Friday, March 11, 2011

Ah, to be a Lady of Leisure

I was so excited about this month’s theme – Pampering Yourself – because that is one of the things I do best! (The Jodie, very high maintenance ½ of Lydia Dare, anyway). If there is a way to pamper myself, I’ve done it. After all, life should be enjoyed, not simply endured.

I am convinced that in an earlier life I was a very well-to-do Regency lady. I can’t simply be this spoiled being brought up in a middle class family, born in the 20th Century, can I? Doesn’t seem likely. Those Regency ladies had it all.

* Stylish townhome in Mayfair

* Gigantic estate(s) in the country

* Beautiful gardens

* Housekeeper – to make certain household chores are complete and satisfactory everyday

* Maids – to do all the menial tasks we have to do ourselves these days

* Cook - to have fabulous meals, teas, and pretty finger food always available at a moment’s notice

*Butler – to be stoic and keep things running smoothly

* Lady’s maid – to dress you and your hair and make certain you are always turned out in your finest

* Nurse/governess – to help watch and care for your children

* A coachman – to take you wherever you need to go

* Clothes and then some – the finest material, shimmery dresses, kid slippers, pretty gloves *sigh*

* Fantastic social life – Spend the morning sleeping, the afternoon gossiping…er…talking with friends, and the evenings at one gala/soiree/ball or another

* Rides through Rotten Row

* Shopping on Bond Street

* Plays/Operas at the theatre

* Fireworks at Vauxhall Gardens

* Trips to the Continent

* Truly – the list is endless…

I could SOOOO be pampered like that these days. But I have to settle for weekly trips to the nail salon (where my nail lady knows me so well, she has an enormous pillow to place my laptop on so I can write while getting a pedicure.) Bi-monthly trips to the massage parlor. Yearly cruises to one fascinating destination or another.

However, unlike those Regency ladies of leisure, I work a full-time job, write 3-4 books a year, and I’m a single mother of a teenage boy. Whew! Just typing that out, I got tired. So I
have to pamper myself, or no one else will, right?


  1. Right! Frankly, I am currently happy if I get a long soak in the tub once every week or two. But then I do indulge with music playing, something to sip, something to nibble and something to read.

  2. Lil ~ That sounds wonderful. I think I'l have a long soak in the tub tonight! Great suggestion. :)

  3. *sigh* What a wonderful life! I consider myself fairly fortunate by modern-day standards, but it's still not enough. Round-the-clock child care is at the top of my "must have" list, which would facilitate sleeping (in or at all! LOL!), frequent shopping trips and beauty treatments. If I could just have someone on stand by to pet me and pamper me all day, I'd be a happy camper :) Thanks for taking me on a dreamy trip this morning!

  4. Lydia, I could so easily embrace such a lifestyle of a Regency lady - no more dusting, vaccuming, scrubbing and nothing to do but write all day (except when I am in Hyde Park being seen, of course).

  5. I am convinced there is a Wal-Mart bakery manager living on a lovely estate in the Regency era who, the rotten wench, has STOLEN MY LIFE !!! And when I catch up with her in our next incarnation I'm going to do her great bodily harm! Don't forget numerous shopkeepers who bow and scrape and see to your every need and send the bills to your husband to pay!! Me, I can't even get the cashier at Wal-Mart to smile at me and I work there!

    Thank you for the lovely "fantasy island" moment. Now its back to my revisions and I think there are two litter boxes in this house with my name on them. Dogs have owners. Cats have staff. Maybe they were Regency ladies of leisure in another life.

  6. A lady of what? Leisure? Hold on, I need to check out Webster...

    Nope, according to the definition it's not me. sigh.

    I do pamper myself with getting my nails done a couple of times a month. At the end of the day I grab a good cup of coffee sit with my feet up and listen to music and either read or catch up with friends or family.

    Nice article and tidbits Jodi.

  7. I want to be a lady of leisure, too! You're list left me very envious as I am faced with the task today of sweeping, mopping, scrubbing toilets and doing laundry! Lady of Leisure?? Hardly. What I am is a writer!

  8. I want to be a Regency lady too! Sounds wonderful! Except for that whole lack of flush toilets and modern medicine thing...

  9. Thanks for the glimpse of a Regency Lady's life. I would love to trade places for at least a day...I might have to fight the cook to let me into the kitchen to make my own tea and scones...and that was just not done! LOL

    You are soooo right about having to pamper yourself. It'll keep you sane so you can tackle the day job, writing, and the hardest job I've ever had...raising kids!

    Can't wait to read IT HAPPENED ONE BITE!

  10. Yes! I would love to be a Regency lady as well. Except for the absence of plumbing. I don't think that would be so great1

  11. Jerrica ~ You can join my dream world anytime!

    Jane ~ You can be seen with me in Hyde Park. :)

    Louisa ~ You are HILARIOUS! That is one of the funniest things I've read all day.

    Sia ~ Come on, join the ladies of leisure. We'll make room for you. :)

    Julie ~ And writing is a tough job! Good luck with everything else.

    Amanda ~ Modern medicine is nice. And the indoor plumbing... ;)

    C.H. ~ I'm going to have to try your tea and scones. You just made me hungry.

    Shana ~ The indoor plumbing IS nice. I don't even like to camp outdoors. :)

  12. I just realized I don't pamper myself enough, at least by Lady of Leisure standards.

    A massage sounds great, but I need to find a new therapist. My last one talked the whole time! That is not relaxing. :)

  13. ameliagrey@comcast.netMarch 11, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    Yes, I'd say you are one pampered lady! I didn't think anyone could best me but I have to hand the diamond crown over to you. You deserve it. :-)

  14. You forgot the most important one: a very sexy regency rake to seduce her! LOL.

    Great blog, Lydia! Can't wait to read It Happened One Bite!

  15. Ahhh, such a pretty picture! I'm not even going to let my practical side that's whining about no air conditioning come out and play. I'm just going to enjoy that vision!
    Reckon the ladies would mind too much if I incorporate a sexy cowboy to give me a bath instead of a lady in waiting?

  16. I'm with you Samatha, obviously I need to step it up a notch. Just got a pedicure after almost six months without one. Of course it was winter and no one can see my toes - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

    Thanks for the lovely vision, now back to reality for me. This is why I write/read so that I can be someone else for just a little while.

  17. Samantha ~ So funny. I had the same thing happen once and the stories the lady were telling me were NOT relaxing. Luckily, I can block out most unpleasantness. :)

    Amelia ~ We can share the crown. Let's just stay pampered all the time!

    Sidney ~ LOL. The Regency Rake (I don't know if they're all that relaxing.) But I could be pampered by one, you're right. ;)

    Carolyn ~ That's awesome! I think you should have a cowboy give you a bath any time you want!

    Melissa ~ Just call me, I'll give you all kinds of pampering ideas. :)

  18. Leisure?! What is that? Never heard of it. I have 2 small children. And an agenda book that's so full, it's expanded and broken a couple purses. Lol.

    Seriously, my life's pretty busy, but I do manage to get away for several weeks every summer. (In a cabin, completely disconnected from laptops, cell phones, etc.) It's pure bliss.

  19. sigh.... I'd be happy with ONE thing on that list (especially the housekeeper one). We'll it's a nice fantasy in any case. This is why I read!

  20. Oh what a lovely post. I can only wish... As Jerrica commented.

  21. I would be happy with just a houskeeper! LOL! Thanks for sharing with us!


  22. I'm convinced there is a perfect parallel universe out there where I can be a regency lady of leisure and still have an iPhone and indoor plumbing. That's not asking too much, is it? ;)

  23. Witchy Woman ~ an isolated cabin! That sounds delightful.

    Olivia ~ LOL. That is exactly why we read, isn't it?

    Anita ~ Jerrica does dream well. :)

    Johanna ~ A housekeeper would be heavenly.

    Erin ~ I think that is the best idea yet. I want to visit that parallel universe.

  24. Fun post, Lydia! It's great to get all these ideas about pampering.