours trying to figure out why songs kept repeating, installed an update, transferred songs back and forth from my computer, and then (and ONLY then) finally found the icon to turn off the repeat. *growl*

  2. Oh, yeah, I so agree, Cheryl!!! I tried renewing online, but only one renewal allowed online, then you have to go in. I was reading a book out of 9 I have to read for 2 contests while I waited. Don't ask why I volunteered, although I've been judging them for years.

    So exasperating about the iTouch phone! My "v" key popped off the laptop. I couldn't get it back on no matter what. Do you realize how often we type "v" in words??? My daughter said she'd pulled hers off when she spilled juice on them and knew how to get it back on. *sigh* But before that could happen, my typing speed was severely curtailed!

  3. I agree, Terry - those time-consuming tasks just drive me crazy! At least you had a book with you.
    But I know you can't possibly be a procrastinator - you get so much done. Wonder Woman lives!

  4. Terry: Do you keep your cape in a phone booth? Or is it a new technological magical thing that appears out of your computer when you need it? Hit F3 and it flits down around your shoulders? I know you have one because all that you do requires a Wonder Woman cape like Joanne just said!
    Keep it handy. The way your books are flying off the shelves, you are going to need to wear it more often!

  5. You are proving out what I said the other day - if you want something done, ask a busy person. I'm tired just hearing all you do. And I absolutely love those pics!!!

  6. No sorry I am a full time procrastinater, right now I am procrastinating cleaning the house and doing laundry. Haven't even gotten started yet.

  7. Still prioritizing over here. I'm reading your blog instead of writing my guest blog post for the 25th. I mean the 25th, that doesn't need to be a top priority, right? Jaguar shifters sound so sexy. Can't wait to see where you go with the new series!

  8. Unfortunately I seem to have become one...didn't used to be but I find myself less interested in some things that I committed myself to and now find that I have to force myself to do them....I'm hoping that I'll get inspired

  9. You are definitely way too busy to procrastinate! I don't feel so bad about my schedule now.

  10. I so agree, Joanne!!! I wish all books were on audio, so I could listen to them too while I'm doing a million other things! :) Wonder Woman, eh? I like that. :)

    LOL, Carolyn!! You all are so much fun!! It truly is in the self-imposed goal setting that gets so much done. :)

    Catslady, I love finding wolf pictures, and now jaguar--my biggest problem is if I don't put in CAT, I get the car. LOL Hmm, maybe the jaguar should have that for a car...

    Hey, Virginia--I got mine done last weekend, but realized...I haven't put it away yet! LOL For sure I'll put it away this weekend. :)

    Hey, Olivia...yeah, I like that prioritizing. I just did a blog post for another blog that's due out the 26th, because like you I figured it would sneak up on me before I know it. I had "half" written this one early, and then when I got up this morning and checked it out, I was like ACK, I hadn't finished it! LOL :) So the new rule must be: Finish what you start. This also has to do with the laundry--finished, but still not put away! :)

    I think my Wonder Woman cape is slipping. :)

  11. Maria, what I would do is reward myself...that often went a long way to getting stuff done. :)

    LOL, Shana. I've got a ton of blogs to do for the upcoming release, so next weekend...I've got to begin to make a dent in them. It's like a ticking time bomb. :) Deadlines won't go away, so I'd better stop the inevitable before it gets away from me. :) And truly, I feel great when I've accomplished something-like whittled down a number of guest blogs I need to do! :)

    Good luck, ladies, with all your goals and deadlines and keep on smiling!!!

  12. You are obviously a very busy woman. I am too and there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the days some times. Here I am working on my home computer late at night and needing to be in bed, but time just slips away.

  13. Very true! I just have too much to do and so I must prioritize what gets my attention. I don't procrastinate - my time is hijaked!

  14. Same here, Gladys! I got a lot accomplished yesterday, but it wasn't enough!!! Which means today, I'm scrambling!

    Oh, I like that, Amanda!!! My time is definitely hijacked!!! Very nice positive spin on it! :)

  15. I love the way you view things, Terri. And as always, thanks for the gorgeous pics!