Friday, February 4, 2011


Ahhh, that


by Carolyn Brown
February reminds us of LOVE and that reminds us of that first kiss!

The bells, the whistles, the sizzle, the crackle in the air, the pure old heat that it generates. Whatever happens the first kiss is always remembered...and not just the first kiss in a lifetime but the first kiss in every relationship. And if you've already forgotten it, the relationship wasn't going anywhere anyway!

The most memorable first kiss in any of my books has to be the first one Cathy and Travis exchange in Hell, Yeah! After all, they'd never seen each other or met...

"Ten, hell yeah!"
The women yelled with Gretchen Wilson as she sang "Redneck Woman" and asked the redneck girls to give her a big hell yeah as the New Year's countdown began.
"Nine, hell yeah!"

"Eight, hell yeah!

Everyone held up their plastic flute of champagne.

"Seven, hell yeah!"
The men in the Honky Tonk yelled with the women.

"Six, hell yeah!"

"Five, hell yeah!"
Cathy was half way across the dance floor headed for the bar and stopped to look at everyone who'd be kissing someone in four more seconds. She remembered the previous year when she had someone to kiss. Even if he did turn out to be a first rate son-of-a-bitch, she missed the excitement of bringing in a brand new year with a kiss.

"Four, hell yeah!"

She looked up to see a cowboy coming right at her. She blinked several times. It wasn't possible. Her imagination was playing tricks on her like it had for twelve years.

"Three, hell yeah!"

Watching him cross the floor in those long strides made goose bumps the size of mountains rise up on her arms.

"Two, hell yeah!"

Was he deranged or just drunk? If he didn't stop soon he would plow right into her.

"One! Hell yeah!" The noise shook the rafters.

He stopped with the toes of his scuffed up boots barely an inch from her feet and wrapped his strong arms around her, tilted her chin with the flat part of his fist and kissed her hard and passionately.

"Hell yeah!" the whole crowd roared when their kisses ended.

"Hell, no!" Cathy mumbled. She wiped the back of her hand across her mouth but it didn't take the red hot sting from her lips.

"Happy New Year." He was surprised that he could speak a coherent sentence. He only meant to kiss the woman for New year's. He didn't mean for it to glue his boots to the hardwood dance floor and put a shit eating grin on his face. If he'd had to wipe the smile form his face or eat dirt, he'd have had to open up his mouth and shovel in a spoon full. Hot damn, but that woman had the softest, sexiest lips he'd ever kissed.

And then there's the first kiss at the altar ... yep, it really happens in the fourth Spikes & Spurs romance. Only this couple are just best friends and have no intentions of falling in love. Ace needs to be married, like in a week, and Jasmine offers to help him out. After all what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and no one in Ringgold, Texas will ever know. In a year they can sign divorce papers and it will all be over without anyone ever knowing that they said vows and exchanged rings.

"With this ring..." Jasmine slipped the ring on Ace's finger. Her breath came out in bursts short enough to say the words the preacher told her to say but her chest constricted like a two hundred pound sack of potatoes had been slammed against it. At least no lightning broke through the stained glass windows to zap her into a greasy spot on the chapel floor. Maybe God and all the angels had long since given up on Las Vegas and let Lucifer have it. In which case she was screwed for sure; that forked tailed devil would make her keep her vows or else drag her down to string barbed wire in hell for all eternity.
"And now I pronounce you husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Ace Riley. Go forth and be happy! But first, Ace, you may kiss your bride."

Jasmine looked up and Ace looked down into her aqua colored eyes. She hadn't planned on this part. The preacher would say they were married and that would be that. But from the look in Ace's sexy eyes, he was going to seal the deal with a real kiss. She shut her eyes.

Lights started flashing and wedding music began playing, this time louder than before and with lots more jazz. Lord, a kiss had never affected her like that before.

Holy shit! That wasn't supposed to happen! Jasmine thought.

(NOTE: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Right? Sure, it's right...until it's broadcast on television and then even the folks back home in the tiny little town of Ringgold, Texas know that Jasmine and Ace are married. Holy shit doesn't begin to cover it!)

First kiss! Sizzle! Tingles!
Or nothing at all!
How many first kisses do you remember?
In celebration of
Valentine's Day
I'm giving away a grab bag of romance books which will include Honky Tonk Christmas.
To enter all you have to do is comment.
Winner will be announced at six o'clock (CST) this evening on this blog.
Please check back to find if you won!
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Leave a comment on our blog and you will be entered to win other drawings throughout the month. Also, EVERY commenter gets an entry in the drawing for a
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Good luck!
Happy Valentine's Month and Happy Reading to all the winners!


  1. Carolyn, talk about anticipation with that HELL, YEAH! kiss! Bringing out the smelling salts...

  2. First kisses that truly sizzle! Hell, yeah! Can we say that on this blog? Hell, yeah!

  3. How many do I remember?
    Most of them, *GRIN*, and that's all the details you get.
    A gal's got to know when to talk and when to just smile.

  4. Good mornin' everyone! Happy Valentine's all month!
    Tracey: Thank you. That is exactly the reaction I was looking for.
    Terry: Hell, yeah!
    Virginia: My hat is off to you if you remember most of them. You've had an exciting life!

  5. I remember two first kisses. My first kiss ever was with a boy who looked like Elvis. The women in my family all have a thing for Elvis! LOL

    The second kiss I remember was with my now husband. I kissed him! I think I caught him off guard LOL. 17 years later we are still together!

  6. I remember my first kiss with my husband it was Sacramento receway where we were both working at the time he was so sweet I was a sophomore In highschool wow that's 12 years ago now.

  7. I remember a couple of first kisses, Carolyn, but the one I married was the one that, um, DID something to me...

  8. Carolyn, your blog posts always crack me up! I do remember my very first kiss ever - just barely though. I think I'm getting old.

  9. Seems like I remember all my kisses from High School. The excitement mixed with awkwardness and ignorance - it always made those moments memorable to me. I remember those guys with great fondness. (Jeez, sounds like I'm talking about a battalion. Only a handful, folks.)

  10. Can't wait to read HELL, YEAH! First kisses are....sizzz-tastic!

  11. Hello, again!
    StacieDM: That was a powerful kiss. Congratulations on 17 years. Keep up those kisses and I betcha you get the golden rings on your cake in another 33.
    Helen: After twelve years if you still remember that it was so sweet then he's still doing something right. He's a keeper!
    Cheryl: If your husband is even one percent of the inspiration for your books, then I'd say he's still doing something for you!
    Lydia: Betcha you remember the first kiss in the first romance book you ever sold...see you aren't getting old at all! Glad I make you laugh, darlin'.
    Carly: Sweet memories last forever don't they?

  12. Howdy, Carolyn! Happy Valentine's Day! I remember the first kiss from the love of my life--it actually changed my whole life! More bittersweet is the remembrance of each first kiss after we had been apart for a while. We saw each other off and on for years, but we never had our "HEA". Those kisses will always be the best--nothing else compares : )

  13. I can recall a few first kisses, and yeah, they're different. I find the contemplation of my next kiss more pleasant than some of the first kisses, though.
    Love the countdown. I'll never look at a New Year's party quite the same.

  14. Sara: Oh, yeah! Cathy and Travis will welcome you right into the Honky Tonk any time you want to pick up Hell, Yeah!

  15. Virginia C: WOW! That sounds like a pitch for a romance book.
    Grace: Amen! Glad I gave you a whole new perspective on New Years! LOL

  16. Great excerpts, Carolyn. I think I'm getting old because I can't remember my first kiss. Does kissing Donny Osmond's poster count? Oh dear, now I'm off to try to remember. But I do remember the first kiss from my husband. Very memorable!

  17. I remember my first kiss, his name was Richard, and I thought he was hot stuff! I was 10 or so, and he was 12. I always did go for older guys. There have been a few since then, and each holds a space in my heart and memory.

  18. Carolyn, you write fantastic first kisses, but then again all the kisses you write about are worth reading again and again.
    I'd like to visit the Honky Tonk for my first Cowboy kiss ;-)

  19. I remember my now husband's first kiss..I was so nervous it's a big surprise our lips even met. ha ha I can recall the first kiss which happened almost 50 years ago and the kisses are still going on today. I still get excited and there is not a day goes by we don't share a kiss. The first thing in the morning and the last thing before we go to bed. If We have to go away from each other a kiss seals our parting until we are back together and yes..we can be found on camera at a large wal mart store kissing..he kisses me before I go back to the lunch room and punch the time clock and we do not care who sees us. I guess you can say the first kiss made some impression on both of us..we are still doing it after 48 years of marriage. What is the saying cooking wears out but kissing doesn't. So on on everyone..reach out to your special one and make the next kiss just as important as that very first one..even if it is with another person in some cases. Memories are made every minute of the day and night. susan Leech

  20. What a wonderful prize you are offering here and I sure will take time away from my kissing to read the books if I am lucky enough to win. Then again I may be doing alot more kissing while reading the books..I may be in my 60's but I sure know how to pucker up and grab the man of my life. Being we are retired we do have a lot more kissing and reading time. ha ha Just don't make me give you an account of how many kisses we share IF I would win the books..I am not so sure I can count that far. ha ha Happy Valentine's Day all and keep those kisses going. susan Leech

  21. Delicious! It's been a little over 16 yrs since I've had a first kiss, but I definitely remember it ;)

  22. What wonderful responses!
    Anita: Oh, yes, kissing a poster counts. Bet you imagined him kissing you back and it was fantastic!
    Jessica: If he was wearing cowboy boots I understand completely!
    Venus: Thank you! Come right on in the Honky Tonk. I see a cowboy over there by the jukebox with his eye on you and a twinkle in his eye.
    Susan: 48 years and still kissing and still in love! That gets a gold star in my book. Good luck in the contest!
    Annamills2001: That is awesome, girl! Love your picture. It looks like you are saying, "I don't kiss and tell."

  23. What a wonderful thing to think about on a Friday Morning. Two kisses come to my mind. My very first kiss where I had no idea what I was doing, and the first kiss with my husband. That was quite a kiss!

  24. I love the first kiss in any book. Most of the time it's a bone melting, earth-shattering kiss that rocks their socks off and you know it only gets better from there! ;o)

  25. Had to go make some changes on a synopsis but I'm back!
    Teresa: That's two kisses worthy of remembrance for sure!
    Patsy: Yes, ma'am. That is exactly the emotion a romance author wants to stir up!

  26. Those are some red-hot, hell-yeah kisses you've got going there, Carolyn! Can't wait for the Spikes and Spurs series.
    My first kiss was with a boy named Fred. He threw rocks at me in elementary school and was my first kiss in junior high. Funny how that works!

  27. LOL Hell, Yeah!! Very fun post, i'm all for 1st kisses.

  28. Carolyn,
    You are so full of life! I enjoyed meeting you last year at RWA and I've enjoyed all your posts. Keep 'em coming!

  29. Fabulous excerpt! Sounds like my kind of book.

    Congrats, Carolyn!

  30. My First kiss was with my first boyfriend and I hate to say it but I can't remember how he kisses! lol We were very young, I was 13 maybe thats why I don't remember, but we were togteher for 9 months and at 13 thats a life time. lol I just remember we had a great relationship and I thought I'd marry him. lol

  31. Loving all these comments, folks!
    Joanne: LOVE DRUNK COWBOY will be here in May! I can't wait for your reaction to it! Loved your story about Fred and the rocks.
    Mai: Thank you! Come back often and leave us a comment.
    Amelia: Right backatcha! Can't wait until summer to see you in NYC!
    Ashlyn: Come on in the doors of the Honky Tonk. The cowboys and their hot kisses are waiting.
    Christine: Young love. Ahhh, the memories are sweet

  32. Wow - those kisses really sizzle. When I was first dating my now husband I wasn't sure we had enough in common. Then we shared our first kiss and found something we both enjoyed!!

  33. I can remember two first kisses and they were awesome. I not going to give details but I will never for get them.

  34. Glad to see some more folks coming to visit today!
    Amanda: Amazing how that works, ain't it?
    Virginia: Must have been very, very good. Maybe someday you'll write a romance (or maybe you have already?) and we'll see those kisses there!

  35. In a movie I think the best kiss is in First Knight with Richard Gere - makes my toes curl! I had my first "real" kiss when turning 16 and I married the guy lol. It's been 41 years - that was some kiss lol.

  36. Well my first kiss was also my first date and the lucky guy is my hubby of 35 years!

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  37. Several memorable first kisses:
    From Honey, my spouse of almost
    50 years, a sweet,soft, bashful
    kiss; my fave member of my fave
    sports team when presented with
    a b-day cake, presented me with
    a very nice kiss; when I reached
    down to kiss my first child for
    the first time, his tiny hand
    landed on my cheek!!

  38. More good comments!
    Catslady: Yes, ma'am! Richard Gere (the way he looked then) would make most women's toes curl. I'd say that first kiss of yours made your toes curl, too.
    CathieM: Now that's a love story worth telling!
    Pat: Awwww, how sweet is that! First kisses come in all kinds and shapes, don't they?

  39. The first kiss I really remember are at least the one that means the most to me was the first one my guy and I shared. :-) That is the one that sticks the most in my mind.


  40. Hi Carolyn
    What a great question. I remember my first kiss with tongue that I was too young for & thought WTF!
    My high school & univ. boyfriend was okay. Hubby is the best kisser from day one. No awkward nose bumps just synchronicity.

  41. Awesome excerpts, Carolyn! Hell yeah!!

    And that what happens in Vegas saying doesn't work out for the hero and heroine in Rock Hard either...

  42. It's been a great day!
    Irwirum: That is so sweet! Everything turns out right sometimes and that makes it all worthwhile.
    Mary G: Got to love man who can kiss without taking half your nose off, don't you! I'm still giggling over that one!

  43. Olivia: Great minds think alike, darlin'! LOL

  44. Love that first kiss! Sometimes it's hard to find the time to enjoy kisses after being married 23 years so I really enjoy reading about kissing.

  45. I really only remember 3 of my first kisses....I was sorta engaged twice - different guys and I remember their first kisses and then there was this hot bartender who really knew how to kiss...yum...those are the only three that I can

  46. I'm back! This is fun!
    Lisa F: Romance books bring back all the excitement and the nice thing is that when you finish the book there's more on the shelf!
    Maria: It would be hard to forget a hot bartender! Sounds like the beginning of a story...but wait I did that in Hell, Yeah! LOL

  47. I remember several first kisses but the best first kiss came from my hubby. Maybe that awesome first kiss is one of the reasons I fell in love with him so quickly...LOL.

  48. I love the Hell, Yeah! kiss. OMG that is so cool. I remember my VERY first kiss, and sad to say I just remember it being squishy. *snort* That's okay cause damn, I made up for it later:)

  49. Glad to see more comments! Drawing time is nearing and the hat is looking good!
    Terry: He must know his way around the kissing process if you fell in love with him really quick!
    Brenda: I'm glad you liked the Hell, Yeah kiss! That book is scheduled to be among the Grand Prize package ...shhh, it's a secret!

  50. BIG DRUM ROLL!!!
    My grab bag boot has been shook up, shuffled up and Husband drew the name to keep it legal!
    So if Terry Spear will please email me at
    with her snail mail address, books will be on the way!
    Congratulations Terry and thank you to everyone who commented today! It was so much fun hearing about first kisses!
    See you all next month,
    Carolyn Brown

  51. Oh wow, Hell Yeah! I won!!! Thanks to your super shaker husband, Carolyn!!! Woohoo! I can't wait to read it!

  52. I remember my first kiss with my Hubby... I may just have to relive that with him tonight... ;)

  53. This was a fun post!! Sorry to have been late. I think I remember most of my first kisses, especially if he was around for a while:) Of course, the last one I remember is from my hubby (then main boyfriend).


  54. i loved this book hell this whole series

  55. I know I'm a little late for this post but I just had to leave a comment and mention how EXCITED I am for your new books coming out!!!! Just love em ;)

    1st kiss I think I was at the roller skating rink and it was with the DJ up in the music booth. He was way too old for me but back then I probably thought it was the coolest thing ever! LOL

  56. I remember for ever My Wife and Me loving ourselves ina zoo weekly...There's Love in Sex Chaos¡
    -Daniel de Culla

  57. Hi Carolyn! What a wonderful story you have introduced with your first kiss scene. Looking forward to reading the whole book!