Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And I'm Off and Running by Stephanie Julian

January is usually a pretty dreary month here in PA. Right now, there's week-old snow on the ground that's looking pretty dingy but it's being covered by yet more snow that may cause my sons to miss yet another day of school and interrupt my writing. Oh joy.

It's the month when I wish I had a treadmill because bundling up to running outside seems like too much of a hassle. Of course, if I miss my run, you don't want to talk to me. I'll be miserable. Also in January, I typically end up with a cold or a sinus infection or bronchitis. My knees hurt because I don't take the time to warm up properly before I run and I have to get my tax information together and I'd rather cover five-hour municipal meetings than do taxes.

There were a couple of bright spots though. MOONLIGHT TEMPTATION, the fourth book in my Lucani Lovers series from Ellora's Cave, released Jan. 21 and features a few characters who will be showing up in my Forgotten Goddesses series with Sourcebooks, which begins with WHAT A GODDESS WANTS in July and continues in December with WHAT A GODDESS NEEDS.

The night before MOONLIGHT TEMPTATION released, Avenged Sevenfold kicked off their Nightmare After Christmas tour in my hometown. My guys and I have seen them before but this is the first time we didn't have to drive three hours to get there and fight traffic for another three hours to get home. We had awesome seats, the opening bands were great and A7X played for almost 90 minutes and played "Little Piece of Heaven." Win!

Olivia Cunning, who writes cool rock stars, and I share a not-so-secret crush on the lead guitarist for A7X. Synyster Gates is the ultimate bad boy rocker and the band's music is a perfect fit for my erotic stories. He's also the physical model for my Tivr. If you've read any of the Lucani Lovers stories, you'll have met Tivr, the Etruscan God of the Moon. He also has a supporting role in WHAT A GODDESS NEEDS.

Yes, I spent most of the concert watching Synyster and, I have to say, I chose our tickets based on the side of the stage on which Synyster plays. Yes, I'm a little obsessed but I'm okay with that. Olivia will back me up in agreeing that he's worth all the eye-rolling I get from my sons whenever I squee over him.

I guess January wasn't that awful this year, after all.


  1. Ohmigoddess, Stephanie, sounds like a great month to me!!! Good luck with your latest book release! May the goddess of sales smile down upon you!

  2. Stephanie, congrats on your newest release and may you have many more Synster moments. :)

  3. Nothing wrong with ogling a hot rockstar. It's a perfectly acceptable pastime for women of any age. After all, even those of us who are getting a bit long in the tooth were young once, and mothers don't often get the chance to get crazy. Books, concerts, goddesses... Sounds like a fine month to me!

  4. Ah, Syn. Yes, what a beautiful, beautiful man. ;-) Congrats on your releases! I love series cross-connections like you describe.

  5. Congrats on the latest in your Lucani lovers series...reading about the Etruscan Pantheon will be very interesting. Can't wait to read it!

    It's snowing here in northern NJ--again! I'm so with you on January and Winter, Steph. In my book, snow not only has 4 letters in it--it's a four-letter word! LOL.

    Hmmm...A7X? I cheated and checked them out on Amazon...metalcore...not bad, but new to me.

    Rock and Roll seems to have as many genres and sub-genres as the Romance Industry!

  6. Congrat's on the new release and for the great month. Don't have any idea about rock stars but I'd imagine the excitement was a lot like the year we took in Fanfare in Nashville and saw about a hundred country music stars in one place. Even talked to Rascal Flatts before they got all big and famous, and saw Loretta, Faith Black and Alan Jackson! Great days, those!

  7. Love the crush and love that it makes your boys roll their eyes. As a mother of four boys...I completely appreciate that. Best of luck with your latest release!

  8. Those covers should keep you warm - fabulous! I'm impressed with your running dedication, even in the cold. I'd only get cranky if someone made me run!

  9. I agree. January is not my favorite month either, but hey, I think I'd be looking at that rock star, too.

  10. Mmmmmm. Synyster Gates (aka Brian Haner Jr)... My favorite topic. There's a reason the lead character of Backstage Pass is named Brian. Just sayin'.....

    I'll be seeing A7X live Feb 8th for the fourth time. I usually sit on Syn's side too. Last time we sat on Zacky V's side, so it's Syn's turn again. ;-) One of these days I'll stand front and center so I can drool over M. Shadows. The whole band is drool-worthy, but I love rock stars. (goes without saying...)

    Congrats on the new release, Steph! And I just get out of shape in the winter. No walkies outside for me until it's consistently over 50 degrees. I hate the treadmill.

  11. Not bad, Stephanie - but a little young for me. Besides, my heart still belongs to Bruce Springsteen:) And Chris Ledoux.

  12. thanks so much ladies.

    and no I didn't get out for my run today, damn snow!!!

    but I consoled myself by watching a few videos taken at the concert and drooled over the guys again.

    Olivia, if I could be front and center but not have to deal with the pit, I'd so be there. but whenever I'm in the pit, I get a foot in the head from the crowd surfers. I'm too short.

  13. Congrats on your release, Stephanie! Oh I wish I could get myself addicted to running. I so need the exercise. Taxes excite me because we always get money back, but this year will be more complicated. It's the first year I'm filing as a writer.

  14. Oh no...another runner. I don't know about you folks...I don't see the fun in running. A slow amble down a nature dotted path, maybe, but unless a German Shephard has it's teeth in my ass, I'm not running anywhere.

    However, I'm glad it works for you and I'm envious! Now I know where your cute, lithe, little body comes from.

    Like I said, envious.


  15. Hi Stephanie! Ouch, sorry to hear about your troubles, but it's good to know your rock star made your winter worthwhile. :}