Monday, February 14, 2011

One Fine Kiss - by Joanne Kennedy

Good morning, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Since we're talking about first kisses, I thought I'd give you an excerpt from Charlie and Nate's first kiss in One Fine Cowboy. Sometimes a first kiss happens before you're ready for it. Charlie isn't fully convinced that this cowboy is what she wants, and she kisses him kind of accident. And to make matters worse, Nate has a concussion.

The same connection he'd felt in the barn zinged back into being, stretching between them, pulling them together. Charlie's eyes widened in surprise. She looked away, but then her eyes flicked back to his, as if she couldn't help herself, and now he felt like he was looking into her heart, past the brittle facade she presented to the world to a softer version of Charlie hidden behind it. The flickering lights around the edge of his vision intensified, giving her a shimmering halo, and he closed his eyes and gave in to the inexplicable force that was drawing them together.

When their lips touched, the pull intensified. It was instantaneous, thrumming like a lariat stretched taut in the moment where the roped calf balks and the horse backs, pulling the rope tight--but when he went to haul her in, deepening the kiss, she slipped the noose and pulled away.


He couldn't say how long the kiss had lasted. Had it been seconds? Minutes? Maybe hourse? It wasn't duration that mattered; it was the intensity of it, the feeling he'd given in to a fixed, unalterable destiny that had been waiting for him all his life. The feeling was almost overwhelming--overwhelmingly good--but when he opened his eyes, the look on Charlies face said otherwise. Her expression was easy to read: Sheer, stark terror.

"Oh, s***," she said.

It wasn't quite the response he'd hoped for, but it was pure Charlie.

"I love it when you talk dirty," he said.

"No, Really." She turned to face him, narrowing her eyes. "It's just been too long, I guess. Or something. I don't know what I was thinking."

Well, good. If she didn't know what she was thinking herself, maybe she hadn't figured out what was going through his mind, either.

Ever kissed somebody by accident? Before you meant to do it? Without thinking? How did it turn out? I want to know...

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  1. Great kiss scene and loved her reaction. So, so in character for Charlie. Liked the part about not knowing how long it lasted. Now that is a fine kiss when time stands still!

  2. Great kiss scene, I do love me so cowboy, there is nothing better.

  3. Thanks, Carolyn! And Virginia, I agree.
    Sorry my post is so late this morning! I had my dates mixed up. How can you forget it's VALENTINE'S DAY? It's bad when the man has to remind you...

  4. Loved the excerpt Joanne. Great kiss. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Super kiss scene, Joanne! I'm at work, so dropping by on my lunch hour to say I loved your blog!

  6. Terry, thanks for coming by on your lunch hour! I'm sorry I was late - you're always the first to comment and I was afraid I'd missed you this morning!
    And thanks, Anita - happy Valentine's day to you, too! I'm afraid Charlie isn't the most romantic, hearts-and-flowers heroine I've ever created, but once she makes up her mind to love Nate she jumps in with both feet.

  7. LOL yeah I did kiss a guy before I meant too.
    We were suppose to be just friends, you see I was dating another guy at the time. But we had this fun moment and it turned every close and intimate and we kissed. So a few days later I dumped the other guy (but who wants to date a guy who puts his friends in front of you, I didn't) started dating the guy and kisses and now we have been together for 5 years and married for 1.5 years.
    So the premature kiss worked out very well for us :)

  8. Hmmm...I can't remember if I jumped the gun or not. I've been with my hubby for 20 yrs and I think his kisses wiped my memory for all others!

  9. I don't know... My head cold has robbed my ability to think clearly. I do know a great kiss scene when I read one though. Nice work!

  10. my guy's and my first kiss was a little more intense than planned but great none the less. :-)

    Love the excerpt. Sounds like a very good book. :-)


  11. Great kissing scene, your book looks so good.

    I don't think I ever kissed someone by accident. It sounds like fun though:)

  12. Loved the scene - and her can honestly say that I have not kissed someone by least not a first kiss...I have accidentally kissed an exboyfriend who wanted to get back together with me and we did get back together for a short while but in the end what had driven us apart the first time ....drove us apart again

  13. What a great reaction after that kiss!! I've never accidentally kissed someone, I have on touched someone a time or two in an inappropriate manner -- completely by accident ;-)

  14. I do love stories where people are determined not to fall in love, but do anyway. Well done!

  15. oooh what a great contest and a good post. Cowboys, yum!
    Kissed by accident, what fun.
    lisagk at yahoo dot com

  16. LOL her reaction is priceless! I love that kissing scene! I haven't accidentally kissed anyone. Not sure how I would react to that. I haven't read a good cowboy story in a while. I should remedy that.

  17. No can't say that i've been in that type of situation but reading your take on it is too funny!! I can just see her face.

  18. I don't think it's ever happened to me but that's one of the reasons I enjoy reading romances so much - always surprises.

  19. An accidental kiss! Well done, Joanne, and so unique!